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Mana Pool (Jul 02, 2014)
Okay, if I picked nits, Teleglitch is so punishingly hard that it will almost certainly frustrate most people into giving up. And the levels aren’t so randomised that the early ones (the only ones I’ve seen much of) won’t get a little worn after a while. That said, I’d still rather play this than any of the other indie games I’ve reviewed in the last few months. Most of the triple-A stuff, too, in all honesty – it reminds me of arcades in the 80s, but without the continuous drain on my wallet. I can’t really think of anything that would improve it beyond slightly more forgiving save points, and that’s just my own lack of skill talking. I highly recommend this as a sci-fi survival experience, as an arcade-style shooter and as a lesson in good game-making.
GameFront (Jul 27, 2013)
Teleglitch is one of those rare few games that gets everything it attempts to do right. The oppressive atmosphere, crafting system, glitchy visuals, and careful combat are all done extremely well. The only negative thing that can be said for it is that it’s unforgiving. Teleglitch will punish you relentlessly. It’s a good kind of punishment, though; after dying, you want to get better so that you can breeze through the next run. Teleglitch inherits this legacy of hard-but-fair from its thematic inspiration Quake, and like Quake, it’s an instant classic.
Shoost (Jan 16, 2014)
Admittedly, I didn’t get through much of the game because of the sheer difficulty, which would make it sound as if this game is hard to recommend. Just the opposite of that is true, however, as Teleglitch is really a rare achievement of challenge and deep atmosphere. The game never feels unfairly difficult or leaves you wondering why you just died. Instead, every mistake feels like an error of the player because of a lack of skill or carelessness. And where the difficulty might leave you off-put for a short while, you’ll find the niggling want to try again, hone your skills, and jump back in to that deeply mysterious and brutal hell in the stars.
Destructoid (Jul 30, 2013)
The Die More Edition certainly lives up to its name. As if I didn't die enough in the original Teleglitch, I found myself really struggling to get to the fourth level (of nine) of this new version. It's got other bells and whistles like new dossiers to help expand the lore further as well as more upgrades for weapon crafting, which serve as the icing on the cake for this already-beefy version of the game. Straight up, the Teleglitch: Die More Edition expands upon the greatness of the original game in every way possible.
La Die More Edition di Teleglitch non stravolge nulla ma amplia l'originale rendendolo più ricco e appetibile. Cresce persino la componente narrativa, con nuove descrizioni e nuovi dati a sostenere un contesto che pur essendo assolutamente pretestuoso è comunque gradito. Il prezzo, in relazione all'offerta, resta piuttosto elevato ma chi apprezza la sfida nei videogiochi può contare su svariate ore di intenso divertimento.
DarkZero (Jul 29, 2013)
Teleglitch is a unique combination of a number of different, but common, gameplay features that mash-up into a great game. After my first few deaths, I thought I was done and the extreme difficulty didn’t exactly welcome me back, but it’s a game that creeps into you, taunts you and quietly tugs at you to come back and try again. You have to beat it. You can’t let the game win. It’s difficult enough to annoy you but is fast-paced enough to not let you lose too much progress all in one go. There’s no reason not to try again and the game knows it. With every cheap death you want revenge and every time you strike lucky and stumble into a room full of goodies, it’s extremely rewarding. Finding a new item to craft and trying it out, learning more of the game’s lore and facing a new enemy type are all common and are all made exciting through the tense immersion that instantly pulls you in.
Hooked Gamers (Jul 24, 2013)
You will probably know just from looking at the genre whether you are going to buy Teleglitch: Die More Edition or not. If you know what you’re signing up for - incredibly hard gameplay followed by a lot of repetition - then you will definitely enjoy it. It is something you can jump into and play a level or two of, but a serious playthrough will require a lot of dedication and concentration. As I said, I’m not very good at Teleglitch, but that didn’t stop me from trying. Thinking “I’m pretty pleased with my current health level and items” directly before getting swamped by a wave of enemies is commonplace, but I kept going back in for more.
80 (Jul 24, 2013)
Teleglitch: Die More Edition è un gioco che tiene pienamente fede al suo nome: non gli basta infatti far sprofondare il suo protagonista in un'ambientazione ricca di dettagli narrativi degni della miglior fantascienza aliena, ma vuole anche rendergli la vita il più breve e difficile possibile. Una buona varietà di nemici, dall'IA sempre in 'crescendo', occuperà livelli la cui natura procedurale toglierà al giocatore ogni punto di riferimento. Se addomesticare l'ottimo sistema di controllo è missione da poco, tutt'altra cosa sarà imparare a scegliere quali armi del proprio arsenale sfruttare al momento opportuno e quali oggetti combinare nel giusto modo. Ogni passo in avanti andrà conquistato, l'ingresso ad ogni nuova area guadagnato e sudato, ma con la giusta applicazione e una buona costanza, Teleglitch vi ripagherà immergendovi in una delle migliori atmosfere sci-fi attualmente disponibili sulla scena indie.
Rely on Horror (Aug 02, 2013)
Overall, Teleglitch is a very challenging and well-designed rogue-like ; it encourages explorations and the crafting mechanics adds a nice layer of depth to the game. However, it might be a little too challenging for the average player, so a recommendation can only go out to those who wish to test their skill. If that’s not your thing, then, well… the regular Doom still exists.
Edge (Jul 26, 2013)
What follows is a life-or-death scavenger hunt. Survival means crafting more efficient and deadly weapons from the junk scattered about the facility, a process that also sees you uncovering the familiar saga of military-industrial abuses that led to the base becoming overrun with rogue AIs and monsters. It’s the crisp, high-stakes combat against these monstrosities that keeps Teleglitch so fraught and engaging, with survival often hinging on luring groups together for a single, explosive kill. Atmospheric, tense, and sometimes unfairly hard, Test3′s roguelike is another welcome entry in a resurgent genre.
Some unfairness, though, is part of the deal. Sometimes you’ll blunder into a horde of creatures at the worst possible moment. On other runs you’ll get that medkit just when you need it. That’s Teleglitch at its best. Tense. Punishing. Skill-reliant. And just a little bit unfair.
Gamekult (Jan 29, 2013)
Sa vue de dessus et ses combats viscéraux rappelleront forcément des bons souvenirs à ceux qui ont aimé Hotline Miami. En se lançant dans l’aventure, ils se confronteront à une autre forme de die and retry, sans doute encore plus frustrante car ce ne sont plus quelques secondes qui seront perdues, mais souvent plusieurs heures. Cette frustration, quoique différente, est tout aussi obsédante et ne demande qu’à être surmontée, dans la plus pure tradition des rogue-like. Mettre le doigt dans l’engrenage, c’est accepter de se faire happer tout entier dans la machine, au risque d’y consacrer un temps déraisonnable. Malheureusement, il faut d’abord réussir à s’affranchir du dégoût que peut inspirer son aspect franchement rebutant et accepter l’absence de musique, dont l’ambiance aurait sûrement beaucoup profité. On conseillera donc principalement cette bonne surprise estonienne à ceux qui ont le cœur bien accroché.
Digital Spy (Aug 02, 2013)
Teleglitch is an admirable attempt at making an immersive and challenging roguelike, but various issues considerably bog the experience down. In particular, its insanely high difficulty and repetitive nature make the game dull and unenjoyable. As a result, it's only recommended for masochistic players.