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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Windows (Netherlands):


    800 jaar geleden bij het overlijden van de mongoolse veroveraar Genghis Khan zorgde zijn persoonlijke magiër er voor dat zijn geest weer tot leven gewekt kon worden, alleen wist hij niet precies wanneer.

    Een magische sekte die al sinds zijn dood in 1227 n.C. bestaat, doet er alles aan om Genghis Kahn aan de macht te krijgen.
    In 1998 lijkt het deze sekte te lukken. Een tentoonstelling in het Stevenson museum met als onderwerp Genghis Kahn bevat alle ingrediënten die deze sekte nodig lijkt te hebben. Alleen jij kan er voor zorgen dat deze sekte deze vreselijke vloek niet kan uitvoeren.
    Al snel zal je ontdekken warrom alleen jij de wereld voor dit vreselijke lot kan behoeden.


    Temujin bevat 6 cd-roms en een nederlandstalige handleiding. Tevens is er een verzegeld hintboek bijgesloten om tips te krijgen bij de vele puzzels & raadsels.

    Temujin is de eerste computergame dat gebruik maakt van VideoReality. Dit zorgt er voor dat je 100% bewegingsvrijheid hebt en dat het daarom net lijkt of je echt in het spel zelf zit.

    Dit bovennatuurlijke adventurespel bevat tientallen puzzels & raadsels die het meest doen denken aan spellen zoals Phantasmagoria, 11th Hour & Myst. De liefhebbers van dit genre zullen vooral door de nieuwe technologische dimensies in dit spel een ongekende uitdaging tegemoet gaan.

    Wat zeggen de bladen:

    PC-zone: 84% "Vanaf nu kunnen we interactieve film eindelijk serieus nemen."
    Computer Idee: "Heel mooi, er valt op 6 cd-roms genoeg te beleven".
    Software gids: Spelkwaliteit 90% "Niets dan lof!" special effects.

    Contributed by PolloDiablo (16897) on Jun 11, 2010.

Press Release:

    SouthPeak Interactive to Mystify and Challenge Gamers
    with Temujin: The Capricorn Collection

    Cary, NC, May 14, 1997 -- A bejeweled Capricorn head, a museum filled with mysterious artifacts from the tomb of Genghis Khan, eight shady characters and a powerful, centuries-old spirit which threatens to rule the world once again.

    These elements all come together in the psychological thriller Temujin: The Capricorn Collection, the first Video Reality computer game from SouthPeak Interactive. Temujin will retail for $54.95 and hit store shelves in September of this year. Two additional Video Reality titles will be introduced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Atlanta next month.

    "I wouldn't recommend playing Temujin just before turning in for the night," said Armistead Sapp, president of SouthPeak Interactive. "This game combines challenging puzzles with a compelling story line that will make for a lot of sleepless nights among discriminating gamers and devoted mystery fans alike."

    Temujin: The Capricorn Collection is the world's first game utilizing SouthPeak Interactive's Video Reality technology. This revolutionary new way of planning and developing computer games results in stunningly detailed environments where gamers are free to control where they want to go, when they want to go, and what they want to look at - and interact with - on the way there.

    Three years and a total of 42 programmer years have been spent perfecting the Video Reality technology, which requires IBM-compatible personal computers with the Pentium processor and Microsoft Windows 95 installed. The game is designed to run on the PC with no difficult installation required - users simply put the CD in their machine, and the game will run without time-consuming or potentially disastrous overwriting of existing system software.

    Temujin takes place in the fictional Stevenson Museum, where it's immediately apparent that something crooked is afoot. Played from a first-person perspective, gamers initially have no knowledge of their own identity, let alone who is on their side or what kind of ominous plan has been set into motion.

    By solving numerous puzzles throughout the museum, players will recapture their lost memories and uncover a sinister plot surrounding an exhibition of treasures that once belonged to Temujin, the ruthless warrior known as Genghis Khan. Once the truth is known, it's a race against time to stop the forces at work from allowing an ancient evil to enslave the human race all over again.

    The final script for Temujin was written by Lee Sheldon, author of the critically acclaimed CD-ROM game The Riddle of Master Lu. Sheldon has also written and/or produced numerous television series including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Murder, She Wrote.

    Temujin was shot entirely on 35mm film with no rendered backgrounds, and features a haunting, original music score and digitally created special effects. The lion's share of the filming for the game took place on 22 sets at SouthPeak's two 4,500-square-foot sound stages in Cary, N.C.

    More than 100 interactive, three-dimensional objects - chalices, cameras, pocket watches, helmets, newspapers and the like - created on Silicon Graphics workstations are scattered throughout the gaming environment for players to pick up and use. All post-production work has been performed at SouthPeak's $16-million video production facility.

    # # #

    Based in Cary, N.C., SouthPeak Interactive is a multimedia entertainment company that develops, publishes and markets quality CD-ROM entertainment products.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76509) on May 16, 2004.

Box Cover (inside flip-over and back):
    Temüjin is the world's first game with Video Reality technology. Shot entirely on 35mm film, with absolutely no rendered backgrounds, this supernatural adventure will immerse you in 360 degrees of completely seamless, incredibly realistic, motion picture-quality gaming.

    "There is really no way screenshots can demonstrate just how convincing and cool this is... SouthPeak may have started a revolution in more than just adventure games."
    - NEXT Generation

    "...I was blown away by the Video Reality technology. Seamless navigation in an absolutely gorgeous 360-degree world."
    - Computer Games Strategy Plus

    "Put simply, Temüjin crushes all other games in a comparison of realism, gameplay, and story."
    - Gamer's Zone

    "...this will usher in a whole new era of games that transend genre and meld movie magic with true you-are-there interactivity."
    - AllAbout Games

    "In the end, what the SouthPeak team ended up with was a game that not only combines the richness of a film environment with the rendered navigability of a virtual-reality environment, but also is exciting to play."
    - Digital Magic

    Centuries ago, powerful magic locked an ancient evil safely away from humanity. Now the force that enslaved a continent lies hidden inside the Stevenson Museum.

    Here, among artifacts from the tomb of Temüjin - the great conqueror known as Genghis Khan - its power grows. To fight it, you must unravel the mystery. The only thing you know for sure is that the Capricorn, a jeweled goat head, somehow holds the key.

    Explore the museum. Confront other characters. Solve the puzzles. Reveal the truth.

    You hold the future of the human race in your hands.

  • Navigate with 360 degrees mobility through the most elaborate adventure game ever - with lavish sets, live characters, and an intriguing story line.

  • Experience hours of gameplay with a series of challenging and unique puzzles that enables you to unveil the past and explose the evil in the present.

  • Immerse youreself in a 35mm cinematic marvel that brings CD-ROM adventure gaming to a new plateau.

  • Lose youreself in this supernatural adventure with its haunting original music score and digitally created special effects.

    Contributed by MAT (191862) on Apr 13, 2001.