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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 2.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 2.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.0
Overall User Score (9 votes) 2.9

Critic Reviews

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Gamezilla (Nov 02, 1999)
I would have to say that this game deserves a well earned 94. With wonderful ground-breaking graphics and a good story (one with an actual plot), I found it to be quite engaging. HOWEVER, I would recommend this game only to serious or experienced adventure gamers who know some of the tricks of the trade and also know that while the puzzles may be frustrating, that somewhere, we must believe, lies the clue to it all.
Temujin undoubtedly deserved five solid stars, were it not for the brutality of its navigation scheme. Like an emperor's palace surrounded by a thick wall of brambles, the beauty of its intricate puzzles and stunning sense of immersion is betrayed only by the scratches and wounds required to embrace it. Let's hope SouthPeak can fine tune their grand technology for what we hope will be a long line of adventures to come.
In the end, Temujin is a flawed game. It has a very good story that plays out well and leaves you satisfied with it in the end. The actual execution of the game is marred by an incredibly frustrating interface. One which I would guess will cause many gamers to quit playing rather than deal with. There are some very original and innovative puzzles in the game, and also a couple that are too illogical. I recommend this game to mystery fans that are looking for something a little different. Stick with it through the interface problems and you'll find an entertaining story in there. Bottom Line: Good story, interesting mystery. Some very original and enjoyable puzzles. A tiny viewing area into the game combined with a nightmare of an interface are huge flaws in an otherwise entertaining game. Worth your time if you can stick with it past the interface problems.
Power Unlimited (Jun, 1998)
Temüjin is in opzet een prima adventure dat nieuwsgierig maakt en genoeg spanning en mysterie kent. De slechte en onlogische bediening is echter een doorn in het oog. Ook het lineaire karakter komt het spel niet ten goede. Da's jammer, had meer ingezeten.
Quandary (Nov, 1997)
Other than that I found Temüjin to be extremely enjoyable. It's one to look out for if you are a fan of the supernatural or if you like a good mystery. There's plenty to do, plenty of variety in the puzzles and some interesting characters, all bundled up in an intriguing story that will have you guessing from the very start.
Adventurearchiv (Mar 10, 2005)
Story und gute schauspielerische Leistungen könnten eigentlich eine Menge Leute ansprechen, besonders solche, die eine Verquickung von realistischen mit Mysteryelementen mögen, wie bei Gabriel Knight. Aber Handling, Rätsel und die erforderlichen Englischkenntnisse stehen dem im Wege. Temüjin ist nur etwas für fortgeschrittene Adventurefans mit dem nötigen Durchhaltevermögen, Warmduscher sollten die Finger davon lassen.
Adventure Gamers (Jul 22, 2011)
With all the roaming around you’ll do, Temüjin is quite a lengthy game, taking dozens of hours to finish. For the most part, its immersive storyline makes it worth seeing through to the end, but it doesn't fully make up for its main flaw: the interface. The heavily-hyped Video Reality engine certainly shows its potential (which SouthPeak went on to put to much better use in Dark Side of the Moon), but you'll need to accept a fair bit of frustration along the way, with lots of backtracking to find triggers or simply trying to get where you want to go. For FMV fans who enjoy a good mystery, there’s an intriguing supernatural adventure to be found here, but you’ll often feel like you’re going around in circles before you’re finally able to discover who you are and what is going on in the Stevenson Museum.
When all is said and done, Temüjin is simply an average game. The Video Reality engine doesn't really make the game exciting and new, the interface is difficult to master, and the storyline is only mediocre. If you're really into mystery/adventures, you may find this entertaining, but I found it simply boring. This is the first title from Southpeak using the Video Reality engine and two more are already in the works (The Dark Side of the Moon and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). Maybe the kinks will be worked out by then and maybe the fantasy settings of those titles will help. We'll have to wait and see.
GameSpot (Nov 17, 1997)
There are some definite hair-pullers in Temujin, but to judge how good a game is based solely on the difficulty of its puzzles is to miss the forest for the trees, especially when the puzzles feel like they were crammed into the environment rather than being a natural part of it. Where Temujin really shines is in its plot and characters - and it's disappointing that you can only listen and watch, rather than interact with them.
Score (Jan, 1998)
Zkrátka Temüjin: The Capricorn Collection je hra plná kontrastů: kvalitní digitalizace videa vs. špatné herecké výkony; nesmyslně řešená obtížnost vs. pěkné puzzly; nekvalitní programové zpracování vs. kvalitní hudba; tajuplný příběh vs. rozmělněná dějová koncepce; dlouhá trvanlivost vs. celá hra se odehrává až na příliš malém prostoru jednoho muzea. Takže teď čtenáři militký: "Vol!"
Mag auch gelegentlich Spaß durch die zum Teil durchaus knackigen Rätsel aufblitzen: Das ganze Drumherum erstickt diesen so schnell wie die Feuerwehr einen brennenden Aschenbecher. Unterm Strich bleibt ein höchst durchschnittliches Spiel für leidenswillige Abenteurer. Ich wünsche South Peak Interactive gute Besserung und eine vernünftigere Engine für die nächsten Projekte.
Temüjin gave me the feeling that SouthPeak was really onto something. So, while I can't give this game a high grade or anything, I would challenge adventurous adventurers to consider taking a deep breath, rolling up their sleeves, and checking this flawed but interesting game out.
The lack of any real conversations and the bad interface make this game so boring that I am surprised anyone could finish it. Sure, the game has got a great plot and good (mostly story-related) puzzles, but that's not enough. Perhaps you can find this game somewhere at a bargain bin and it will keep you busy for a weekend or so. Hopefully Southpeak's next games, 20.000 Leagues and Dark side of the Moon will make better use of the Video Reality engine.
To sum it up, don't buy this game! It is so poor and stressful that it is not worth a kick in the dirt. Maybe if the interface was buffed up and the plot was redone and the character interaction was improved and the inventory system was overhauled, this would be a better game, but I'd rather start from scratch on a new game and not bother. Better luck next time, Southpeak.