Temüjin Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Title
Intro (couple of centuries back, when Ghingis Khan wrecked havoc).
Main Menu (more or less).
Exiting Menu
The Great Hall, a place where you'll start picking all the clues from a museum and uncover the past.
Hmm, beneath the ashes, fireplace seems to hide some clues.
Your photo album will give you an FMV for each entity of four photos you find. Might help you with the clues.
In a security room you'll find a comics... and maybe find out more about the 'voices'.
The game's set in seven chapters.
Capricorn head, the one and only that started it all.
Wandering museum halls.
Combining items in your inventory to be efficient in lockpicking.
In time, you'll get some extra options included, like photo album, camera, puzzle, and folder for notes.
A security guy, Nick, will be the only one to aid you in your quest.
A secret door inside the museum? And what's behind door number 2...
Beside logical puzzles, there will be plenty 'o illogical notes to combine.
The protagonist
All the characters in the story have their own agenda and are not to be trusted