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Business Model Attribute Image Shareware
Minimum CPU Class Required Attribute Image Intel Pentium 4
Minimum RAM Required Attribute Image 1 GB
Minimum DirectX Version Required Attribute Image DirectX 9.0c
Media Type Attribute Image Download
Minimum Video Memory Required Attribute Image 256 MB
Input Devices Supported Attribute Image Keyboard, Attribute Image Mouse
Additional Hardware Required Attribute Image 3D Accelerator
Number of Online Players Attribute Image 1 Player
Notes Video card: Nvidia: 7 Series (from 7600 and above)
Video card: ATI: X1800 (and above)
The game does not support Intel / SiS graphics.
Web browser: Firefox 3.0+ or Internet Explorer 7
Microsoft .Net Framework 2.1 (required on Windows XP only)

Technical information contributed by Sciere (708183) and formercontrib (158431)