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Theme Hospital Credits

Designed and Created by Bullfrog Productions

Pluto Development TeamMark Webley, Gary Carr, Matthew Chilton, Matt Sullivan, Jo Rider, Rajan Tande, Wayne Imlach, Andy Bass, Jon Rennie, Adam Coglan, Natalie White
ProgrammingMark Webley, Matthew Chilton, Matt Sullivan, Rajan Tande
ArtGary Carr, Jo Rider, Andy Bass, Adam Coglan
Additional ProgrammingBenjamin Deane, Gary Morgan, Jonty Barnes
Additional ArtEoin Rogan, George Svarovsky, Saurav Sarkar, Jason Brown, John Kershaw, Dee Lee
Intro SequencesStuart Black
Music and Sound EffectsRussell Shaw, Adrian Moore
Additional MusicJeremy Longley, Andrew J. Wood
Announcer VoiceoverRebecca Green
Level DesignNatalie White, Wayne Imlach, Stephen Jarrett, Shintaro Kanaoya
ScriptingJames Leach, Sean Masterson, Neil Cook
R&D: Graphics EngineAndrew Cakebread, Richard Reed
R&D SupportGlenn Corpes, Martin Bell, Ian Shaw, Jan Svarovsky

Library and Tools

Dos and Win 95 LibraryMark Huntley, Alex Peters, Rik Heywood
Network LibraryIan Shippen, Mark Lamport
Sound LibraryRussell Shaw, Tony Cox
Installer ProgrammingAndrew Nuttall, Tony Cox, Andrew Cakebread
Moral SupportPeter Molyneux
Testing ManagerAndy Robson
Lead TestersWayne Imlach, Jon Rennie
Play TestersJeffrey Brutus, Wayne K. Frost, Steven Lawrie, Teven Lawrie, Tristan Paramor, Nathan Smethurst, Robert Byrne, Ryan Corkery, Simon Doherty, James Dormer, Martin Gregory, Ben Lawley, Joel Lewis, David Lowe, Robert Monczak, Dominic Mortoza, Karl O'Keeffe, Michael Singletary, Andrew Skipper, Stuart Stephen, David Wallington, and all our other Work Experience Play Testers
Technical SupportMichael Burnham, Simon Handby, Kevin Donkin
Supervisor of Quality AssuranceMichael Edison
UK Quality AssuranceSimon Romans, Chris Chaplin
Quality AssuranceBrian Winslow
MarketingPeter Murphy, Sean Ratcliffe
With thanks toTamara Burke, Annabel Roose, Chris Morgan, Peter Larsen
PRCathy Campos
DocumentationSean Masterson, Jon Rennie, James Leach, Richard Johnston, James Lenoël
Documentation & Packaging DesignCaroline Arthur, James Nolan
Documentation LayoutMarco Garcia
Localization Project ManagerCarol Aggett
LocalizationBettina Klos, Alexa Kortsch, Bianca Normann, Sandra Picaper, Sonia Yazmadjian, Julio Valladares, Gian Maria Battistini, Maria Ziino
ProductionRachel Holman
ProducerMark Webley
Associate ProducterAndrew Nuttall
OperationsSteve Fitton
Company AdministrationAudrey Adams, Annette Dabb, Emma Gibbs, Lucia Gobbo, Jo Goodwin, Sian Jones, Kathy McEntee, Louise Ratcliffe
Company ManagementLes Edgar, Peter Molyneux, David Byrne, All at Bullfrog Productions
Special ThanksEveryone at Frimley Park Hospital, Doug Carlisle, Beverley Cannell
Electronic Document ConversionInkan Monkey God Studios

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Credits for this game were contributed by Brian Hirt (10062) and Indra was here (20921)