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Theocracy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu - demo version
Character selection. This is 'The Commander'. Each character leads on to another episode / campaign
Character selection. This is 'The Captain'. While the static picture is displayed quite a lot of story telling text is displayed in the scrolling window in the lower right
This is 'The Hero'. Usual story. Big strong boy, great hunter, only survivor when village wiped out, goes on to fight tyranny and slaughter the bad guys responsible.
Selecting a character brings up a bigger version of the static picture and some more story
The hero and his band of warrior brothers at the start of their first mission. These civilians are running away from something. What could it be?
The hero goes to see what's up...
... and promptly gets slaughtered. Methinks the moral here is to attack in strength.
This screen, with variations on the message, is displayed whenever a character loses
More of 'The Commander's' story.
The in-game controls and other options are accessed via the menu bar across the top of the screen
The big map view
The bigger map view
The commander won his most famous victory by organizing his tired men into a fighting formation, it says in the back-story. This is one of the screens for doing just that.
This is another formation organizing screen
It's not every game that has llamas in it. That's what those white things with orange lumps on their sides are