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An inspired masterpiece that surpasses the original. An a most excellent farewell gift from LG Zovni (10629) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars
Great game only gets better with sequel Chris Gordy (4) unrated
Classy and original but you can see why it didn't sell Shazbut (167) unrated
Thief II : Is it better then the beer-coke/pepsi-pizza combo? Yep. Longwalker (768) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars
How did Looking Glass go out of business with games like this? Cyric (50) unrated
Immersive, incredible gaming Terrence Bosky (5459) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars
Brilliant! Daniel Martin (17) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars
Atmospheric stealing... Heikki Sairanen (115) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.2
Overall User Score (130 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Thief II: the Metal Age to znakomita gra. Rozgrywka jest ciekawa i emocjonująca, a fabuła wciąga. Polecamy Thiefa tym, którzy zamiast strzelania wolą myśleć, a swych rywali zwyciężają sprytem.
The best games are not held together with maps or a plot, but by moments that compel you to continue to play. Thief 2: The Metal Age has plenty of those moments, and is the kind of game that will have you leave work early to play it, and come in late the next morning. The gameplay has been directly designed for a more "stealthy" experience, and the level design is first rate. There are still some problems: The graphics are dated, the AI pathfinding is a little weak, and the controls can be awkward at times. But none of these problems eclipse a title that has great gameplay, high production values and loads of atmosphere. Thief 2 is one of the rare sequels that exceeds the original.
There really isn't much new from the first Thief, but there doesn't have to be. This game is absolutely awesome. It has a great storyline (the sheriff is out to get you, and you don't quite know why) that keeps you begging for more, addictive gameplay, and great graphics. Get this game. If you like thinking with your fighting, this is a wonderful game. Sure, it's basically a revamped Thief Gold, but that's not a bad thing at all.
Thief II: The Metal Age is truly a joy to play. It features clever gameplay, nonlinear levels, great sound effects, and long missions (the game comes on 2 CDs). It is also a hard game to master, however, relying a little too much on trial and error. Furthermore, it is not a game suited for young gamers. Still, if you like games with a dark theme and enjoy the challenge of stealth play, you will love this game. It is a must play for fans of this genre, adventure or otherwise.
Just Adventure (Apr 18, 2002)
THIEF 2 is one of the very best adventure games I've ever played. The only trouble is, it's not an adventure game. THIEF 2 is one of the very best role-playing games I've ever played. The only trouble is, it's not a role-playing game. THIEF 2 is easily the best action game I've ever played. But it's not exactly an action game, either.
96 (Jan 01, 2002)
Over all Thief II is a very enjoyable game. Look elsewhere if you want a blood letting. This game is thought provoking, strategy-based and simply a lot of fun to play. Turn out the lights, set your disbelief-suspension levels on maximum, and lose yourself in the world of Thief II, The Metal Age. I promise, you won't be sorry.
Gamer's Pulse (Apr 08, 2000)
With the combination of great story telling, great immersion, and fun gameplay, Thief 2: The Metal Age makes for gaming at it's best. The veterans at Looking Glass Studios have long since earned my respect, but they've reinforced my faith in them with Thief 2. The game has a little bit for most everyone. Be it action, adventure, puzzle solving, or covert operations, there's something for you in Thief 2. Also unlike many games that attempt to combine multiple genres, it brings them together successfully, without letting one element of the game overshadow another. The result of all the hard work put into Thief 2 is a game that is on the top of my list. It has provided me with in excess of 60 hours of pure addictive gameplay, and has earned a permanent spot on my shelf, sharing space with the likes of Kings Quest 1 and Doom.
GameZone (Mar 31, 2000)
This program is intriguing, delightful, spooky and thoroughly enjoyable. Though Garrett is, in fact, a thief, by playing the part, you will begin to think of him as very honorable, and perhaps one of the few good guys in the program. Thief II allows you to embrace the darkness, and call the shadows your friends.
games xtreme (May 11, 2000)
There is so much to this game, I doubt ill have time to write it all out, but its so involving. Looking Glass have really listened to the criticism of the first and instead of going on pointless missions fighting ghosts and stuff, you get to steal more, which is what most people thought the first should have been like.
Entertainment Weekly (Apr 28, 2000)
As Garret -- a cynical master thief caught up in a struggle between two religious groups and a town's power-mad sheriff -- you find stealth is your best weapon. Thus, you spend much time sneaking around in the shadows of the game's enormous levels while trying to pinch the goodies needed to accomplish your mission. There are weapons and gadgets aplenty, but combat creates noise -- so quietly applying a blackjack and hiding a guard's body is the preferred method of clearing a room. That II's time period crosses Thomas Edison with Robin Hood doesn't excuse some retro-crude graphics, but the slow pace and dark atmosphere still make for a tension-packed game. If you've graduated from the mindless gunplay of Quake, Thief II could well rob you of precious time.
Gaming Age (Apr 16, 2000)
Thief II is a worthy successor to Thief: The Dark Project, and a game that no fan of the original - scratch that, any person even interested in first person shooters - should be without. It is a unique change from the normal all-out-shoot-em-up that is usually found on the PC, and that is what makes it so special. Looking Glass Studios has already confirmed a third entry to be into development, and I'm already salivating at the mouth to get my hands on it.
Game Revolution (Apr 01, 2000)
Speaking of fantasy, Thief 2: The Metal Age is one of the most engrossing first-person experiences I've ever encountered. If you're the type of person who casually looks into other people's medicine cabinets when you're over for dinner (I know you do, admit it), then this is the game for you. Pick people's pockets, knock guards unconscious, and generally be a bad egg . . . Sounds fun to me!
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 07, 2001)
Nach einem Wochenende mit Dark Project 2 ist die Welt anders: Ich tappe ausschließlich im Dunklen zum Kühlschrank, schleiche auf Zehenspitzen ins Bad und stehe kurz vorm Herzinfarkt, wenn der Wind an den Fenstern meiner Wohnung rüttelt. Die Atmosphäre des Spiels ist unvergleichlich, die Gegner agieren faszinierend hartnäckig und die spielerischen Möglichkeiten sind vorbildlich für das gesamte 3D-Genre. Einzig die Grafik ist nicht mehr zeitgemäß, aber das sollte niemanden ernsthaft davon abhalten, sich mit den fesselnden Abenteuern des Meisterdiebs zu beschäftigen!
Comparing THIEF II to any traditional first-person game is futile. They merely share a perspective. Someone demanding state-of-the-art graphics will certainly be disappointed in the plain, but effective, visuals. Someone who values form over content would also probably be disappointed by the gameplay as well, since it is demanding, thoughtful, and complex. This is a “boutique” game: a gamer’s game. It pays its dividends in persistent tension rather than in bursts of fear. It still pumps as much adrenaline, but it works on a subtler level. It’s the difference between Stranger on a Train and Armageddon; between the intimated and the explicit. In intent, design, execution, and strategy. THIEF II — like Locking Glass — stands alone.
90 (UK) (Apr 09, 2000)
Thief II had some mighty big boots to fill, and the good news is that apart from a few minor flaws it seems to have largely succeeded. At first sight it was rather too similar to the first game for comfort, sharing most of the weapons and equipment, many of the character models, and even some of the settings from the first game. But with more interesting and varied missions, bigger and more detailed levels, new enemies (and allies), a few new toys to play with, and some vital tinkering under the bonnet, Thief II stands on its own merit.
IGN (Mar 24, 2000)
If Quake is your universe, then you probably won't get what all the fuss is about with the game, and you certainly won't understand why someone would get off on peeking around corners and creeping around for hours on end without laying so much as a finger on any thugs. But for those of you looking for a complex, unique effort, Thief II continues to shine. The game puts in so much world detail that you can't help but get immersed in Garrett's plight and his adventures. Whether you're creeping up on a guard, or hiding in a dark alleyway listening to an important conversation, it's hard to separate yourself from the tension and tell yourself that you're still just playing a game. Like Half-Life, Thief II is an adventure that leaves a resonating impression, and a game that you'll want to return to, often.
Power Unlimited (Apr, 2000)
Thief II is een ijzersterke opvolger geworden. Alle kritiek is serieus genomen en dat heeft geleid tot betere graphics, minder weirde monsters, meer goud en glimmende goodies en sfeervolle, spannende levels. 'I'll meet you in the shadows...'
Pelit (May, 2000)
Vaikka Thief kakkosella ei tunnu olevan pelillisesti juuri muuta uutta tarjottavaa kuin satsi erinomaisesti suunniteltuja lisätehtäviä, se ei missään nimessä ole ainakaan edeltäjäänsä huonompi. Ainoa, mikä todella tuntui puutteelta, oli melko etäiseksi jäävä juoni ja maailma kokonaisuutena ajatellen. Niin kauan kun kilpailijat eivät tee parempia "hiipimispelejä", kyllä sen vielä sulattaa, ettei Looking Glass uusi peliään muuta kuin pienillä virittelyillä.
It may not be perfect, but Thief 2 has got it where it counts, and it comes highly recommended for anyone who enjoyed the original. If you are a newcomer to the series then you will probably want to play through the first game before you tackle the sequel, but that's a pretty minor problem - both games are well worth your time.
Looking Glass have done a very good job with Thief 2. The biggest and best part being the new missions and the incredible atmosphere within. One can only hope that Thief 3 will finally bring forth Garrett into a new engine, a new world, and newer, bigger adventures.
PC Gamer (2000)
The greatest weakness of Thief II, as with the original, is the dated graphics. The graphics engine has been bumped up to 16-bit color, and there are a host of beautiful new textures. But the fact is that Thief II simply can't compare with the visual splendor of other first-person shooters on the market today. But all the fancy-schmancy graphics in the world can't make up for what Thief II does very naturally, which is simply to entertain throughout in one hell of a good game.
Hacker (Apr, 2000)
Uglavnom, s odličnim dizajnom, zvučnom kulisom i nekim skriptiranim akcijama (pogotovo ona na krovu kad se četiri strijelca svađaju) i odličnom pričom, Thief 2 mogu jedino preporučiti svima. Ako odigrate originalni Thief, a onda i Thief 2, shvatit ćete što sam mislio rekavši da je jedina igra koja je pravi nastavak.
Thief II er et godt spil, flottere og mere udfordrende, men mangler lidt af den suspense-horror jeg fandt fornøjelig i Thief. Men i sidste ende er manglende monsterrædsel en smagssag, for Thief II er et fremragende spil.
PC Joker (Apr, 2000)
Ganz persönlich bereitete es mir diebisches Vergnügen, mit dem Dietrich in der Hand erneut durch die vertrauten Gassen zu schleichen. Im zweiten Anlauf sogar mehr denn je: Intelligentere Gegner, die sich prächtig entwickelnde Story und neue Gimmicks wie das mechanische Auge machen das metallene Zeitalter atmosphärisch dicht und glaubwürdig. Aufgestellte Nackenhaare sind hier ebenso alltäglich wie Beschwerden der Nachbarn. Wer nämlich jede geraunte Bemerkung und jedes Ventilzischen aufschnappen will, muss der Soundanlage mächtig an den Ohren ziehen. Detoniert dann plötzlich eine Mine, hüpft schon mal der Subwoofer vom Tisch - und Kollege Steffen vom Stuhl.
Looking Glass hatte zwei Möglichkeiten: Man hätte den Charakter des Spiels mit vielen Neuerungen verändern können. Dann wäre es aber vermutlich kein Diebesspiel mehr gewesen. Stattdessen hat man etwas Feintuning betrieben, gute Missionen entwickelt und das Ganze mit einer abermals phantastischen Hintergrundgeschichte verbunden. Und sich damit dem Vorwurf einer verkappten Missions-CD ausgesetzt. Es ist aber nicht so, dass seit Thief 1 an allen Ecken und Enden gelungene Imitate aus dem Boden geschossen sind. Nur wenige Programmierteams sind in der Lage, eine dermaßen komplexe Gegner-K.I. zu entwickeln, da traut sich so schnell keiner ran. Die Sache ist deshalb höchst einfach: Wem schon der Vorgänger zu düster und zu schwierig war - Finger weg. Die anderen sind vermutlich schon im nächsten Spieleladen - aber das Bezahlen bitte nicht vergessen.
ActionTrip (Apr 09, 2000)
To cut the long story short: Thief: The Metal Age is a good sequel to a great game. It has few technical and concept novelties but, hey, it's just a sequel.
GameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2000)
Dark Project 2 ist wie ein gutes Essen: Gehaltvoll, abwechslungsreich, fein abgestimmt. Als Meisterdieb lösen Sie genial-knifflige Aufgaben, decken nach und nach eine faszinierende Geschichte auf und meistern ständig neue Situationen. Wenn ich nach vorsichtigem Anschleichen eine ahnungslose Wache ins Reich der Träume schicke, fühle ich das, was bisher kein 3D-Shooter in mir auszulösen vermochte: Erleichterung, Befriedigung und ein klein wenig Stolz auf meine Leistung. Der größte Knackpunkt des Spiels ist die 3D-Grafik. In Innenräumen zu häßlich, in Außenlevels zu langsam, wirkt sie hoffnungslos altmodisch - Wheel of Time hat ein ähnliches Ambiente deutlich schöner umgesetzt. Und wann wird es Looking Glass endlich schaffen, ansehnliche Polygonfiguren ohne eckige Glieder zu entwerfen? Schade auch, daß es spielerisch zu wenige Neuerungen gibt.
GameSpot (Mar 24, 2000)
The fact that there's not much new in Thief II is a minor complaint. At first, Thief II may seem too much like Thief, but on closer inspection it's a better game. It may lack its predecessor's excellent story, and the graphics engine may be slightly dated, but no such concerns will seem relevant when you're sneaking around in Thief II's excellent environments.
Het spel bevat een aantal bugjes en slechte graphics, maar als je dat niet zo een groot probleem vind dan is Thief II: The Metal Age een must-have. Dit vanwege het ijzersterke verhaal, het goeie geluid en de originele gameplay. Thief is een aangename afwisseling in het Unreal Tournament en Quake tijdperk. De verschillen met het eerste deel zijn vrij klein, maar er is duidelijk naar de fans geluisterd aangezien de grootste nadelen van het spel verbeterd zijn. Aangezien in het eerste deel van Thief de gameplay al ontzettend goed was vond Looking Glass het niet nodig om deze te veranderen, en dat is maar goed ook! Wel jammer van de moeilijkheidsgraad, veel vrije tijd en doorzettingsvermogen is dan ook een vereiste.
Absolute Games ( (Apr 21, 2000)
Сделаем оргвыводы. У Thief 2 получилось стать Игрой. Нервно дрожащие колени и сердце, прыгающее до небес от избытка адреналина, снова станут приметой тех тысяч людей, что купят искомую коробку. Но нехорошая тенденция нет-нет, да и проглянет сквозь строчки безукоризненно стильных (да тут вообще все такое) flavor text’ов. Со стороны Eidos доносятся вкрадчивые фразы о Thief Online, cкоро вылезет первый клон — политкорректно-бескровный уродец Picassio. Наличие на CD официального редактора миссий наводит на дурные предчувствия о том, что Thief 2 — последняя игра серии в ближайшем будущем. А ведь прецедент существует: год назад Bungie сделала Myth 2, открыла инструментарий и навсегда попрощалась со своей вселенной.
85 (May 22, 2000)
Une excellente surprise que ce deuxième épisode : il renouvelle le genre sans lasser grâce aux multiples innovations proposées et permet de sortir des sentiers battus par les quake-like en ajoutant une part de stratégie et de subtilité. A ajouter à votre ludothèque de toute urgence :).
The Retro Spirit (Dec 30, 2011)
Siden spillet stiller i samme gate som Thief: The Dark Project, og ikke minst leverer enda bedre, har jeg ikke noe valg. Min sans for kvalitet og kjærlighet for de unike og uforglemmelige spillene fra yngre dager tvinger meg til å gi spillet en mer enn velfortjent Golden Dos Spirit Award.
PC Gamer Brasil (Aug, 2000)
Se para ser um ladrão quase sempre se age sozinho, imagine, então, estar lutando sem um armamento adequado. Em Thief 2, tudo pode acontecer. E, para que a aventura transborde em cenas magistrais, os elementos vencedores presentes no primeiro episódio do jogo retornam mais sofisticados, mas com o mesmo intuito. São flechas, porretes, espadas, câmeras mágicas e muito mais para que você tenha plenas condições de fazer Garret cumprir os seus objetivos. Só falta a sua vontade e coragem... se tiver!
GameSpy (Apr 02, 2000)
Thief 2 has incredible gameplay. The whole idea of playing a master thief is intriguing to start with, and Looking Glass added the right gameplay elements to make it work. The pace is slow, but it's a lot of fun and very rewarding. However, the game suffers from unattractive graphics, bad sound in places, and a few bugs. If you can get past those points, however, you'll find a whole lot of deep gameplay that'll keep you up and jumping at shadows (or creeping through them) for hours on end.
Wer den ersten Teil mochte, wird auch den zweiten gerne spielen. Die wenigen neuen Ausrüstungsgegenstände und Gegner sind nicht schlecht, ändern aber nichts Grundsätzliches am Spielverlauf. Looking Glass ist offenbar nach dem Grundsatz "never change a winning team" verfahren. Herausgekommen ist ein wirklich gutes, forderndes Spiel - allerdings kein weiterer Meilenstein.
Aside from the nasty memory leak and poor decision to remove some of The Dark Project’s best features, Thief II: The Metal Age is a fine game. I can’t say that any of the missions are as good as Return to Catherdral was in the original, but overall the mission design and flow is much better than before. I like the larger scenarios and the attention to detail on all of the levels is amazing. The Mechanists and children they spawn though aren’t as interesting or as frightening as the Hammers and Haunts of the first, but overall this is a better experience, but not necessarily a better game. Personally I love Garrett and love loading up missions and completely immersing myself in his dark and sinister world. Looking Glass and Eidos haven’t let me down yet, and playing through Thief II is one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. Though, I would like to see multiplayer added to the next edition, and perhaps a return to the more frightening elements of the series’ beginning.
GamePro (US) (Apr 21, 2000)
All in all, Thief II is a very entertaining "thinking person's shooter" that provides more of the same to fans of the original release. It's tough to learn, but rewards you with an immersive, fun experience.
incite PC Gaming (Jun, 2000)
Regardless, we still have one of the best, single-player gaming experiences to be found. Thief II manages that rare feat for a sequel: feeling fresh even though it's not that different from the original.
Clubic (Apr 30, 2000)
Dark Project 2 : L'Age De Métal est en somme un bon jeu d'action stratégique qui pèche quelque peu par un moteur 3D qui montre assez rapidement ses faiblesses et par une IA qui mériterait quelques améliorations. Aussi, une install assez gourmande (3 types : 470, 660 et 980 Mo). Mis à part cela, c'est un excellent investissement qui (r)éveillera en vous de vil instincts de backstabber en herbe. C'est un jeu qui demande de la réflexion, de la prudence et un certain esprit d'observation. En bref, un jeu qui ressemble un jeu de bourrin, qui se joue comme un jeu de bourrin mais qui n'est pas un jeu de bourrin.
Withingames (May 20, 2001)
Dark Project 2: The Metal Age ist ein in allen Punkten solides Sequel: Das tolle Spielprinzip des Vorgängers wurde zwar beibehalten, dessen Schwachpunkte hingegen fast alle ausgemerzt. Besonders das nur noch vereinzelte Auftreten von Monstern tut dem Spiel gut. Es macht einfach mehr Spass, einer ahnungslosen Wache von hinten eins mit dem Knüppel überzuziehen, als mit dem Schwert auf Zombies einzuhacken. Auch die neuen Aufträge sind erstklassig: Wenn mitten im schönsten Diebeszug plötzlich unerwartet die Missionsziele ändern oder man von einem halben Dutzend Wachen gesucht wird, steigt der Adrenalinspiegel in ungeahnte Höhen. Die ziemlich hausbackene Grafik schmälert da den Spielspass kaum. Für alle, die Freude an einem etwas anderen Action-Adventure haben, ist Dark Project 2: The Metal Age ein absolutes Muss.
Gamekult (Jul 29, 2000)
Attendu au tournant par les fans du premier épisode, Dark Project II tient ses promesses. Se faufiler par des portes dérobées et planquer les corps des gardes inconscients dans un coin sombre est toujours aussi jouissif. L'apparition des sentinelles métalliques modifie les habitudes du fan mais apporte un plus au gameplay déjà très riche. L'aspect technique n'est par contre pas exempt de reproches mais le moteur poussif et les graphismes assez pauvres sont cependant largement compensés par des bruitages excellents.
80 (Sep 11, 2006)
Deux ans après le très novateur Dark Project, le studio Looking Glass décidait de remettre le couvert pour nous proposer une suite à son célèbre jeu d’infiltration d’inspiration médiévale. Au sommet de leur gloire, les développeurs des mythiques Ultima Underworld ou encore des deux chef-d’œuvres estampillés System Shock n’avaient pourtant plus que quelques semaines à vivre. En effet, la société britannique s’apprêtait à déposer le bilan juste après la sortie de ce Dark Project 2, sous-titré l’Âge du métal. Cette ultime création a t-elle fait honneur à la réputation de ses géniteurs ?
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 30, 2000)
Er zijn tal verbeteringen ten opzichte van de eerste, maar zoals gezegd blijft de levelopbouw wat achterwege. Misschien een gouden raad voor de toekomst, jongens. En excuseer me nu, want ik ga me een exemplaar van Unreal Tournament stelen.
Et meget stort 7 tal. Thief II er baseret på en absolut fremragende spilidé, men det havde fungeret bedre, hvis den tekniske side havde været helt i orden - og hvis multiplayer funktionen havde været implementeret.