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Thirty Flights of Loving Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
There are some hints in the environment at the start.
Another variant of the main menu
The patrons eye you suspiciously.
A strange column
These are your friends and literally partners in crime.
Anita's introduction
Another part of Anita's introduction
Close-up of some passports
A plane
A jump in the story and another title screen
Borges is hit.
Carrying Borges away.
You found a better means of transportation.
Back in time to a sequence with Anita at night.
The view outside
There are many cats around here.
At a rooftop party
After drinking a lot, the guests start to fly.
Dropping down a long tunnel.
Back at the scene with Borges
Nearing the end of the complex
A fight with flying police robots
It's a trap ...
Following a bullet's path.
A daring escape
Anita likes you.
Near the end of the game
Make sure to read these small notes.
The visitors admire the car.
A sequence about Bernoulli's principle (part one)
A sequence about Bernoulli's principle (part two)
Playing the game with the developer's commentary.
In the commentary mode you get to explore more of the scenes.