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Windows version

Blood Car 2000! Deluxe! (first level)
Blood Car 2000! Deluxe! (second level)
Gish: The Lost Levels (title screen)
Gish: The Lost Levels (random level)
Guppy Prototype
Blast Miner title screen
Blast Miner level
Vertigo (Meat Boy prototype)
Spider (Tri-Achnid beta)
Cereus Peashy (2003 beta)
Cereus Peashy boss fight (2003 beta)
Concept art for the Anujinn character
Concept art, for Gish?
The Badlands comic, notice the familiar characters
From the sketch books
The Lonely Hermit comic
12 more things to do with... dead baby's
Self portrait from a sketch book
Thicker Than Water comic
Dumplings from The Badlands
Another comic
Stile Sux comics, made for The Stile Project website
Carious Welting concept art