Thunderbirds: F.A.B. Action Pack Credits (Windows)

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Thunderbirds: F.A.B. Action Pack Credits

SCi Entertainment

Chief ExecutiveJane Cavanagh
Development ManagerDarren Barnett
ProducerLee Singleton
Product ManagerJustyna Cielecki
QA ManagerMarc Titheridge
Lead QAMatt Friday
QA TeamDavid Isherwood, Ben Mason, Carl Perrin, Joe Best, Joseph Pirocco, Luigi Fusco
Sales & MarketingBill Ennis, David Clark, Keith Hodgetts, Jacy Barrett, Chris Mehers, Ray Livingston, Patrick Short
PRSam Forrest (Mungo)
AdministrationKatie Bundell, Fern Robertson, Jessica Bradford
Operations & ProductionNicole Beale, Jon Wild (as Jon Wild)
FinanceRob Murphy, Jennie Taylor, Ian Chapman, Matthew Freeman
LicensingSimon Hewitt

Absolute Studios

Lead ArtistHelen Gilmour
ArtistsAlan Caleb, Robert Thomson, Craig Gardiner, Alex Ronald
Lead ProgrammerFraser MacDonald
Additional ProgrammingChristopher Caleb
Internal QAAlan Carlin
Interactive DesignAndy Russell
Art DirectorDonnie Anderson
ProducerBobby Farmer
Very Special Thanks ToGerry Anderson (the inspiration behind Thunderbirds), Everybody at Carlton International, Chris Bentley (from Fanderson)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zeikman (3496)