The Time Machine: Trapped in Time Credits


General ManagerStéphane Longéard
Publishing ManagerAlain Milly
Marketing CoordinatorStéphanie Dos Santos
ProducerFranck Berrois
Product ManagerJustine Boivin


ManagerNicolas Solan
DeveloperNicolas Solan


ManagementPhilippe Grellier, Martial Brard
Project ManagerPhilippe Grellier
Game DesignerChristophe Leclerc, Julien Brard
3D ArtistHervé Castaing, Franck Le Dorze, Christophe Leclerc, Julien Brard


- Deep Sorrow - music composed byDan Foster, © 2009 Filmtv‑

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80155)