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The Time Warp of Dr. Brain Credits


ProducerSherry Wrana
DesignersMark Krause, Ward Makielski
Lead EngineerMark Marion
Art DirectorTravis Brady
Additional Game DesignJonathan Cunningham
Senior EngineerStuart Seeyle
EngineerDavid Ryan
Engineer InternJames Johnson
ComposerJonathan Cunningham
ArtistsJohn Anderson, Julie Pogue Barnes, Perry Cucinotta, Jeremy Kromberg, Chuck Saul, Bob Wallace, Mark Brill
Puzzle MasterBeck Henderer
Lead Audio EngineerJonathan Cunningham
Audio EngineersDavid Bishop, Mike Caviezel, Beck Henderer
ScriptRodney Sherwood, Dee Dickinson
Actors (English) Rodney Sherwood, Cathy Sorbo
Actors (German) Jochen Liesche, Christine Newcomb, Angela Peery
Actors (French) Jean Leblon, Natacha LaFerrière, Andre Desnoyers, France Marien
Director (English) Sherry Wrana
Directors (German) Christine Newcomb, Angela Peery
Director (French) Andre Desnoyers
German Translators Jochen Liesche, Antje Hink
French Translators Andre Desnoyers, Anne-Lise Prodel, Jerome Lalin
Quality Assurance EngineerDJ Eide
Brain Waves PuzzlesAnita Harnadek
Brand ManagerDianna Amorde
Associate Product ManagersEddie Ranchigoda, Amy Chan
Public Relations ManagerSusanne Hill
Brain ResearcherDee Dickinson
User Guide Designer and WriterAlison Jensen
On‑line DocumentationBill Baker
Europe Product ManagerJerome Lalin
TestersRyan Weh, Myrna Weh, Beth Quintana, France Marien, Torsten Reinl, Jay Seese, Kam Woo, Graydon Britton
Recording StudioClatter & Din
Special Thanks ToElon Gasper, Ron Stevens
Dictionary (Universal Webster)©  1992 Langensheidt KG Berlin and Munich
Dictionary (GroBwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache)©  1993 Langenscheidt KG Berlin and Munich

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Credits for this game were contributed by jean-louis (37676)