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Operation Rainfall (Dec 22, 2017)
To conclude, I imagine there are two types of people reading this review at this point. Fans of Advance Wars looking for something to fill that void. To those I’ll say, go and buy it for $24.99, you will get the same experience with Tiny Metal and have fun. For those that never played it but are curious, I feel it’s worth your time. The campaign introduces all the mechanics in the game and teaches you all you need to know about it. Overall I don’t really have much to complain about, I have been looking to play Advance Wars again in the last couple of years but with Tiny Metal that itch has been satisfied for now.
The Outerhaven (Dec 20, 2017)
AREA 35's first UNTIES title is a solid effort. Despite its simplistic looks is a game that demands a good amount of planning and strategy. Tiny Metal will definitely be familiar to Nintendo fans who are still looking for their next Advance Wars fix. While gamers new to the genre will find that Tiny Metal is a nice diversion for all those AAA games that haven't lived up to the hype. To still a phase from the old 16-bit console wars, AREA 35 does what Nintendont.
And if Nintendo doesn't want to work on another Advance Wars game. Perhaps they should look at scooping up AREA 35.
Gaming Cypher (Dec 21, 2017)
In short, Tiny Metal is a strategic turn-based game where you command your army and complete a variety of missions. If you’re a fan of most strategy games, then you’ll enjoy the amount of control you have and tactics you can use in Tiny Metal. The vibrant colors, art style, music, and story also make it a pleasant experience for any player, making it worthwhile for anyone to give it a chance.
Tiny Metal doesn’t copy the Advance Wars formula — it improves it. The third dimension brings with it a better way to do battle and tell where your enemies are. This change allows the tactical side of combat to flourish in a new way and one anyone who enjoys the Wars games will find it fun. It controls easily with a base controller, and while PC users can get a bit of an edge using a mouse to traverse maps, it isn’t a game-breaking issue for those prefer a pad. It’s a gorgeous-looking game with a cartoony art style that adds a touch of slapstick to battles, which remain funny thanks to voice clips that entertain until they get a bit too long in the tooth due to repetition. Minor quibbles aside, though, Tiny Metal is an excellent tactical RPG at the end of the day and one that longtime fans of the genre should check out.
GameSpot (Dec 29, 2017)
Newcomers to the turn-based strategy genre are likely to have a blast with Tiny Metal all the way through its campaign, though the endgame is no doubt a little restrictive. Old hands to this type of strategy game will find a campaign that wears its influences on its sleeve, but still admirably and respectfully fits right in with them. It’s the kind of game where you jump in just to take two or three more turns and suddenly an hour has passed, and you can’t rest until that pesky enemy gunship or tank fleet is down for good. Hopefully that can continue next year if the multiplayer patch comes as promised.
GameSkinny (Dec 21, 2017)
It's Advance Wars for a new generation as Japanese anime characters collide with adorable 3D units for turn-based combat.
Twinfinite (Dec 21, 2017)
Tiny Metal is an admirable return to the traditional turn-based strategy genre. There’s enough of a challenge both in the campaign and skirmish mode to keep players happy for a good while, but the lack of any sort of multiplayer at launch hurts its overall score. Fans of the Advance Wars series looking to reminisce on the good old days will get the most out of the experience, but if you’re new to the genre or sitting on the fence, you might want to wait until all of the content is properly patched in before paying up.
IGN (Dec 28, 2017)
Underneath a forgettable campaign and unimpressive AI, Tiny Metal houses the seed of a really deep and entertaining multiplayer wargame. But until a head-to-head mode is added, it’s not much more than a set of unchallenging training scenarios broken up by far too much overwrought dialogue. I had plenty of fun with it, but didn’t get the kind of edge-of-my-seat decision-making moments that turned the tide of a difficult battle I could find in similar games. I’d recommend delaying your enlistment until all the pieces are in place.
60 (Jan 14, 2018)
Vous voulez un tactical facile à prendre en main mettant en scène des généraux extravagants qui se font la guerre à coup de missiles et de gros blindés ? Tiny Metal vous le sert sans trop se casser la tête en s'emparant d'une formule ayant déjà fait ses preuves. Le plaisir de retrouver un titre dans la veine d'un Advance Wars ne suffit toutefois pas à faire de l'ombre à ses trop nombreux défauts. Scénario lourdingue, manque flagrant de finition, direction artistique sans âme, gameplay offrant le strict minimum qui laissera sur leur faim les plus fins stratèges... Finalement, Tiny Metal profite surtout du fait qu'il se positionne sur un terrain pour le moment inoccupé, du moins sur Switch. Reste alors un titre à conseiller uniquement aux fans absolus du genre prêts à lui pardonner son imperfection, faute de mieux.
Starburst Magazine (Dec 26, 2017)
While Tiny Metal succeeds on presentation and has a competently made core combat system, the lack of so many essential features of this genre ultimately undermines any success. While tactics junkies might get a few hours of fun out of it, once you are done with the short campaign you’re left with little to really enjoy. Fans of Advance Wars and its ilk would do better just to stick to the older games. Or at least until Area 35 can build upon what they have established here.
Vida Extra (Dec 22, 2017)
Puede que mi mayor problema con ‘Tiny Metal’ es que me esperaba un digno sucesor de ‘Advance Wars’ y lo que me he encontrado es un juego muy similar que intenta seguir esa estela con sus propias armas. Y puede que sean esas mismas armas las que me alejen aún más de él, algo que no necesariamente deba pasarte a ti.
Lo que sí es evidente es que a ‘Tiny Metal’ le faltan chispa, carisma o incluso ideas para acabar de convencerme. Culpa mía por esperar más de él de lo que debía. Culpa también del juego por no querer aspirar a algo más que conformarme con lo mínimo. Dicho esto, por momentos ‘Tiny Metal’ servirá para calmar tus ansias de ‘Advance Wars’, pero eso no evitará que sigas deseando con todas tus fuerzas que Nintendo se ponga las pilas con la franquicia.