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Titan Quest Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen.
Main menu screen.
Intro cutscene: once before the gods ruled the world, the Titans frightened humanity.
Intro cutscene: happy soldiers around the fire.
Hey, what is that?
Take this, vile beast!
Stare into the eyes of Medusa!
Zeus watches it all.
"Your gods won't save you now!
Die Titan!
You can choose a female character.
Or you can choose a male character.
Loading screen.
Campaign intro: the text is in Greek, but the narrator reads it in English...
Here it all begins...
Zooming in you can see the beautiful detailed world.
Tutorial tips will pop up while you play.
Your very first combat in game.
Here's the quest log and a world map.
Those wells will save your progress. If you die, your quest will be resumed from here.
Zooming out is very useful when fighting many foes at a time. Here's your first enemy and his minions.
The first time you go up a level, you are prompted to choose a path to evolve... much like the classes in Diablo or Sacred.
Here we have the skill chart for the Rogue. At each level you gain points to spend here.
Your first enemy, laying at your feet.
Your inventory screen... yeah, you've seen that before.
Beautiful transparency effects take place when your character is behind objects such as trees or mountains.
The water effects are beautiful.
Here we have a portal (or a landmark) which will lead you to places you've already visited during your quest.
Mystery night in Greece
Stupid rock, coming out of the earth right in front of me... have taste this computer-generated magic effect from my staff!
The graphics approach the quality of the pre-rendered Commandos series (which is a good thing).
Most likely the Sphinx was built by the pre-Egyptian civilization, more than 10,000 years ago... OK let's kill some monsters.
They're called "hideous plasma" but I actually like them.
Some "dungeon" in Egypt... I hate the maggots.
Some village in Egypt.
Taking a quest from a peasant.
If you see that bug do that thing... it means you're dead in the next second. And I saw it more than 3 times in a row.
Some beautiful fireball effects from the ugly flying humanoid things.
Iron Lore's particle system heavily at work here.
Killing some scorpion king guy. Nothing personal, he's just between me and my next quest.
I'm so irresistible, that even this ugly flying witch drops dead when I enter the city.
I see dead people... and I've been playing Titan Quest for about 20 hours here.
Oh, I'll just drag these crocodiles back to the village and ask that guy, Gucci, to make shoes for everybody.
Admiring the Egyptian architecture