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TNN Motor Sports Hardcore 4x4 Credits

42 people

Gremlin Interactive Ltd.

Original ProgrammersSteve Camber, Niall Dunne, Andrew Chapman
Lead ProgrammerMark Featherstone
Additional ProgrammersMichael J. Lister, Mark Pope, Chris Bayliss
Support ProgrammerSteven Lovesey
Track EditorsNicholas Gomersall, Phil Wilson
ArtistsWai Ming Yuen, Damon Godley, Kevin Crossley
Research & DevelopmentIan Badcoe, Andrew Simpson, John White
Sound DesignerDarren Lambourne
MusicianMichelangelo D'Amico
Music Recorded at:Chunky Studios -Terrytown NY
Voice OverGary Lee
DesignerAdrian Carless
LocalisationSarah Bennett
ManualMartin Calpin, Sarah Anne Nicholson
Technical SupportNick Oxley, Ed Chapman
ProducerMark Glossop
Software ManagerTim Heaton
Creative ManagerPat Phelan
QA ManagerCarl Cavers
Test SupervisorJonathan Watson
Test SupportJames McCarthy
Lead TestersCarl Bilby, Julia Sturman
TestersMatt Tuckett, Matthew Wilson, Chloe Barber, Mark Freeman, Nicola Grice, Andrew Lee, Matt Parkins, Neil Wilson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rwolf (18385)