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TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter Credits (Windows)

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TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter Credits


Executive ProducerJames H. Namestka
Project ManagerJane Yeager
Associate ProducerGene Kohler Jr.
Design CoordinatorGene Kohler Jr.
Head of R&DThomas J. Holmes
Director of Creative DevelopmentChristopher L. Straka
DesignDan Corall, Gene Kohler Jr., Tracy B. Smith
Design SupportDavid P. Kubalak, Paul J. Yeso Jr.
Level Design and CreationDan Corall, Jeffrey Hoffman, Gene Kohler Jr., Pete Panaia, Tracy B. Smith, Paul J. Yeso Jr.
ProgrammingThomas J. Holmes, Jay Hollums (Jay "Rutree" Hollums), Brian Lhota
Additional ProgrammingVernon H. Harmon II, Rob Seres
Art LeadTracy B. Smith
ArtJason Alexander, Dan Corall, Gene Kohler Jr., Josef Franklin Skivolocke III (Esq.), Tracy B. Smith, Paul J. Yeso Jr.
Additional ArtBrian Bullock, Brian Busatti, Doug Ceccarelli, Kimberly A. Haines, Jeffrey Hoffman, David Locke, Martin Stoltz, David Wells
WritingChris Pasetto (Chris "Hollow Point" Pasetto), Gene Kohler Jr.
Voice DirectionStephen Bennett, Gene Kohler Jr., Chris Pasetto (Chris "Hollow Point" Pasetto)
Audio EffectsStephen Bennett
Thanks toJason Johnson (3D Coordinator; for his technical assistance)
Special Thanks toGene Kohler Jr., Craig Weston, Paul J. Yeso Jr., Steve Yuhouse, for the use of their hunting equipment
Additional Thanks toPennsylvania Commission in Ligonier; PA, Outdoor Specialists Inc. in Latrobe; PA, Realtree for the mounts in the trophy room

ASC Games

CEOSteve Grossman (Steve "Emperor" Grossman)
Executive Vice PresidentDavid J. Klein (Dave "We'll never make it!" Klein)
Executive ProducerTravis Williams (Travis "Pax" Williams)
Associate ProducerRich Rosado (Rich "Squirtle" Rosado)
Lead AnalystHulls Charles Jr. (Hulls "Hunter Boy" Charles)
Quality AssuranceOswald Greene Jr. (Oswald "Oz Factor" Greene Jr.), Santos Gonzalez (Santos "Pikachu" Gonzalez), Chad Chamberlain (Chad "Boogie" Chamberlain), John Cooper (John "Not Anymore" Cooper), Mick Devitt (Mick "Detroit Rock City" Devitt), Rene A. Zelada (Rene "I'm working... Yeah!" Zelada), Joe Rubin (Joe "Unemployed" Rubin), Marco Barros (Marco "Marcos" Barros)
Dude we work withLuciano Manente (Luciano "Billy Shogo" Manente)
Director of PRJayson Bernstein (Jayson "Gone from PD" Bernstein)
Assistant PR ManagerJeffrey Castaneda (Jeff "Bring Some Milk" Casteneda)
Director of MarketingMike Markin (Mike "I'll come with something later" Markin)
Web MasterMichael Masone (Michael "I'm not a criminal" Masone)
Package Design / LogoTodd R. Emmerson (Todd "The TZA" Emmerson)
Special ThanksPamela Bronson (Pamela "Charles" Bronson), Jason Gomez (Jason "FPR" Gomez), Marcello Praino (Marcello "Overclock It" Praino), Michael Schedlich (Michael "Palm Pilot" Schedlich), Chris Pliska (Chris "Whatever Man" Pliska), Frankie Socci (Frankie "Lawnmower" Socci), Bill Kosovitich (Bill "What?" Kosovitch), Howard Schwartz (Howie "Dead Tester" Schwartz), The whole TNN Outdoors staff, The entire Realtree staff


Producer/DirectorSteve Finch
Chief EditorRay Brown
Graphic DesignerLloyd Story
Production AssistantChuck Sumner
PresidentRod Hinton

TNN Outdoors

Special Thanks toDavid Hall, Dave Barton, Martin Clayton, Craig Lamb, John Gallaspie

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (228692)