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atari yars
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Electric Playground (Jun 03, 1999)
I will probably get some flack from some of my good gaming friends for saying this, but here goes: TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter is a great game. There are definitely some problems (I'll get to those later), but overall this game is fun to play. I started out as a complete moron, crashing my way through the forest with my rifle raised wondering why the elk kept on running away whenever I came anywhere near their position. This is silly, I thought, how could I bag myself an elk if I can't get close enough to hit them? The answer was to read the manual and stop assuming that a hunting game was going to be easy.
GameSpot (Feb 04, 1999)
In the end Pro Hunter is the best PC hunting shooter so far. With the addition of just a few more fundamentals of hunting, this could have been an exceptionally good game. If you've been a fan of hunting games so far you should definitely give TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter a try. I just hope that ASC games does a sequel and really tries to improve the actual stalking part of the game.
At the moment, hunting games still seem to sell well, regardless of quality -- and since their primary customers aren't hard-core gamers, this review probably won't stop TNN Outdoors from raking in the dough. But if we save only one reader $30, it's all worth it.
So there you have it. If you're a collector of Unreal-engined games, I suppose you'll want to pick this one up. If you're willing to wait for HEAT.NET support, you may get an interesting hunting-themed multiplayer game. If you're looking for the be-all and end-all of hunting games, though, give this one a pass—it's just a spike.
The bottom line to this mess? The game is a system hog and is no fun to play. Avoid this one like the plague and go play a real game, like Half-Life.
The game doesn’t look half bad, I’ll give it that. The animations for terrain and animals are both pretty good. (The UNREAL engine comes in handy for once, I guess.) But let’s face it, it’s so difficult simply to get this game to run that pretty graphics don’t come close to making it worth playing. Don’t waste your money.

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