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Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading and title screen
Choose your language
Main menu
Choose your player (single player mode)
My first level (playing as Tom)
Tom: come on! Show me what you've got!
Jerry: you think you can beat me? Think again!
Tom got the pan.
Look like we can't underestimate this pan!
That green thing surrounding Jerry decreases your health. Be sure to pass it to your opponent as soon as you get it!
And that red-and-yellow thing can increase your power
In-game menu
Tom: hot! Hot!
Tom loses!
Do you want to play again? Don't take your time thinking because you only have a short time to decide!
Now the game's really over :(
Tom wins!
The second level (playing as Tom)
Now we are going to encounter a REALLY lovely (but not weak) duck
Duckling got an ultimate weapon: the shield!
Take that, Duck >D
My first level (playing as Jerry)
That's one kind of traps. Traps are hidden in every level and in a lot of shapes and has a lot of effects. They can be activated when you hit an area near it
Oh Tom you've got a new body :)
Jerry gains the invisible power
See the health boxes over there? They help regain your health a little
If you manage to defeat you opponent with the health bar still full, this letter will appear
The second level (playing as Jerry)
Jerry: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!