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antstream tournament

Advertising Blurbs

Red Storm Entertainment Website: is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game, which pits players in a bitter contest of economic growth and conquest set in the high-stakes world of modern corporate raiding.

    It combines the crushing grip of business expansion with the rapier strikes of deceit, dirty tricks, and outright crime. Each of the 1 to 6 players ruthlessly expands their empire, overrunning the others and grinding them into yesterday's dust until only one corporation alone wields true dominance. While text descriptions of may sound like a business sim, it is not. It is a real-time strategy game whose resource management and co-opetition techniques carry the trappings of the business world, whose players are not concerned with spreadsheets and depreciation, but instead with the actions their company takes in a global marketplace.


    • Strong multiplayer component, including full chat, over a LAN or the Internet
    • Unprecedented dark graphic novel artwork
    • Simultaneous turn-based strategy game

    Contributed by phlux (4330) on Dec 06, 2001.

antstream tournament