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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen (the background changes depending on the level)
Interrogating someone - to make his monologue less boring, flashbacks play on the wall.
The enemy is reloading - not a good idea!
The bad guy is the one on the left and the girl in the middle is Grim - players of the previous games know her.
Using a soldier as a human shield.
Marking targets for execution.
Your dentist is about to get some work...
A flashback takes you back to Iraq - but not as Sam Fisher.
Unleashing hell on a carnival.
This MP-446 is already fully upgraded (and looks rather stupid because of that).
Looking under a door.
Waiting for the bad guy to come in range.
That ghost shows where the enemies last time saw me.
Climbing a pipe. Useful for preparing a death from above.
Keep looking in the other direction.
Listening in on a very important meeting.
Crashing an election tent or something.
Successfully executed a death from above.
Planting a bit of C4 to have some fun.
Late in the game, the player finally gets the trademark night vision goggles.
Of course the player has to avoid laser traps.
Sam is in rage and can always use the execute-feature. Why he's in rage? Well, play the game!
Hangin' from a pipe shooting a dude in the brain.
Mission objectives are displayed on the walls.
Boom - that frag grenade hit.
The streets of Washington D.C. are full of people and wrecks. Again I won't tell you the reason.
Planted a sticky camera to annoy my enemies.
Your face is right in my crosshair.
Finished another P.E.C. Challenge.
Executing security guys through the window
Open warfare
I wonder if I can somehow get past these guys without a fight
White House is a luxuriously furnished place
Controlling an automated turret
P.E.C. Challenges progress list
Enjoying a hilariously ridiculous sign in St. Petersburg while being shot at (Deniable Ops: Last Stand mode)
Changing clothes in Deniable Ops mode
What are the chances you'll ever see a screenshot with Lenin and a raving rabbid again?
Gotta defend that EMP!