Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

title screen
Level 1: Highland Fling
Lara's estate is huge..
.. and there's even a picture of her on the far wall
the walls go way up high
the bridge
highlands graveyard
a tricky backflip off a slanting wall..
..gets lara on the otherwise unreachable platform
there's plenty of water around
caged.. getting out of here will need a little work
the hand-stand
Lara learned to crawl in Tomb Raider 3.. and is given a lot of opportunity to use it
a dash-jump
this is where the thistle stone goes..
Lara with the setting sun
Lara reduces crow population in level 2, Willard's lair
Not exactly encouraging...
Nicely built lair in level 2
I'd not go there if I were you, Lara
Wow, what a find!
Quad-bike fun in level 3, Shakespeare's Cliff
That's a long drop...
Lara spying on a diver in level 4, Swimming with the Fishes
C'mon, Flipper!
The bathyscaph has delivered more divers
Underwater research lab? Hell no, science isn't there yet.
What's cooking in here?
Beautifully designed level 5, The Madhouse
That's the way we like you, Lara
Lara reduces tiger population
A town street view.
Title screen with legal info
Beautiful view
What are these? Monsters?
Lara is shocked to see what she sees in level 6, The Reunion
What's that, some kind of religious cult?
Well, well, looks like our old "friend" Sophia!
Unexpected save.