Written by  :  Ingsoc (1330)
Written on  :  Dec 12, 2018
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
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Lara Croft is back!

The Good

The first thing anyone notice about the Tomb Raider reboot is how stunning looking its truly is, the game just look gorgeous and with the excellent director the action sequences look and feel great to play. You could see that whoever scripted the game know one or two things about cinematography.

Another area which the game excel is the plot, probably the first Tomb Raider game with a solid story (although by no mean flawless) and Lara and the supporting characters actually have a personality of their own that we get to get a glimpse at, hell even the enemy NPC chat about their daily lives before you sneak up and attack them.

The combat system is another area which saw a massive improvement, Lara now could take cover and shoot at the enemies when she feel it safe, they could shoot at her and destroy her protection (if they have enough fire power) also there are now a close combat system - Lara could dodge roll attack and stab the enemy and even throw sand in their eyes to blind them momentarily. Also added in a stealth option, where Lara could sneak up to unsuspecting grunt and choke him or finish him with an axe strike.

And no discussion of the combat system would be whole with mentioning the weapons, in addition to the classics ones - pistol, shotgun, rifle and grenade launcher - Lara could now use bow and arrow, this weapons had quickly become my favorite - nothing more satisfying then sniping an enemy in the head from a distance or use burning arrows and scorch them.

The Bad

Unfortunately while the reboot is a massive improvement in many areas in other it's actually a step back, chief among them is the environmental puzzles, they were always been the core of the Tomb Raider games and sadly in that game they are greatly diminish both in quantity and quality, they just too easy and I can't think of a single one that could be considered a serious challenge, that probably the easiest Tomb Raider game ever made in that respect, yes there are the optional tombs which meant to put there to satisfy traditional Tomb Raider players but they also pose no real challenge to solve.

Another problematic area is the boss combats, all of them involved QTE system whatever wholly and partially, as result they just no fun to play and you left with an anti-climax feeling after you finish off the major game villains with a meaningless mash of buttons at the right time, no strategy or skill involve.

The Bottom Line

Despite all of those flaws the Tomb Raider reboot is a good and fun game to play, I just haven't felt like I was playing a Tomb Raider game but rather just a generic action game staring Lara Croft.