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Torawareta Garasu no Kokoro Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Intro: view on the mansion
Introducing the girls.
Here you can view all the CGs and replay the sex scenes.
You are greeted by a duo of maids.
More interesting ladies in the living room
Dialogue choices, dialogue choices...
Standing outside the mansion.
Here you can view your progress with each girl.
You can travel directly by choosing a location on this map.
Behind the mansion, there is a garden with a nice waterfall.
In a storage room
Guess you can't use this car.
Plenty of large halls in this mansion
The magnifying lense is an interaction cursor.
Get a good view!
I just wanted to wash my pants.
Hey, isn't this painting "Judith and Holofernes"?
The girl is just walking around the room.
Come here baby, let's play pool together!
Boy, those corridors are long.
Real time: the maid is cleaning the painting.
Some information about the characters
During the game, you'll unlock some nice CGs.
Choose your scenery and replay the sex scenes.
Go ahead, what are you waiting for?
Choosing an interaction from the menu on the top right.
Here you can choose the position.
The censorship comes in the form of weird glowing light instead of the usual mosaic.
Oh, how sweet!
She might look shy, but her pleasure meter goes up very quickly!