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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.5
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.6
Overall User Score (23 votes) 3.9

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Co-Optimus (Sep 20, 2012)
Torchlight 2 isn’t just a great game, it realizes the full potential of its predecessor. It’s got heart. Moxie. It’s the scrappy underdog that everyone wants to love, and it just so happens to be the best Action RPG I’ve played in years. There are a lot of great co-op titles releasing this fall, but do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on Torchlight 2.
ZTGameDomain (Sep 26, 2012)
Simply put, Torchlight II is a phenomenal game. It’s incredibly polished, and everything just feels like it’s in the right place when you’re playing. It’s tons of fun to play and never takes itself too seriously, and there are some great pop culture references sprinkled throughout. It’s a great pickup for both action RPG fans and newcomers alike, at $20 it’s the best bargain that there is in gaming, and something I would recommend to anyone without hesitation.
Gaming Age (Sep 24, 2012)
I’m pretty much in love with Torchlight II. It provides me with more loot whoring action than I can shake a stick at, and doles out a much bigger, more refined experience than the original managed to do. The inclusion of online co-op and offline co-op via LAN is certainly fantastic, but the game is still a blast even if you opt to play through it solo. It’ll continue to provide me with hours upon hours of fun, and I look forward to exploring the game more fully in coming months. Definitely pick this one up if you haven’t already, it really shouldn’t be missed.
GameSpy (Sep 20, 2012)
There's oodles more I could go into detail on about why Torchlight 2 is simply an amazing game, but I think you get the idea by now -- it's not to be missed by anyone who considers themselves a fan of the proud tradition of action RPGs. It's great, it's gorgeous, it's hugely replayable, it's multiplayer, it's moddable (with Steam Workshop!), and it's dirt cheap. A game like that doesn't come along every day, you know.
Splitkick (Sep 20, 2012)
Since starting Torchlight II, I’ve found it very tough to play anything else. Where Blizzard’s auction house simulator left me uninterested, Runic’s true-form ARPG has certainly remained faithful to the genre and ignited my long dormant loot lust intrinsic to the experience. Full of winks and nods to days gone by, killing legions of bad things with friends at your side has never been so satisfying.
The sequel to a surprise hit downloadable PC game released back in 2009, TORCHLIGHT II delivers a very similar type of action role-playing experience. Players begin by picking an avatar and a pet, customizing gender and appearance. They then set out on a journey across a fantasy world on the hunt for a character known only as the "Alchemist." He was corrupted by a magical substance called ember and is now wreaking havoc on every town he passes. Players spend their time exploring dungeons, fighting ghastly creatures by clicking on them, and then grabbing the loot dropped at the feet of their corpses. You can pick through the plunder, choosing items to equip based on your character's level and statistics before shipping off the rest to nearby vendors who purchase it for virtual currency. The entire game can be completed playing alone, but gamers looking for company can opt to join up with others online in a traditional cooperative adventure mode.
100 (Sep 26, 2012)
Torchlight 2 is everything the Torchlight fan could have hoped for, everything has been polished and improved to the Nth degree, and now it has some wonderful 6 player co-op, and playing that on the harder settings is insanely fun. Be happy loot fans, at last there is one excellent Diablo game out this year. It's called Torchlight 2.
So you’ll notice something about this review…there isn’t a single negative thing I can say about Torchlight II. The graphics aren’t going to push your game like Crysis 3…but this game costs $20. The voice work is decent but the game isn’t fully voiced – about what I’d expect for $20. The multiplayer can be played online, offline, LAN, and up to 6 players – and that’s worth WAY more than $20. This game has well over 25 hours of content, plus randomization – something games at $60 dollars can’t claim. Torchlight II represents the perfect iteration of a series, combining solid innovation from Runic along with a deluge of feedback courtesy of fans and player mods. Runic and Perfect World have given us everything we’ve asked for – I can’t think of a single game that can make that claim in recent memory.
95 (Sep 25, 2012)
Torchlight 2 is een gigantische stap vooruit ten opzichte van het eerste deel. Op vrijwel ieder vlak zijn enorme verbeteringen gemaakt, al innoveert de game binnen het genre an sich niet heel veel. Dat laatste neemt niet weg dat Torchlight 2 zich, zeker als je de prijs meeneemt, presenteert als de beste lootgame van het jaar.
MMGN (Sep 20, 2012)
Runic Games have stepped out of the shadows and delivered the premier dungeon crawler of 2012. With so many dungeons to explore, an endless supply of loot, enchanting environments and solid single and multiplayer experiences, Torchlight II takes the series from an indie Diablo clone and carves a name for itself as a force to be reckoned with. Anyone who doesn't regard Torchlight II as a game of the year contender should have their eyes checked because you'll be hard pressed to find a better experience this year.
Ten Ton Hammer (Sep 20, 2012)
Runic has done it again - delivering a lot of what we love about co-op dungeon crawlers and sparing us most of what we hate, and what's left of the latter will likely be modded away soon. If error 37 left you needing a reason to fall in love with hack-and-slash action RPGs again, this may well be it.
Hooked Gamers (Sep 26, 2012)
Torchlight II is an incredible achievement, the perfect blend of adventure, strategy and mind-blowing action. A simple way to explain Torchlight is to liken it to a conveyor belt. Skill points, character points, charge bar points, monsters and loot are brought to you in a seemingly endless supply, yet somehow making you hungry for more. The game has flaws, but they are so infrequent and so overshadowed by the plethora of redeeming qualities, that they might never have existed in the first place. This behemoth effort puts Triple-A titles to shame with its premise, heart and execution and you would be insane not to play Torchlight II.
Game Informer Magazine (Sep 27, 2012)
I would have loved persistent server-stored characters and a more robust social/trading system than the server browser that Torchlight II offers, but the minimal online implementation works just fine for hooking up with buddies for a little friendly co-op. The difficulty spikes and general balancing weirdness is unfortunate, but solvable with a little persistence (and maybe a cheated-up respec potion or three). Torchlight II is an excellent game no matter how you slice it. As big of a Diablo III fan as I am, the margin between the two is razor-thin – and I have to give the nod to Torchlight II.
XGN (Oct 22, 2012)
Torchlight II is een hedendaags sprookje. Waar volksverhaaltjes als Het lelijke eendje, Roodkapje en Oliver Twist vanaf papier tot je kwamen, overgiet Torchlight II je met pracht en praal vanaf het computerscherm. Het spel biedt je een fantasievolle wereld, machtig verhaal en grijpt je bij de keel vanaf moment één. De implementatie van een multiplayermodus is daarbij de spreekwoordelijke kers op de taart. In essentie doet het spel ten opzichte van zijn voorganger weinig nieuws - je dient nog steeds te klikken als een bezetene - maar dat is in dit geval helemaal niet erg. De mannen van ontwikkelaar Runic hebben zich andermaal overtroffen. Zij hebben ons de kans geboden te voorzien in een diepgewortelde behoefte – of jongensdroom – een sprookjesverhaal te beleven, en daar zijn wij ze dankbaar voor.
Gamers' Temple, The (Oct 09, 2012)
Torchlight II is one of those games that may not be innovative on the whole, but that just gets so many of the little things right. Sure, it's a point-and-click action-RPG in the traditional mode, but it knows how to tap into everything that makes these types of games fun to play. It's everything that you love in a classic action-RPG.
Cheat Code Central (Sep 25, 2012)
If you had even the slightest interest in the original Torchlight, or if you're tired of Diablo III but are still itching for some more loot-grabbing RPG action, Torchlight II is well worth the asking price. In fact, you should probably feel guilty for only paying $20 for this game.
91 (Sep 22, 2012)
Torchlight 2 is just a hugely enjoyable game, all the way through. While it doesn’t have the social aspects that Diablo 3 has, it’s a much more cohesive game overall, with great skills, tough enemies, and a difficulty curve that doesn’t fluctuate wildly. For 20$, it is an absolute bargain, one that should be bought by anyone who plays PC games.
3D Juegos (Sep 20, 2012)
Es más grande, sí, pero también mucho más divertido que el original. Y es que solo podemos definir a Torchlight II como la secuela perfecta. Ha mejorado en todo aquello que se podía mejorar, ha incluido novedades tan esperadas como el juego en línea, y encima lo hace con personalidad propia para desmarcarse de la competencia. Si te gustan los juegos de acción y rol ni lo dudes: lo nuevo de Runic Games es uno de los mejores del año.
91 (Sep 24, 2012)
Torchlight II non è solo un seguito superiore all'originale. L'opera seconda di Runic Games si allontana dall'idea di "clone di Diablo II" guadagnandosi a tutti gli effetti un posto nella galleria dei migliori action RPG. Le aggiunte sono sostanziali e la quantità di contenuti, davvero notevole, è ulteriormente aumentata da alcune buone idee per l'end game e un supporto massiccio alla community dei modder, a cui saranno dati gli strumenti per realizzare virtualmente qualsiasi cosa. Essendo tradizionale, porta con sé alcune meccaniche che potranno far storcere il naso ma nel complesso la direzione intrapresa degli sviluppatori è univoca e definita. Per 18.99 euro è impossibile non consigliarne l'acquisto.
RPGFan (Oct 10, 2012)
Torchlight II does represent an evolution of the genre in my mind. Yes, many of the mechanics are familiar, but they are familiar the way that pressing play on an iPod to listen to music is like pressing play on a cassette player. In both instances, music is played. However, in one instance, it is a beautiful, satisfying interface that behaves exactly as you expect and as easily as possible, while in the other instance, it feels clunky and is heavy to carry around. Perfecting something is progress. All this is a long winded way of saying I loved Torchlight II, and I think you will too. But if you don't, at least you'll only be out $20.
IGN UK (Oct 20, 2012)
Torchlight II doesn't do anything radically new, but does everything incredibly well. It fits all the pieces of varied monster behavior, interesting items, excellent skill design and random surprises together into a near-perfect formula, where the action never stops and rewards are never far away. Every level up, skill boost and item replacement flirts with a sense of invulnerability in a world obsessed with killing you, demanding continued play by teasing eventual omnipotence. The story and characters aren't particularly memorable, but that hardly hurts the strength of Runic’s focused design in what’s one of the finest loot-driven action-RPGs available.
Entertainium (Oct 15, 2012)
I could easily sit around and continue to play this game, delaying this review even further. I could keep talking about how addicting it is, pointing out how colorful the worlds you visit are, love the ever living crap out of my adorably disgusting bulldog pet or curse out and ‘rage quit’ when I die just as I’m about to defeat a particularly tough boss. All as I happily click away ’til the cows come home. But alas, there comes a time as a writer when I have to put thoughts into words and wholeheartedly recommend an amazing game or implore you to avoid a bad one like the plague. In Torchlight 2′s case, it’s the former, by far.
90 (Sep 27, 2012)
Torchlight II ha tutte le caratteristiche che posso piacere ai fan del genere, esclusa l'asta, ma non vi costringe a essere perennemente connessi, costa meno, non sa cosa sia un DRM ed è stato creato da un team con risorse neanche lontanamente paragonabili a quelle di Blizzard. Non premiare questo sforzo sarebbe assurdo. L'unica pecca, se vogliamo essere pignoli, è che forse i Runic hanno preferito non osare troppo, non facendo quel piccolo passo in più nell'inserire qualche elemento innovativo come aveva fatto con il primo capitolo. Ma probabilmente sarete troppo impegnati ad azzerare la popolazione dei dungeon per pensarci su…
90 (Sep 24, 2012)
Probably the best dungeon crawler in the world, including Diablo III. And what it lacks in storytelling and originality it makes up with pitch perfect design and pacing.
Meristation (Sep 20, 2012)
Torchlight II es realmente un juego muy fácil de recomendar. Tiene una ejecución impecable, con un aire clásico que los veteranos de Diablo II reconocerán fácilmente, pero a la vez no está encadenado a decisiones de diseño del pasado, creando algo ágil, profundo y divertido que se sostiente por sus propios méritos. Es una aventura larga y con el suficiente contenido adicional como para pasar decenas y decenas horas de él. Tiene clases interesantes, gran variedad de escenarios y enemigos, jefes impactantes, toneladas de equipamiento... Además cuenta con un gran apartado audiovisual, con unos gráficos técnicamente sencillos pero realmente bien planteados y una banda sonora de altura, creada por el mismo Matt Uelmen -el responsable original de la banda sonora de Diablo-. Todo eso por 19 euros.
Inside Gaming (Oct 01, 2012)
Torchlight 2 might not turn the genre on its head or delve drastically into any unexplored territory, but it is a fantastic action RPG and overall a blast to play, especially with friends. You’re going to get hours and hours out of this game, no problem. You’re going to get excited time and time again when you find that sweet weapon you weren’t even expecting with bonuses you didn’t think possible. If you like hunting for loot, powering up your character and spending long hours into the night taking down big bosses with your friends, you have absolutely no reason to avoid picking up Torchlight 2.
Vandal Online (Sep 25, 2012)
Torchlight II ofrece una ingente cantidad de contenidos con los que mantenernos enganchados durante horas y horas por apenas unos 18,99 euros. Dentro del género no innova prácticamente nada, pero ofrece un título muy sólido y bien cuidado. Es divertido, largo, tiene una jugabilidad impecable y vuelve a las raíces del género que muchos añoraban, convirtiéndose en una alternativa muy recomendable y apetecible para todo el que quiera disfrutar de un juego de este tipo. Puede que su historia no esté a la altura, pero sabe cómo mantenernos enganchados sin necesidad de un gran desarrollo argumental.
Game Arena (Oct 03, 2012)
Overall, Torchlight II is a great game. As far as gameplay goes, this is going to bring back memories of the earlier Diablo games. The story is perhaps less interesting, but it certainly doesn’t take itself as seriously as Diablo so I’m happy with that. For the price Runic are charging, this is an absolute gem - and I’ve got an empty socket.
Spazio Games (Sep 28, 2012)
Runic Games ha dato il meglio di sé con questa produzione. Varietà longevità e una difficoltà ben calibrata in base alle esigenze di qualsiasi tipo di giocatori sono tutti fattori che ci fanno propendere per una valutazione di eccezione, per un gioco che non ha veramente nulla da invidiare alle produzioni più blasonate. Il prezzo ridotto di soli 20 dollari, il pieno supporto alla comunity e una modalità cooperativa online sono tutto quello che i giocatori desideravano e ogni tanto, si sa i desideri si avverano.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Sep 12, 2012)
Kritikken af Torchlight II er minimal og er endnu nemmere at acceptere ved at spillet sælges til en uhørt lav pris på cirka 140kr. Det virker som om Runic Games præcist har vidst hvad de ville med deres efterfølger. Tempoet, pacingen og alt det farvekodede magiske udstyr gør, at man næsten kan høre spillet sige "velkommen hjem" til alle os der har savnet en spirituel efterfølger til Diablo II.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Sep 20, 2012)
Det finns egentligen ingenting jag ogillar med Torchlight II som känns nästan skräddarsytt för min del. Visst hade det varit önskvärt med lite djupare karaktärsskapande och visst hade det varit kul med tekniskt mer avancerad grafik. Men med tanke på att Torchlight II kostar en tredjedel så mycket som ett vanligt spel men trots det kommer underhålla dig furstligt i minst 30 timmar vågar jag fastslå att det här är bland det roligaste jag har haft i spelväg i år.
90 (Sep 25, 2012)
Torchlight 2 ist quasi das Destillat all dessen, was mir bei der Diablo-Reihe immer gefallen hat. Blizzards neuestes Werk erinnert an eine prächtig dekorierte Gourmet-Suppe mit Schaumkrone und Croutons, bei der man vor lauter Schi-Schi und Innovation am Ende die entscheidende Prise Salz vergessen hat. Sie schmeckt, aber das gewisse Etwas fehlt. Verglichen damit ist Torchlight 2 die ehrliche Kraftbrühe von Mutti. Reduziert, konservativ, ohne Schnörkel, aber ehrlich, lecker und sättigend. Da verzeihe ich auch gerne die mäßige Grafik, die uninspirierten Metzel-und-bring-Quests oder die total beliebige Story. Für Fans des zweiten Diablo könnte Torchlight 2 unter Umständen die bessere Wahl sein, denn die Neuerungen, die Blizzard mit der Fortsetzung eingeführt hat, schmecken nicht jedem. Auf alle Fälle solltet ihr euch die Torchlight-2-Demo zu Gemüte führen, wobei man mit einem Einstiegspreis von 20 Euro für die Vollversion sowieso kaum etwas falsch machen kann.
90 (Oct 10, 2012)
Tveklöst märks det på sina ställen att spelet saknat de resurser andra aktörer haft som uppbackning, men mätt i rent underhållningsvärde är det få spel som slår hur roligt jag haft under min tid med Torchlight II.
90 (Sep 27, 2012)
Torchlight II ha tutte le caratteristiche che posso piacere ai fan del genere, esclusa l'asta, ma non vi costringe a essere perennemente connessi, costa meno, non sa cosa sia un DRM ed è stato creato da un team con risorse neanche lontanamente paragonabili a quelle di Blizzard. Non premiare questo sforzo sarebbe assurdo. L'unica pecca, se vogliamo essere pignoli, è che forse i Runic hanno preferito non osare troppo, non facendo quel piccolo passo in più nell'inserire qualche elemento innovativo come aveva fatto con il primo capitolo. Ma probabilmente sarete troppo impegnati ad azzerare la popolazione dei dungeon per pensarci su…
90 (UK) (Sep 24, 2012)
If the first Torchlight capitalised on the continued absence of Diablo 3, the second feels like a genuine alternative to it. It's a colourful, heartfelt and well-judged spin on one of the most reliably engrossing genres knocking around. Pick a class, choose a pet and set a course for Plunder Cove.
AusGamers (Sep 20, 2012)
Torchlight II succeeds in being a truly viable alternative to Diablo III. The action is faster and thicker and rewards are set to a quickened treadmill pace, resulting in an experience that is immediately rewarding and increasingly addictive. Its seamless co-op (which includes player trading) openly gives Blizzard the middle finger as it allows players to decide whether to play a solo game offline or open it up for drop-ins. Torchlight II lacks deep character customisation, the dungeons are smaller than Diablo III and you feel very much on the action RPG fast track. However, this is evened out by a deep skill system, helpful pet AI, satisfying weapon and spell effects and the ever-present (and constantly rewarding) rain of loot. If you enjoy clicking the left button of your mouse thousands of times in order to get pretty rewards on the screen, this is a no brainer – order a 4-pack and demand that your friends put their lives on pause!
Torchlight 2 is to Torchlight what Diablo 2 is to Diablo. There’s a much greater emphasis on multiplayer, more variety and ingenuity across classes, and the single town with a dungeon beneath it has given way to a much larger overworld that’s fun to explore. If you hated Diablo 3, this might just be what you were waiting for – but this is a good enough ARPG that there’s something here for you even if you were a huge fan. Considering the £15 entry fee, there’s really very little reason not to give Torchlight 2 a punt. Also: Torchlight 2 let me have a cat as a pet, which I immediately named Dog. I turned it into a crab every 15 minutes, and gave it the ability to summon skellingtons. What more could you want?
Joystiq (Sep 20, 2012)
A few complaints aside, Runic has made a phenomenal game here, and fans of the original will be overjoyed to find that most of what they loved is still here, with lots more of it. Yes, Runic may not have had Blizzard's multimillion dollar budget, or the thousands of highly paid developers working on getting the game systems just right, but it has made an exciting indie dungeon crawler here. It will live on for a long time through countless DRM-free LAN parties and user-created mods and levels. Complain all you want – I'll keep that half-star for myself. You just go get this game.
GamesRadar (Sep 20, 2012)
What remains is a fantastically designed hack-n-slash RPG. And, because Runic released the full modding toolset it used to create the game, perhaps the best is yet to come once the modding community goes to town. Even without the potentially infinite number of player-made maps, skills, and items, Torchlight II is a worthwhile loot-fueled adventure that will soak up hours of your day without you even noticing--and because you can now embark on that journey with a few friends in tow, there’s never been a better time to jump into the series.
Allowing for actual adventure into an open world, Torchlight II expands heavily upon its fiction, creating a sense of wonder and excitement. Considering the low price point, this is a value that you won’t get anywhere else. While the story could’ve been better told, an addictive combat system and array of side quests make Torchlight II a dungeon crawler of immeasurable size, offering an awe-inspiring adventure that will have players coming back for more.
Darkstation (Sep 24, 2012)
Torchlight II is great fun and it won’t be long before you’re playing the game late at night muttering the famous gamer mantra, “Just one more quest.” This is a how a sequel should be: it reintroduces concepts and mechanics that made the game popular while making a few useful tweaks and changes to parts of the design. Although it doesn’t stray too far outside the original game’s shadow, it is no less wonderful for it. As the saying goes, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”
Destructoid (Sep 24, 2012)
If you're a fan of hack 'n slashes, loot fests, or dungeon crawlers, definitely pick up Torchlight II. It's absolutely worth your time and money, and should hold your attention for quite a while. There are portions of the game that could certainly use a little bit of polish, but it's unlikely these problems will turn you off from the game entirely. Grab the game, grab some friends, and get to clicking. Did I mention it's only $20?
The Escapist (Sep 27, 2012)
Torchlight II is a joy to experience, with vibrant landscapes packed full of interesting monsters, items, and lore just begging to be explored. Even at three times its $20 price, Torchlight II would be a bargain. If you're even remotely interested in the game or the genre, this is a no-regret purchase.
ActionTrip (Oct 02, 2012)
Torchlight 2 is an experience you can't easily walk away from. The combat is the beating heart of the game. It's simple and incredibly fun. Commendably, Runic improved everything they possibly could in this one. As we've already said, we witnessed sharper and more colorful visuals, in addition to a delicious multiplayer mode that allows up to six players (a highly compelling feature not present in the first title). This is quite simply an action RPG that has everything for both fans and newcomers to the genre. Don't miss out on it.
DarkZero (Oct 02, 2012)
I still often play Diablo III from time to time, and to say that Diablo III and this game are the same genre, their gameplay manages to be different. I found it fine switching between the two games, so no one should refuse to buy Torchlight II because they are already playing a similar game. If you do, you will be missing out on a fantastic title. The only real negative with Torchlight II is it does nothing new to the genre. Even so, Torchlight II is one of the best examples of a dungeon raiding, isometric loot game, and should be in everyone’s Steam list if you even have the slightest urge to play an action RPG.
Gaming Nexus (Oct 02, 2012)
With Torchlight 2 Runic Games has improved on nearly every aspect of the original game. The complaints and issues I have with the game are minor and didn't really detract from my enjoyment of the game. The amount of gameplay players will get with this game for their dollar is also really refreshing, and in an industry that has AAA titles costing three times the amount of Torchlight 2 it's nice to get a break every now and again. Torchlight 2 might not have beat Diablo 3 to the market, but it manages to beat Diablo 3 in a key aspect, and that's fun.
Game Revolution (Sep 28, 2012)
Several other touches, including easter eggs referencing Borderlands and an entire Minecraft-themed dungeon round out and push this package past Blizzard's regretful production. If you've got a few extra bucks and want to revisit the golden age of dungeon-crawling loot-fests in a modern title, Torchlight 2 is your knight in shining armor… or in my case, butcher-knife wielding psychopath.
G4 TV: X-Play (Oct 04, 2012)
Even though Torchlight 2 is highly reminiscent of the Diablo series, especially with the brighter and more colorful palette in Diablo 3, there is just so much to dig into here that you can’t fault it for similar gameplay. When you pit dollar against dollar, Torchlight 2 offers a more refined gaming experience, and a huge step for the series. This will be the best $19.99 you’ve spent all year. Let’s just hope they stretch this out into a Torch Song Trilogy and start working on the long-planned Torchlight MMO.
Worth Playing (Oct 31, 2012)
Torchlight II eagerly empowers the player with many of the things that made classic ARPGs great, and then it builds even more into the formula. It's perfect for an hour of your time or an online weekend binge with friends. Like many of the things in this game, it's up to the player on how they want to play it. For those who are still looking to fill their pockets with coins, collect mysterious weapons from a faraway land, and carefully craft their avatar, adventurers can't go wrong with Torchlight II.
Sporting a new game plus feature, exceptional gameplay and exquisite graphics, Torchlight II is a title that begs to be played. At only $20 and with theoretically infinite replay value, there's absolutely no reason any RPG fan should miss this.
Game Critics (Dec 13, 2012)
It's hard to find things to complain about with Torchlight II—it's a rich and lengthy experience that's incredibly polished and fun to play. There are some minor bugs that turn up from time to time in the online mode, but none of them marred the overall game. The whole package becomes even more impressive when the $19.99 price tag is factored in. This is a full-length and full-featured title for a fraction of the cost of today's standard console and PC releases. Sure, it might not reinvent the wheel as built by Diablo II over a decade ago, but Runic deserves props for perfectly recreating the formula. Many others have tried to bring their own take on Diablo to the market—and failed. Runic didn't, which makes Torchlight II an essential purchase for anyone who loves to crawl through dungeons while scoring phat loot.
90 (Oct 05, 2012)
Torchlight II e jocul care te face să rânjeşti cu gura până la urechi când vezi un ecran plin de aur, topoare, săbii şi cristale colorate printre cadavre monstruoase. E jocul care se comportă cam cum cred eu că ar fi trebuit să fie în unele locuri Diablo III. Iar pe lângă asta, n-are nevoie de conexiune permanentă la Internet şi îl doare în cot de piraterie, fiindcă are LAN și oferă divertisment de calitate la doar 19 euro. Iar aşa ceva nu se ratează.
Calm Down Tom (Sep 27, 2012)
I absolutely loved this game. The few problems i ran into while playing were either my fault or easily forgivable. The art style was perfect for the game and the randomised map generation was seamless. Torchlight 2 is available on steam for £14.99 and I urge you to buy it. If you have any reservations about dungeon crawlers after playing Diablo 3, Torchlight will cure your ails. Hell, who doesnt want to go fishing with dynamite?
Indie Game Magazine (Sep 28, 2012)
Luckily, these are but teeny problems in the world of Torchlight II, as the rest of the game proves engrossing and a hell of a fun ride. Torchlight II is the kind of game you get obsessed with, because your character is constantly on the precipice of greatness. You feel your character is one level from perfect. Character progression is the driving force, but Torchlight II‘s combat is what keeps you playing. Put that together with outstanding graphics, habit-forming level progression, and a fantastically envisioned open world, and you have one of the best RPGs of the year.
Softpedia (Oct 01, 2012)
Torchlight 2 is a good role-playing dungeon crawler with a lengthy story, lots of side quests, and even more systems designed to keep you hooked on its experience after you complete the campaign. Throw in the online co-op system plus the promise of mods thanks to the tools that will soon be released to the community, and you have quite a great package that, at just $20/€18.99, is a fantastic deal.
Chip Power Play (Nov, 2012)
Für genau solche Titel wurde die Phrase „Spielt sich wie geschmiert“ erfunden: Einfache Bedienung, hohes Spieltempo, sanfter Schwierigkeitsgrad und alles so schön bunt hier; im 3. Akt überrascht Torchlight 2 dann mit düsteren Schauplätzen und zunehmender Knackigkeit. Wohl abgeschmeckt und komfortabel gepolstert, macht es das meiste aus einem Spieldesign-Prinzip, das sich seit dem Ur-Diablo nicht radikal geändert hat. Torchlight 2 attackiert das Gehirn-Lustzentrum mit einem wohldosierten Staccato aus aufregender Ausrüstung und spektakulären Sonderfähigkeiten. Dabei übertreibt Runic Games es nicht mit der Vereinfachung, am Charakterausbau mit seinen dauerhaften Attribut- und Skillpunkt-Entscheidungen kann ich prima herumtüfteln. Torchlight 2 kostet etwa ein Drittel des Diablo-3-Anschaffungspreises, macht aber mindestens ebenso viel Spaß. Wer Action-Rollenspiele liebt, muss ohnehin beide Titel haben -2012 geht in die Annalen als das Jahr der Maustasten-Überstrapazierung ein.
88 (Sep 27, 2012)
Gli appassionati non devono pensarci due volte: il gioco va acquistato, a ragione di una produzione che invidia davvero poco al capolavoro di Blizzard, Diablo III. Siamo sicuri che le avventure del nuovo eroe alle prese con i guai causati dall’Ember potranno incuriosire molti dei vecchi fan, ma coinvolgere anche nuova utenza, grazie all'ottima giocabilità del titolo studiata per accontentare chi cerca ore di divertimento in un colorato mondo fantasy. A difficoltà elevate, il gioco dà il meglio sé per via delle poche risorse disponibili, sia in termini di punti abilità che per potenziare il proprio equipaggio. Torchlight II è ottimo per i puristi del genere, ma è anche un titolo con cui ci si può divertire in compagnia senza conoscere troppo bene gli hack’n’slash, proprio grazie alla co-op LAN e al multiplayer.
Game Sphere (Oct 04, 2012)
Alors voila, la conclusion va finalement d’elle même : Torchlight II, c’est un Torchlight, en mieux. Plus de classes, de compétences, de monstres, de durée de vie, de challenge, de fonctionnalités, de rejouablilité, de mods… “Plus” est le mot définissant à la perfection Torchlight II, un peu comme pour Borderlands II, et on ne va pas l’en blâmer. Il ne surprend guère, n’innove en rien, mais propose une expérience très solide, riche de l’expérience des développeurs, qui plaira aussi bien au joueur invétéré de HnS qu’au petit nouveau qui veut découvrir le genre.
PC Gamer (Sep 24, 2012)
Torchlight II’s status as the conservative underdog is the source of both its most impressive successes and its most visible limitations. It’s tempting to wonder what this chamber orchestra could do with the resources afforded Blizzard’s full-blown philharmonic: at the same time, there are moments when Runic’s devotion to the genre’s past – which, admittedly, they helped to shape – holds the game back. It’s a charming, sunshine-bright indie action-RPG with an old-school disregard for your time. It’ll consume you with a smile, and you’ll be smiling, too: but it’s down to the community to turn it into something special.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 31, 2012)
Torchlight II voegt misschien niet veel nieuws toe aan het hack & slash-genre, maar het is bijzonder sfeervol, heel goed uitgebalanceerd en gewoon zalig om te spelen. Een absolute aanrader!
86 (Oct 01, 2012)
Truly there are not enough good things to say about Torchlight II even with the minor issues it does have. It is one of the most refreshingly fun action RPGs ever. Its predecessor was lots of fun too. But with the addition of multiplayer, the dungeon generator and the modding tools, the series becomes something special, something different on the scene and something worthy of your time and money to play. Runic Games has my vote for Developer of the Year. Kudos on a game with great value and for some of the finest gaming hours I’ve spent in a long, long while.
86 (Sep 21, 2012)
Torchlight II ist ein klassisches Hack&Slay mit vielen guten Ideen und hohem Tempo. Im Vergleich zum Vorgänger wirkt hier alles umfangreicher und durchdachter, hinzu kommt ein kooperativer Multiplayer. Am Spielprinzip rund ums "Monster totklicken" und "Charakter verbessern" hat sich nichts geändert. Insbesondere an den Stellen, wo Diablo III versagte, punktet das kleine Spiel von Runic Games. Darüber hinaus überzeugt das Hack&Slay mit vielen cleveren Einfällen im Weltdesign und macht generell einen verspielteren Eindruck. Und bei einem Preis von unter 20 Euro fällt es nicht so stark ins Gewicht, dass die Story belanglos ist und die Präsentation mau daherkommt. Torchlight II ist ein erstklassiges Hack&Slay nach Diablo II-Vorbild mit einwandfreiem Spielgefühl – ohne störende Vereinfachungen oder Automatisierungen.
PC Games (Germany) (Sep 21, 2012)
Saubere Arbeit, Runic! Torchlight 2 bietet den gleichen guten Spielfluss, den ich schon vom ersten Teil gewohnt bin, packt ansonsten aber an jeder Ecke eine Schippe drauf. Vor allem die schönen Außengebiete und abwechslungsreichen Levels haben mir gut gefallen – kein Vergleich zu den immergleichen Dungeons des Vorgängers. Die Story ist zwar kaum mehr als Beiwerk und für meinen Geschmack hätte auch das Balancing hier und da besser sein können, aber in der Summe kann ich das verschmerzen: Wer dem Genre auch nur ein wenig abgewinnen kann, darf bei den fairen 19 Euro bedenkenlos zuschlagen.
86 (Sep 25, 2012)
I was pleasantly surprised by Torchlight 2. The gameplay is intuitive and genuinely fun while you explore the maps, and the array of enemies and items you pick up is large enough to keep you interested. The main campaign is easy to understand and easy to play, while on harder levels you are given a much harder task, just as it should be. The addition of the extra modes means the game should last you even longer than the original, and the level editor should satisfy even the most dedicated fan of the game. Torchlight 2 is easy enough to play to make it a great introduction into RPG gaming, while on the harder levels it offers a satisfying challenge.
Games Finder (Sep 01, 2014)
Moving to the multiplayer environment, Torchlight 2 can support up to 6 players at any time with individual drops for each player (no more fighting over loot). The game is perfect for groups of friends looking to get some casual hack and slash gameplay and love the hunt for loot.
Es fällt mir schwer, Torchlight II uneingeschränkt als einen Diablo-Killer zu bezeichnen. Das Spiel macht verdammt viel richtig und einiges auch besser als Diablo III. Der Spielfluss ist toll, das Talentsystem gewährt viel Freiraum, und der Kooperativmodus macht verdammt viel Laune. Auch an reichhaltiger Beute mangelt es nicht. Torchlight II ist Hack & Slay in Reinkultur, ohne imposante Optik und interessante Handlung. Auch das Quest-Design könnte etwas abwechslungsreicher sein, und es mangelt etwas an erinnerungswürdigen Events. Wenn man jedoch bedenkt, dass wir es hier mit einem 19-Euro-Spiel zu tun haben, das eben kein Multimillionenprojekt war, kann man das alles locker verschmerzen. Wer sich gerne durch Monster schnetzelt und mit den Fertigkeiten seiner Helden experimentiert, kommt um Torchlight II nicht herum. Bedenkt aber, dass es das Spiel derzeit nur in englischer Sprache gibt.
Gry OnLine (Sep 28, 2012)
To świetny rok dla fanów gatunku hack'n'slash. Torchlight II pod każdym względem jest lepszy od oryginału i stanowi uczciwą konkurencję dla Diablo III.
Game Watcher (Sep 24, 2012)
Torchlight II is addictive, imagination-fuelled goodness. It never gets boring and its “just five more minutes” value is second to none. It may not have an engaging story but I don’t think anyone twatting a zombie pirate called ‘One-Eyed Willy’ with a giant wrench will miss it. At its price point there’s almost an absurd amount of value for money here, even before you take the co-op and huge randomised levels that change every time you play it into account. Let me finish with the two big questions: do you like Action RPGs? Buy it. Is it better than Diablo III? No, but it’s cheaper, you can play it offline, it has pets and more imagination, and there’s no sodding chat window that you can’t turn off. For many people, that’ll be enough.
GameSpot (Sep 24, 2012)
Torchlight II is a lovely, well-crafted game. Its colorful and inviting world is a pleasure to explore. The eclectic soundtrack provides an alternately haunting and energizing accompaniment to your exploits. The classes are distinctive, and each has a terrific assortment of skills. To top it all off, this sizable and thoroughly satisfying game is a great value at just 20 bucks. The loot-driven fantasy-themed action role-playing game clickfest hasn't seen much change since the days of Diablo II. Torchlight II doesn't innovate and it doesn't surprise, and the genre may need an infusion of new ideas if it's going to stay vital. But Torchlight II serves up the old, irresistible recipe about as well as it's ever been done.
The Verge (Sep 26, 2012)
If this sounds familiar to Torchlight fans, that's because it is. It's more. An absurd amount more. More multiplayer and difficulty levels, more places to go and things to see. It's new, in the sense that it wasn't in Torchlight, but it's hardly different. What you're playing, beneath all the polish, is essentially the same. Torchlight 2 is clicky nirvana. But Torchlight 2 isn't is a step beyond the familiar. The game feels like the cumulative work of perfectionists intent on making the action role-playing game of their dreams. I take back what I said before. The nicest compliment I can give Torchlight 2 is that it's so good, I can't help but dwell on wondering what's next.
GameTrailers (Oct 03, 2012)
For all of its features, Torchlight II doesn’t differ significantly from its predecessor; instead, it takes what worked and gives us those features in indulgent helpings. Despite a few fumbles with the new multiplayer option and the throwaway storyline, it’s a polished adventure that easily justifies its reasonable $20 price tag. But, even better, this is a game that begs for multiple playthroughs. From start to finish, Torchlight 2 nails all the right notes of the core loot-driven experience, thus holding its torch high for action RPGs to come.
Torchlight II is undoubtedly worth the $20 price, and it’s high on replay value with new classes to discover. The problems it does have are mostly minor, but it’s not for gamers looking for an involved story. And in some places, it could use a little more depth. Two big draws are definitely the affordable price and flexible multiplayer options, and the game also earns its place among the other top action-RPGs of the year. It’s well made and fun…just not revolutionary.
85 (Sep 26, 2012)
Malgré un léger côté mise à jour, Torchlight II parvient à corriger la majeure partie des défauts de son prédécesseur, pour un résultat somme toute classique, mais ô combien jouissif. Les amateurs de hack'n slash, de loot et d'action trouveront donc là une véritable alternative à Diablo III et ce, pour seulement 19 €. Il n'y a donc aucune raison valable pour se priver.
GameStar (Germany) (Sep 21, 2012)
Zwei Dinge sollte man von Torchlight 2 nicht erwarten: eine ausgefeilte Handlung und große Innovationen. Schade drum, denn im Spannungsfeld zwischen Storytelling und Gameplay bleibt Ersteres bei Torchlight 2 komplett auf der Strecke. Dafür glänzt das Runic-Werk bei Letzteren, bei der Spielmechanik. Das freie Charaktersystem ist so, wie ich es mir wünsche, die Pets sind wie schon im Vorgänger eine sinnvolle und nützliche Ergänzung, die Spielwelt erweist sich als groß und abwechslungsreich, der Wiederspielwert als hoch und der Spielfluss als genau richtig. Die absolute Benutzerfreundlichkeit beim Koop-Modus und der geringe Kaufpreis (besonders angesichts der hohen Spieldauer), machen Torchlight 2 in meinen Augen daher schon zu einem Pflichtkauf.
New Game Network (Oct 10, 2012)
Torchlight 2 is better than the original and the newly released Diablo 3. There is great variety to locations and monsters and this makes it easy to keep playing. Combat is dextrous, loot is rewarding and replay value is high. Some performance issues prevent true greatness.
Leviathyn (Oct 04, 2012)
I think the most important thing to tell you is that I will still be playing Torchlight 2 and I believe I will be for quite some time. It continues in a traditional, yet refined and updated, path in a genre that I absolutely crave. I cannot get enough of the dungeon crawler games and Torchlight 2 scratched an itch that Diablo 3 was unable to get rid of.
GamezGeneration (Dec 18, 2012)
Wer von Diablo III enttäuscht war, aber dennoch seinen Spaß an “Monster-totklick-Spielen” hat, der sollte eventuell schauen, ob ihm Torchlight II womöglich doch eher zusagt, denn Konkurrenz belebt das Geschäft. Bei Torchlight II fällt Alles etwas kleiner aus als bei Blizzards neuestem Loot’n'Grind-Titel und bedingt durch die Comic-Steampunk-Optik ist es auch nicht so düster wie die dritte Ausgabe der Teufelsjagd. Zusammen mit dem großartigen Soundtrack entsteht jedoch eine stimmige Einheit, die Genre-Fans durchaus gefallen kann.
Quarter to Three (Sep 26, 2012)
I wish there was some better meta to mark my progress through all the great content Runic has put into Torchlight II. Right now, it relies on rote Steam achievements and a few stats at the bottom of your character’s detailed stat screen. The experience would have benefited immensely from a log of some sort, or something along the lines of Borderlands’ “bad ass” accomplishments, or even Diablo’s achievements. It’s a real embarrassment of action RPG riches when you want something more than a good game to pull you through a good game.
80 (Sep 21, 2012)
Torchlight II, c'est un peu comme Torchlight I, mais quasiment tout mieux. L'équilibrage général est un véritable travail d'artiste (bien qu'un poil facile au début), et il faudrait enseigner le système de progression des personnages dans les écoles. Le tout n'offre pas beaucoup plus que du pur hack'n slash avec un design sympathique, mais c'est ce que vous cherchez non ?
80 (Oct 02, 2012)
Torchlight II je na konto nově přidaného multiplayeru splněným snem všech fanoušků jedničky, který si vlastně nesmí nechat ujít žádný náruživý hráč diablovek. Namísto snahy o křečovitou inovaci, se tvůrci soustředili na odladění toho, co už řadu let funguje a svůj úkol splnili na výbornou.
80 (Sep 26, 2012)
En ting er dog sikkert. Markedet for action-rollespil har en ny og i særklasse kompetent udfordrer. Det lignede umiddelbart en dødssejler at lægge sig i kølvandet på Diablo 3, men takket være kløgtigt spildesign og en smittende kærlighed til genrens klassiske dyder sætter Torchlight II direkte kurs mod djævlens strube.
80 (Sep 24, 2012)
Torchlight II je vysoce kvalitním klikfestem, který bez výrazných potíží dokáže držet krok i s titánem jako Diablo III. Velkou předností je jistá domáckost a otevřenost hráčům. Neagresivní DRM bez nutnosti být během hraní online, multiplayer i přes LAN a do budoucna příslib komunitních modů. To vše lze považovat za velmi silné argumenty pro, stejně jako více než přívětivou cenu 499 Kč.
80 (Oct 04, 2012)
Vous l'aurez compris, Torchlight 2, ce n'est pas Diablo III et le petit poucet n'a pas vaincu le gros géant. Mais pour une raison qui m'échappe, je ne cesse d'y jouer ; pour voir la suite, parce que c'est fun tout simplement et parce qu'il n'est pas désagréable de désintégrer tous les monstres d'un écran d'un seul clic. Et puis, on aura beau reprocher à Torchlight 2 encore un million de choses, il a un argument-choc qui plaide en sa faveur. C'est évidemment son prix : 20 euros, c'est probablement le plus gros coup de massue de berserker qu'on puisse recevoir. Torchlight 2 pourrait être minable, il serait probablement essayé, pour voir, pour se changer les idées. Je rappelle que les notes que nous donnons ne sont pas un simple rapport qualité-prix. Mais Torchlight 2 s'en tire tout de même avec les honneurs. Même si ce n'est pas Diablo, j'adore le côté hack'n'slash décomplexé qu'on ne trouve pas dans le jeu de Blizzard. Ce sont donc deux approches différentes et il faut gouter aux deux.
RPGamer (Sep 21, 2012)
For me Torchlight II was an immensely enjoyable experience from start to finish. The game is more than welcoming for both fans of the original and newcomers to the series and is high amongst the better gaming experiences I've had this year. It might not bring anything particularly new to the genre, but those who choose to pick it up will be provided with superb value for their money.
80 (Sep 26, 2012)
Torchlight II is up there with the best examples of the genre, but Runic Games makes very little attempt to advance the genre beyond what we were already comfortable with a decade ago. Tweaks and refinements help Torchlight II's mechanics sing beautifully together, and certain efforts to streamline the whole kaboodle go down a storm, but innovation isn't really the focus of this blisteringly colourful, entertaining but ultimately familiar romp.
Edge (Oct 03, 2012)
You’ll get the most out of Torchlight II if you’re looking to ride the curve of loot and incremental power, and to share in a community that is emerging as the game’s mechanics are mastered and its rarest items are uncovered. It makes no spectacular breaks from the past, but it does reclaim the mood – if not the tone – of Diablo II. It’s living proof that the values of 2001 still have worth over a decade later.
Trusted Reviews (Oct 08, 2012)
Torchlight II isn’t necessarily a Diablo III-killer, but it’s a beautifully crafted, hugely addictive and richly lovable rival. It’s a game full of colour and bold personality, with deep character advancement and masses of gameplay, and the introduction of online play only makes it better. At £15 it’s a steal, but find three friends and buy the bundle and you have one of the best deals in PC gaming.
Factornews (Sep 28, 2012)
Runic Games a indéniablement réussi à transformer l'essai et à faire de ce second opus un jeu qui regorge littéralement de features et de détails magistralement exécutés. Servi par une direction artistique souvent très inspirée, le jeu et son mode multi-joueurs tant attendu promettent de longues heures de combats endiablés, à petit prix. On peut regretter que les innovations se cantonnent aux détails et que le corps du titre reste très classique, mais difficile de résister au charme et au gameplay parfaitement huilé de Torchlight 2.
Absolute Games ( (Oct 07, 2012)
Torchlight 2 застыла в шаге от «Пантеона» вовсе не из-за необъяснимого следования по стопам Diablo 2, а из-за скомканного четвертого акта, подпортившего впечатления. И еще — из-за сумбурного мира, где бок о бок существуют стимпанковские роботы (в болотах и песках!), дикари с луками и копьями, говорящие животные и совсем сказочные обитатели, а рядом гигантские насекомые охраняют емкости с токсинами и бегают живые грибы… Мультяшный стиль еще не означает несерьезность происходящего, и хорошо было бы навести порядок в этом хаосе.
Torchlight II est l'exemple même du bon petit jeu pas trop cher. Certes, il n'innove pas beaucoup, mais il constitue une alternative crédible à l'hégémonie de Diablo III.
70 (Sep 21, 2012)
Malheureusement sorti après le très attendu Diablo III, Torchlight II ne fait pas l’effet escompté. Bien au contraire, en se reposant trop sur les acquis du premier volet, le nouvel épisode de Torchlight se condamne lui-même à rester dans l’ombre d’un géant et ne prend que très peu de risques. Il a toutefois le mérite de proposer un mode de jeu en ligne (non obligatoire) particulièrement stable et dispose d’une bonne rejouabilité. Si on omet le côté répétitif inhérent au genre, Torchlight II constitue une alternative peu couteuse à Diablo III, sans pour autant réussir à se doter d’arguments aussi solides que son concurrent.
Digital Spy (Oct 02, 2012)
While Diablo 3 is inarguably the bigger name in dungeon crawling action this year, it would be a mistake to write off Torchlight 2. The deep class customization and richly detailed world give Torchlight 2 a personality all its own, with the compulsion to explore and find new loot as strong as ever. Make no mistake, Torchlight 2 is nothing revolutionary. It favours a remix of genre conventions over any true evolution of the action RPG formula, but it is a pitch-perfect execution of those traditions that remains satisfying from start to finish and beyond.
Gamekult (Sep 20, 2012)
Fun mais outrageusement bourrin et incroyablement répétitif, Torchlight II peine à exploiter tout le potentiel qui semblait émaner de son prédécesseur il y a trois ans. Embrasser le concept à l'ancienne et les traditions des hack and slash d'antan a du bon, sauf quand on accouche d'un gameplay sans aucune finesse à cause d'un manque total d'équilibrage. Le jeu de Runic Games oublie aussi d'innover un minimum, ses deux plus grosses nouveautés étant des niveaux extérieurs et un mode multijoueur qui ont du mal à faire rêver dans un milieu où ce genre de choses existe depuis des lustres. Malgré ces nombreuses tares, le capital sympathie du jeu est indéniable et si l'on ne se voit pas forcément y retourner une fois l'aventure finie, exploser les monstres à la pelle d'un seul clic fait son petit effet le temps d'une traversée.