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Total Annihilation Credits


Project LeaderChris Taylor
DesignChris Taylor
Art LeadClayton Kauzlaric
Assistant ProducerJacob McMahon
Game ProgrammingChris Taylor
ProgrammingJonathan Mavor, Jeff Petkau, Brian W. Brown
Additional DesignRon Gilbert, Jacob McMahon, Richard W. Smith
Musical CompositionJeremy Soule
Sound DesignFrank Bry
A.I. ProgrammingBartosz Kijanka, Jeff Petkau
ProducerRon Gilbert
Lead Mission DesignNathan Doster
3D Units & BuildingsJ. Clayton Corbisier, Mike Fisher, Kevin Pun
Movie SupervisiorKevin Pun
Movie TeamRebecca Coffman, J. Clayton Corbisier, Mike Fisher, Scott Robinson, Steve Thompson
Network ProgrammingRick Lambright, Kurt Pfiefer
Background ArtJohn Baron, Casey Burpee, Clayton Kauzlaric, Steve Thompson, Mark D. West
Interface ArtAdrian Bourne, Rebecca Coffman, Mark Collen, Cory Hamilton
Mission PaintingsJarrett Holderby
Frontend ProgrammingKurt Pfiefer, Kevin Smith
Editors and ToolsJason King, Brad P. Taylor, Brian W. Brown
Mission AssistantsBradley Keith Lyons, Matthew D. Schroeder, Jason Stiney
Production AssistantsShane Hendrix
ProductionLawton Watkins
WriterDavid Grossman
Quality Assurance ManagerDavid Nixon
Test LeadRuth A. Lopez
Quality Assurance Hardware TechnicianCullen Hadersburger
PlaytestingRuth A. Lopez, Kyle Casperson, Todd Clausen, Casey D. Stein, Eric Helbig, Dirk Hunter, Justin Isaac Copeland, Matt Julich, Aaron Kempf, Marcus King, James Krieger, Steven Kuo, Miene Lee, John R. Lewis, Garrett Link, Bradley Keith Lyons, Bryan Macdonald, Joe Mullenix, Randy Ochs, Wade Racine, Charles Roberts, Tariq Sahal, Matthew D. Schroeder, Eric Snyder, Jason Stiney, James Willich, Tim Wright, Kevin Collar
NarratorJohn Patrick Lowrie
ConductorCullen Thomas
Music CoordinatorAudrey DeRoche
Orchestra Recorded and Mixed byRick Winquest
OrchestrationLarry Kenton
Computer Score TranscriptionBenoit Grey
Orchestra ContractorSimon James
Studio ManagerReed Ruddy
2nd EngineersJohn Burton, Sam Hofstedt
Special Thanks ToRalph Giuffre, William Kidd, Sam Linse, Patricia Longeran, Marsh Macy, Mark Maling, Dave Timoney, John Uppendahl
ManualIngrid Berendt, Dirk Hunter, James Krieger, Nicholas Lavroff, Bradley Keith Lyons, Jacob McMahon, Ingrid Sutherland, Richard W. Smith
OrchestraNorthwest Sinfonia
Recorded atStudio X

Localisation Team GTI Germany

Product ManagerMartina Möller
TranslationsThomas Schmidt, TextFarm
German NarratorGert-Günther Hoffmann
Voice Recording atM&S Music Frankfurt
German TestersEckhard Bölcke, Niclas Meier, Martina Möller, Frank Rix, Marco Sievers, Sören Winterfeldt

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Credits for this game were contributed by Plix (206), Jeanne (76473) and formercontrib (159232)