Advertising Blurbs

2004 Digital Jesters Catalog:
    Design it. Built it. Race it!

    Trackmania Sunrise takes everything that made the original an instant online classic - amazing speed, ultra competitive multiplayer races and easily accessible tools to create and distribute outrageous tracks - and still manages to add more and more.

    New sports cars that burn up the highways at a breathtaking 400kph as they tear around gorgeous new environments including the beauty of the Pacific Coast. The most insane stunt blocks ever, send perilous track building to a whole new level with sweeping bends. winding tunnels and ramps designed to send you soaring. Two new play modes - Platform and Crazy - mean that even the most experienced of trackmaniacs will face a totally fresh racing experience.

    A new day has dawned... are you up for the challenge

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on May 18, 2005.