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Tread Marks (Windows)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.
Written by  :  Johnathan Youngs (2)
Written on  :  Aug 01, 2003
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The most fun and best kept secret out there. You FPS masters now have a new challenge.

The Good

The game is just plain fun. It has all the fast action of a good FPS without all the gore. It's also a nice change of pace: the tanks maneuver a lot differently from the virtual humans you've been controlling in all those Half-Life copycats. You'll learn new tricks and strategies every time you play. And just when you think you're getting good, someone smacks you around like a little girl. That's OK though. Grab a nuke and you'll be the one doing the smacking.

Also, it has more mods than you've got time to play. There's at least 150 different weapons and many dozens of tanks you can download from various places. There's several massive themed mod packages. And maps... there's probably hundreds of them floating around. Different servers cater to these varied tastes. If you get ambitious, you can download free tools to make your own mods and/or run your own server.

The Bad

Some days it's hard to find a human to play against. The main reason for that is that the original marketers botched it's promotion. You couldn't even buy it for a few months there. eGames has it on the shelves now and I've seen some new players recently. In the mean time, you can always catch a LOT of players on every Sunday at 5 pm Pacific. We (I say "we" because I've been playing for a while) have ranked games, clan wars, organized racing, etc on Sunday's and other days. See the forum for details. It's linked at

The Bottom Line

It's tank shredding mayhem with the speed of the Indy 500 and weaponry that would make Rambo cry for mommy.