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Treasure Hunter Credits


DesignLouis-Michel Desert
ScenarioLouis-Michel Desert
CoordinationAlexia Lang, Emmanuelle Krebs
Production supervisionPhilips Média, Jean-Claude Rocle, Armelle Loghmanian
PC programmingFrédéric Brutin, Stéphane Maruejouls
Mac programmingFrédéric Sarlin
Artistic managementLaurent Paigné, Martial Brard
Computer‑generated imagesMartial Brard, Laurent Gillet, Christophe Hamel, Stéphanie Lorenzi, Laurent Paigné, Claudine Roussard Vignes, Pierre Roux, Daniel Tequert, Jean-Marc Villeneuve, Roman Vincent
IllustrationsFrédéric Pinasseau, Pascal Poirier
Original musicFrederic Porte
Audio productionAnne Dévouassoux
Dialogue coachIgor Persan
Featuring the voices ofDaniel Bridgewater, Paul Bandey, Karel Beer, Kim Michelle Broderick, Nicholas Calderbank, Leslie Clack, Caroline Carr, Christian Erickson, Patty Hannock, Ian Marshall, Richard Temple
SoundGiovanni Mazza
RoughsValérie Feruglio
Reconstitutions of wrecksFrédéric Pinasseau, Emmanuelle Krebs
Historic modulesValérie Feruglio, Frédéric Pinasseau
DocumentationAnne Bertrand, Serge Olivier
TestsJean-Luc Hadi, Marco Habets, Raf Bongaerts, and their teams
TranslationLiam Gavin
AcknowledgementsPhilippe Bitoun, Isabelle Cordelier, Antoine Dominguez, Sandrine Houallet, Gabrielle Lesage, Eric Marradi, Jean-Baptiste Merland, Arnaud Muthelet, Norolanto Razafinimanana, Simon Thomas, David Verbeke
The Treasure Hunter team would, particularly like to thank the divers, and archaeologists of the Seahawk, for the documentation they so kindly supplied.

Iconography Credits

Two photos from the ”Malta” slide show are reproduced by kind permission of the French branch of the Order of Malta., The two submarines ”Cyana” and ”Nautile” are mentioned and represented by kind permission of Ifremer., (c) Arthephot ‑ Nimatallah, The Battle of Sound/1665/by W. Van de Velde - the Elder, (c) Arthephot - Henri Strierlin, Suleiman the Magnificent. Topkapi library - Istanbul, (c) Arthephot – Oronoz, Expedition to the Terceras Islands/1580, The Battle of Lepanto - Juan of Toledo, XVIIth century galleon, Map of the voyages of Christopher Columbus, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Portolano by Joan Martinez/1587, The Invincible Armada, The port of Cadiz/by Braum George, Embarkation in the age of discovery, The Battle of Lepanto-Escena, (c) Photo Bulloz, Pierre d’Aubusson/the siege of Rhodes/XVth century. B.N., (c) Cine Plus, Poster for the film “The Maltese Falcon”, (c) Giraudon, The siege of Malta in 1565. Paris - Bibliothèque Nationale., Vasco da Gama and the Portuguese meeting the Indians. Museum of Caramulo, Philippe II/by Titian/Madrid - The Prado Museum., Christopher Columbus - Florence, The port of Seville/by Sanchez-Coello. Madrid - Museum of America, Vasco da Gama/Lisbon - Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo, Magellan/by A.G. de Varese. Caprarola - Palazzo Farnese., Henri VIII/by Holbein the younger. Rome - Palazzo Barberini, The Taking of Acre. Chantilly - Condé Museum, The arrival of Barbary pirates/by Jan Luyken. Paris - Bibliothèque Nationale, Battle of the French frigate “La Vénus” and The British frigate “The Ceylon”/after Pierre Julien Gilbert. Paris - The Louvre, Map of the island of Madagascar. Paris - Bibliothèque Nationale, Ancient naval battle/by Guesnu Hilaire. Paris - Bibliothèque Nationale, View of Jerusalem/by Auguste de Forbin. Paris - The Louvre, Scene of war at the walls of Jerusalem. Padua - Capitular Library, Two crusaders of the Minutolo family. Naples - Duomo, A crusading Knight/by Antonio Canova. Nantes - Musée des Beaux-Arts, Wounded solder being treated in château. Venise - National Library. Marciana, Portrait of Mehmed II. Instanbul - Topkapi Museum, Equestrian statue of Emperor Charles V/ by Titian. Madrid - The Prado, Map of the island of Malta. Rome - Vatican, Women treating the wounded/by F.J.B. Mayno. Madrid - The Prado., Redbeard/by Nigari/Istanbul - Topkapi Museum, “Roman de Godfrey de Bouillon”/ the Army of Saladin. Paris - Bibliothèque Nationale, “Roman de Godfrey de Bouillon”/ Setting sail for the Crusades/Paris - Bibliothèque Nationale, Horseman shooting with bow. Istanbul - Topkapi Museum, Saint John receiving the book. Chantilly - Condé Museum, “Cas des nobles hommes et femmes”. Paris - Arsenal Library, (c) Alinari‑Seat‑Giraudon, Naval battle near Cephalonia. Mortara - Cathedral of San Lorenzo., (c) Bridgeman‑Giraudon, The Armada/by N. Hilliard. Londres - Society of Apothecaries, Christopher Columbus being received by Ferdinand and Isabella/by Deveria. Clermont-Ferrand - Bargoin Museum, Departure from Lisbon/by Théodore de Bry. Vincennes - French Navy History Department, Equestrian portrait of Francis I. Chantilly - Condé Museum, Tapestry of the coronation of Charles V. Besançon - Temps Museum, Jean de la Valette - Grand Master of the Order of Malta. Château de Versailles, Naval battle of Goulette/by J.A.T. Gudin. Château de Versailles, The miser’s treasure. Valenciennes - Musée des Beaux Arts, The Gibbet/by Pierre Luc Charles Ciceri. Paris - Library of the Opera., The landing on the island of Malta/ de Motte; Gudin et Grenier. Paris - Bibliothèque Nationale, (c) Viollet Collection, Captain of corsair on Algerian coast/by A.M. Wolffgang, Arudj Barbarossa/by C. Motte after Deveria, Khays al-Din/known as Barbarossa II/by C. Motte after Deveria, Map of the Antilles in 1844, XVIth century pirate, Antoine Furet ‑ corsair, “Up and at ‘em!”, Sardinian peasants kidnapped by Barbary pirates, Red Sea pirates/by Horace Castelli and Pouget, Rhodes ‑ overall view, Rhodes - rampart and Saint Peter’s gate, Galley/drawing by Pierre Puget. The Louvre, Turks besieging the crusaders. The siege of Rhodes, Templar on horseback. Bibliothèque Nationale, (c) Photo Viollet, Jean David Nau/known as l’Olonnais. B.N., (c) Roger‑Viollet, Villiers de l’Isle Adam, Freebooters torturing prisoners, Madagascan fighter/by Gérome, Jerusalem/German manuscript. Rome - Library of V. Emmanuel II, Knights’ crak ‑ Syria, (c) Boyer‑Viollet, French buccaneer, (c)Keystone, All the illustrations in “The Book of Steamers”

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Credits for this game were contributed by game nostalgia (5640)