The "outcome" of this game is steeped in controversy.

In Mid-1998, Sirius Corporation released a statement that the $1,000,000 prize was won. They posted the solution to the game on their website. A person by the name of P. Dreizen won the game and the cash prize. But a lot of the people that played the game seriously doubt that the person exists. No photos were taken, no publicity shots. In fact a few weeks after the game concluded, the Official TreasureQuest website was taken offline.

People think that the person "P. Dreizen" is actually an anagram of "End Prize". And many of the people that collaborated online wonder why the person never showed up to discussions or participated in the chatrooms. They believe a game of such complexity couldn't solve in by themselves.

Paul Wigowsky from Oregon, a person involved in a pending (as of 1998) consumer fraud lawsuit against Sirius Corp, stated, "Unless we see the winner with our own eyes, we won't believe it's over."

In July of 1999, the court dismissed the case, but it seems there was a Judgement/Award given in the before the final dismissal.


Treasure Quest comes packaged with a separate audio CD containing the game's complete soundtrack. The songs on the soundtrack were all written by Jody Marie Gnant, the daughter of Sirius Publishing's CEO, Richard Gnant.


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