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Written by  :  Ben Fahy (94)
Written on  :  Nov 20, 2001

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Clumsy lady simulator

The Good

Lots of weapons, cool locations.

The Bad

You ALWAYS drop things. Very bad physics cause some wacky stuff to happen- such as boxes rolling into each other then blasting out into the air. Or trying to pick up a rifle from under a truck only to be thrust several miles up and left to fall to your doom!!! Also you move VERY slow and you can hardly navigate through most areas. Mindless keycard-hunting and really long load times even on newer computers!!

The Bottom Line

A good idea poorly executed... VERY poorly executed. The idea was to give the player total interaction with the environment- allowing them to pick up, move and manipulate almost any object in the game world, from weapons to rocks, 2x4's, sticks, crates, etc. However, your character seems to have a butter finger grip and, therefore, she constantly drops things forcing you to pick them up repeatedly. Combine this with annoying Minnie Driver voice overs and some of the worst physics ever and you have Trespasser. Avoid this game.