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Print advertisement - PC Player 06/2001:

    Alleine hast du keine Chance!

    Multiplayer-Action total: Team Combat on an Epic Scale

    • Totale Team-Action mit bis zu 64 Spielern im LAN oder via Internet
    • Völlig neuartige Waffe und Fahrzeuge
    • Ultimative Einzelspieler-Kampagne mit authentischer Multiplayer-Action
    • Echtzeit-Wettereffekte in grenzenlosen Welten

    „Der Actionspieler mit Köpfchen darf sich freuen: Tribes 2 ist adrenalinfördernde Taktik vom Feinsten.“
    PC Games 05/01 - 85%

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Press Release:

    BELLEVUE, WA (September 25, 2002) - Sierra Entertainment, Inc., a studio of the Games division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, today announced that they have released an update for Tribes™ 2 that adds significant new content to the game. The free downloadable update adds two original game types as well as "classic" Tribes 1 maps re-mastered and improved for Tribes 2. In addition, the update addresses numerous lingering performance issues. The update brings together development efforts from three groups and highlights Tribes 2's open architecture and active online community.

    In addition to releasing new community-created content and performance enhancements added by game studio Garage Games for free download via the Internet, Tribes 2 is also being re-released with the update at retail for $10. The re-mastered version will be available on or around October 4th at major videogame retailers and is rated "T" for teen audiences by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB).

    More information about Tribes 2 and the update can be found at

    The update package includes two new game types commissioned by Sierra and created by members of the Tribes 2 community. Team Rabbit 2 (TR2), created by Michael "KineticPoet" Johnston and Codality, Inc., adds a new twist to Tribes 2 game play by focusing on acrobatic maneuvers and sports-style action. Tribes 2 Classic, created by Ralph "ZOD" DeMicco, Paul "z0dd" Paella and nearly a dozen additional contributors, brings increased speed and intensity to the Tribes 2 game, with the majority of the changes revolving around creating a faster and more exciting game play experience.

    In addition to these two new game types, the update adds a total of 32 new maps to Tribes 2. Of these 32, 10 are newly re-mastered, "classic" maps from Tribes 1 created by well-known Tribes 2 community member Alan "Nefilim" Schwertel.

    About Team Rabbit 2 and Codality, Inc.
    Team Rabbit 2 (TR2) is an online sport with jetpacks in which two teams of two to six players compete for possession of a single flag. Points and bonuses are awarded for stylish plays, including high-speed mid-air flag passes, variations in direction and orientation when passing and catching the flag, and taking down the enemy flag carrier in visually stunning ways. A central jackpot stores points that can be won by throwing the flag into the other team's goal. Each team has positions for goalie, defense, and offense. TR2 offers a combination of original graphics, sounds, and game play to provide an entirely new Tribes 2 experience. Team Rabbit 2 was created by Codality, Inc., which designs, develops, and researches software that enables people to be creative, expressive, and competitive in online virtual environments.

    About Tribes 2 Classic
    Catering primarily to competitive players, Tribes 2 Classic adds speed and intensity to Tribes 2, while retaining the most popular game play elements of the original game. Some of the additional features include: a practice mode, which allows teams to easily manage practice sessions online; game administration features, which gives game hosts and administrators more control over how their matches are played; a new game variant called "Defend and Destroy"; and 24 new maps.

    About Sierra Entertainment, Inc.
    Sierra, a studio of the Games division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, is one of the earliest developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment software. Based in Bellevue, Washington, Sierra ha s released critically acclaimed and award winning titles that represent a wide variety of computer entertainment on game consoles and PC platforms.

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    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Mar 20, 2006. - Linux product page:
    Think you've seen it all when it comes to first-person action? Looking for a challenge that will leave you quaking in your shoes and gaping at its unreal graphics? Try this on for size: Imagine you and more than 50 others duking it out in vast, breathtaking environments, indoors and outdoors, high and low. Use all-new weapons, operate more vehicles, and adapt to the dynamic weather conditions to obliterate tribes that stand in your way.

    Try that with your average first-person shooter.

    And that's not all -- Tribes 2 for Linux brings all of the innovations of Sierra Studios' revolutionary game to your favorite operating system. With a myriad of weapons, missions, play modes, vehicles, community-building features more, Tribes 2 will satisfy even the most hard-core gamers. Its new revolutionary point-and-click terrain editor allows you to create new levels on the fly, adding tremendous depth and unparalleled replayability. And with the most gorgeous graphics you've ever seen, Tribes 2 is a first-person gaming masterpiece.

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Inside Flaps:
    There's safety in numbers. You better count on it.

    Date: 3941 A.D. The Tribes of Man face a new threat: The BioDerm Horde. Genetically engineerd as a slave race, The Horde is driving toward the heart of the Empire in an explosive frenzy of rage and violence. Humanity push perish. Screaming.

    Unparalleled Teamplay
    It's all about dynamic play for you and more than 60 others. Adapt your tribe's tactics, strategies, and individual player roles on the fly to fit the war being waged. It's the only way to ensure survivial and, ultimately, victory.

    The breathtaking worlds of TRIBES 2 are tormented with real-time weather and elemental hazards, including wind, rain, snow, fog, lava, water, sandstorms, and lightning.

    Perform reconnaissance with single-seaters. Cripple enemy defense with your teammates in assault tanks, bombers, and personnel carriers. Three classes of ground and air vehicles are at your disposal...and theirs.

    Several new weapons, including the Shocklance and the Missile Launcher, complement a revamped and potent arsenal of sniper rifles, mines, and grenades.

    Terrain Editor
    Build your own sophisticated maps in minutes with a robust "Point & Click" Terrain Editor. Alter terrain formations (including composition and height), structures, water levels, and weather.

    Communication Features
    Tribesplayers unite with fully integrated communication features. E-mail your tribe members. Create and view tribe and player web pages, TRIBES 2 news, forums, and more. And in-game voice communcations mean less typing, better coordination.

    Single-Player Gameplay
    TRIBES 2 provides an authentic multiplayer experience offline. Compete alongside and against computer-controlled "bots" on several battle maps or through an immersive single-player campaign.

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Back of Box:
    Stand alone and you shall die.

    Fight alongside your brethren and you may live. With a completely new graphics engine, TRIBES 2 delivers fast-paced, unparalleled team play online across vast, breathtaking worlds. Or brush up on your skills offline in the immersive single-player campaign.

    Multiple Game Types
    Favorites like Capture The Flag welcome new additions like Flag Hunters, Rabbit, Siege, and more. Translation: Huge variety. Huge replayability.

    Vertical Mayhem
    Use the jets to soar over canyons, lava, and mountains, and even to propel yourself while underwater. In battle, go vertical to dodge enemy fire and deliver carnage from above.

    Innovative Gameplay
    Compete in epic multiplayer battles. Coordinate tactics and strategies with teammates to defend your base, destroy your opponent's, capture their flags, and guard your own.

    "The game that redefined the team-based multiplayer online experience is back in full force."

    "The game to justify your multiplayer existence."

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Dec 08, 2001.

UK Sierra catalogue 2000-2001:

    Tribes 2 delivers the ultimate team-based action experience, building upon the classic original game with tremendous innovation to the teamplay and tactical elements. Tribes 2 places gamers in breathtaking worlds where brainpower and teamwork are the only true keys to survival. Join an existing Tribe, start one of your own, or enlist in a new race added for Tribes 2 -- the BioDerm Horde. Tribes 2 summons both your intellect andyour gaming prowess in ways once considered unimaginable.

    Tribes 2 continues to evolve the award-winning gameplay introduced in the original with all-new weapons, missions, play modes and vehicles.

  • Immerse youreself in massive worlds tormented by real time weather conditions and environmental elements.

  • Recruit members to join your own Tribe and share mods/maps within the TRIBES 2 client via the internet.

  • Experience authentic multiplayer action before setting foot on the online battlefields of Tribes 2 with new single player training.

  • Create your own sophisticated maps in minutes with a revolutionary new "Point & Click" Terrain Editor.

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Press Release (Dated: 9-1-2000):
    Tribes 2: World Domination Press Release September 1st, 2000


    The Battle for Global Dominance to Start in 2001

    BELLEVUE, WA (September 1, 2000) -- Sierra Studios(tm) today announced Tribes(tm) 2: World Domination, an entirely online worldwide competition based on the team-combat PC title, Tribes 2. World Domination is expected to be the largest online competition of its kind, breeding a new kind of athlete. With tribes from three regions (North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific) likely to participate, Tribal World War will pit the greatest players and teams against one another for a chance to win a grand prize of $50,000 (USD).

    When Tribes 2 hits store shelves later this fall, gamers will begin recruiting teammates and signing up their "tribe" online at Individual tribes will also be able to practice and hone their teamwork prior to the tournament's commencement, slated for early 2001. World Domination officially commences with three regional tournaments: one in North America, another in Europe and another in Asia/Pacific. The top tribe from each region will advance to the final and compete for the grand prize.

    "By working with and other strategic partners, Tribes 2: World Domination will be the largest international action gaming event in history," said Dave Georgeson, senior producer at Dynamix. "Tribes 2 is one of the few games that can support a tournament of this magnitude and will offer any competing tribe a chance to earn the right to represent their region, not to mention a large sum of money."

    Tribes 2 continues to evolve the award-winning gameplay introduced in the original, Tribes(tm) game with all-new weapons, missions, play modes and vehicles. Community building innovations, such as in-game voice and text communication, web-based message forums, and automatic player and tribe web page hosting, will also be embedded in Tribes 2.

    Sierra On-Line, Inc. is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity software. Sierra is a division of Havas Interactive, a global leader in interactive content, and is one of the world's largest publishers of education, entertainment and home productivity software. Its divisions, Blizzard Entertainment(r), Coktel, Knowledge Adventure(r), Sierra(tm) and are famous for releasing critically acclaimed and award winning titles. Havas has operations in the US and in Europe and is a subsidiary of the French publishing house Havas, part of Vivendi Communications.

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