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The perfect MMPOG for those who have an offline life. J H (4) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
Well, I was wrong. This game tops Tribes 1 in every way possible! JL3001 (20) 4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars
Buy this now, or you will regret it! Archagon (113) 4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Overall User Score (32 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Game Over Online (Apr 29, 2001)
All in all, Tribes 2 is an excellent game. It’s still unpolished around the edges a bit, and the frequent UAE errors are extremely annoying, but as I said previously, some people experience them, others don’t. It’s been rock-stable for me, and it’s been completely unstable for my friend. Regardless, I feel that Tribes 2 redefines the team-based warfare genre with its vehicle combat, high-adrenaline missions, and mind-blowing graphics that will have you drooling over your keyboard, while dodging spinfusor discs. Shazbot, this game kicks ass!
93 (Apr 05, 2001)
Tribes 2 on action-moninpelien juhlaa! Raikas ja ennen kaikkea mielenkiintoinen uutuus.
GameZone (Apr 02, 2001)
Overall the video quality is pretty good, but not astounding. Most objects have good-looking textures and the models are pretty well made. The large size of the environments seemed to put a major strain on my system and things were often slowed down a little. Luckily there are many adjustments that can be made to the video, so you are able to tweak it to your liking by changing texture details, cloud layers, and many other elements.
Gamer's Pulse (Apr 13, 2001)
When you add it all together, Tribes 2 is a great game. The combat can only be described as intense, particularly on a crowded server with about forty players all blasting away. The game manages to still look good, run fairly well, and sound excellent. As far as I am concerned, Tribes 2 is the multiplayer FPS game.
FiringSquad (Apr 11, 2001)
That means that despite the problems, it's really, really fun. Go ahead, pick a role - base defender, base destroyer, deployer, flag capper, sniper, run interference against incoming enemies (or to protect the flag runner) - whatever suits your fancy. Learn your role and then learn others. I haven't had this much fun playing a multiplayer shooter since... well... Tribes. New weapons, new vehicles, amazing graphics, stunning sound, and gameplay that really encourages teamwork... it's almost perfect!
Gamezilla (Apr 16, 2001)
If you like team warfare and love online gaming then this game was custom made for you. If you enjoy first person shooters, but only when single player (e.g. Deus Ex or Undying) then you won’t have much fun. A person could eat away some serious time while playing Tribes 2. The appeal of online warfare with this attention to the extras (turrets and vehicles) makes this an awesome online gaming experience.
I had heard a lot of good things about the original Tribes, but like many online games, it's not too friendly to newbies and I wasn’t ready to put in the time to get on the bandwagon. So, I waited for Tribes 2. Now, I’m pissed I was too big of a wuss to get in on this before. Tribes 2 is a beautiful game that brings all-out war to your computer screen. Figuring out the controls and getting used to how to become a meaningful contributor to your team takes some time, but once you get in, it’s easy to get hooked. The options are pretty amazing as you can fly vehicles, defend your base, join up with others in an assault group, or go Rambo and try to take out the enemy solo. Overall, Tribes 2 is an experience that computer FPS fans will not want to miss. Trust me, the moment you enter the game and all hell breaks loose, you’ll know why this game is the bomb.
90 (Apr 11, 2001)
Tribes 2 ist ein Vertreter der gerade sehr beliebten teamorientierten First Person Shooter, der mit vielen Dingen aufwarten kann, die bisher so nicht umgesetzt wurden. Leider kommt der Spaß beim Spielen wirklich erst online oder in einem Netzwerk auf, und auch dann erst ab einer größeren Zahl von Spielern (insgesamt 32 ). Ob auch im Solomodus noch etwas nachgereicht wird ist bisher unbekannt, aber eine Kampagne mit der Story, die hinter Tribes 2 steckt, könnte durchaus einiges an Spannung bieten. Wer gerne online mit vielen Leuten spielen will, der sollte zugreifen.
Multiplayer fans who have forgotten the subtle and not-so-subtle nuances of team-based play will likely rejoice with Tribes 2. Dynamix's final release serves as a mark of excellence in action-based strategy, open-ended gameplay, good graphics, and pure fun, with only a few stability issues and level design flaws offsetting an otherwise solid effort. If you're aching for some new competition to pull you away from your late-night Counter-Strike sessions and have yet to give Tribes 2 a try, perhaps now is the time.
GameSpy (Apr, 2001)
If you enjoyed Starsiege: Tribes, buying Tribes 2 is a no-brainer. Those with below-average computers might want to check out others' system performance and wait for some patches to be released, but its fast-paced action, great vehicles, awesome weapons and huge battles all make Tribes 2 a great experience that you will enjoy for months to come.
IGN (Apr 09, 2001)
While Tribes 2 does offer a lot of improvements over the original, it doesn't break too much ground either in the area of design or gameplay. But not counting the first Tribes, there's no better online action game around than Tribes 2. Whether you're using your jet pack to fly the enemy flag back to your base, battling enemies in the close confines of a massive base or raining down mortar fire from a high flying hovercraft, Tribes 2 maintains a level of excitement throughout. Tribes 2's arsenal of amazing weapons, fantastic environments and human versus human competition makes for an unforgettable experience.
PC Gamer (2001)
Niggles aside, this is one helluva game -- and a significant evolutionary step up the ladder for online shooters. The team coordination demands a sophistication that few shooters have ever asked before. If you’ve grown weary of Counter-Strike and TeamFortress Classic, it may be time to set foot into the vast killing fields of Tribes 2. There’s no doubt that with the right hardware, Internet connection and teammates, there’s a truly unique, and amazing gameplay experience to be had. But fall short on any one of those requirements and you could be heading for a pit of frustration. Just remember to keep your Shazbot together.
Power Unlimited (Jun, 2001)
Tribes 2 is de beste teambased online shooter van het moment en toont aan dat online gaming op de PC een niveau heeft bereikt waar de consoles de eerstkomende jaren niet aan zullen kunnen tippen.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
In summing up, Tribes 2 is a vat of undiluted fun for team players and organised clans. Add an integrated browser and email, designed to aid communication between clan members, and it's hard to see why anyone after co-operative action would go elsewhere for their fix. The only downside is that it remains a little too focused on team tactics, meaning newcomers and habitual deathmatchers will feel wholly out of sorts. You need to know that your cohorts are looking out for you, and when they leap out of bombers before reaching the target, or climb a mountain to marvel at the view, you do get a little disheartened. Lack of co-ordination is the bane of many an online game, and in Tribes 2 it can ruin the whole experience.
Gry OnLine (May 04, 2001)
Chyba czas na kilka słów podsumowania. Przede wszystkim ta długo oczekiwana przez wielu graczy pozycja na pewno ich nie zawiedzie. Walka, współzawodnictwo, piękna grafika, klimatyczna muzyka pozwoli prowadzić kipiące dynamizmem i zażartością pojedynki pomiędzy graczami i ich zespołami. Pamiętajmy również, że Tribes 2 jest nastawione przede wszystkim na grę w Internecie, a co za tym idzie nasz przeciwnik będzie zapewne „ciekawszy” aniżeli sterowany przez komputer BOT. Oczywiście możemy zagrać po sieci LAN, jednak wtedy ciężko jest zgromadzić 40 osób w jednym miejscu. Na szczęście istnieje już cała masa serwerów do Tribes 2 (około 1000) na których gra mnóstwo osób. Na koniec pozostaje mi zachęcić Was do zagrania w tą grę ponieważ na pewno jest tego warta. Jest to zupełnie nowe spojrzenie na rozrywkę wieloosobową dodatkowo wspaniale ubraną w szatę graficzną.
games xtreme (May 15, 2001)
Overall, Tribes 2 ultimately pleases rather than disappoints, and is likely soon to be classified as a hazardously addictive substance. With its mix of team-oriented play, innovative vehicles and inventory control, and community interaction, it promises to be a hit that's here to stay.
PC Games (Germany) (May 06, 2001)
Alle Achtung: Tribes 2 sieht nicht nur verdammt gut aus, sondern spielt sich auch so. Zumindest dann, wenn man die komplexe Steuerung durchschaut hat: Bis die zahlreichen Tastaturkommandos in Fleisch und Blut übergehen, ist etwas Übung notwendig. Danach eröffnen sich ungeahnte Möglichkeiten, die man im Bereich der 3D-Shooter bisher nur im Vorgänger Starsiege: Tribes serviert bekam. Die Spieltiefe, die sich offenbart, hat aber auch ihren Nachteil: Richtig Spaß machen die umfangreichen Schlachten nämlich nur, wenn Sie im fähigen Team spielen. Für Tribes-Veteranen ist der Nachfolger deswegen zweifellos eine Offenbarung, Neueinsteiger lassen sich nach einer Einarbeitungszeit vom fesselnden Spielprinzip gefangen nehmen.
GameSpot (Apr 05, 2001)
Tribes 2 is an ambitious follow-up to the game that single-handedly led the charge of multiplayer-only action games into retail. The deep teamplay that you can find in large matches is incredibly addicting and offers some interesting opportunities to cobble together team strategies. The game takes advantage of skills developed in twitch shooters like Quake, but its slower pacing requires a more deliberate and diverse range of tactics. In the end, this will help give Tribes 2 tremendous longevity, especially considering that the original Tribes still rivals both Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena as one of the most played multiplayer action games. Tribes 2 isn't easy to master, and it won't play well on every gaming PC, but when you're up and running it's a tremendous amount of fun.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 30, 2001)
Yeah! Total war is gearriveerd. Als er nu nog eens wat meer teamspirit op het internet was te vinden...
PC Action (Apr 05, 2001)
Na das nenne ich mal erfrischend anders. Tribes 2 dürfte für regen Zuwachs bei der ohnehin stetig wachsenden Gemeinde von Online-Action-Spielern sorgen, hat hinsichtlich des Teamplays erneut Maßstäbe gesetzt und sorgt für reichlich Kurzweil - vorausgesetzt, man spielt in einem fähigen Team. Zum Glück legte Dynamix dem Spiel gleich einen umfangreichen Karten-Editor bei; zwar bieten die mitgelieferten Karten ob ihrer Größe gewieften Taktikern zahllose Vorgehensmöglichkeiten, sehen aber im Ganzen auch fast alle gleich aus.
Krawall Gaming Network (May 14, 2001)
Für ein Solospiel wäre dies gar kein großes Highlight, jedoch sollte man stets bedenken, das all das online abläuft. Gerade die Tatsache, das man menschliche Kontrahenten so effektvoll aufs Korn nehmen kann, macht Tribes 2 zu einem besonderen Erlebnis. Fans gepflegter Onlineaction sollten sich den Titel auf jeden Fall anschauen. Ein Add-On befindet sich bereits in Entwicklung – vielleicht nutzt Dynamix die Gelegenheit, um zumindest die größten Mankos aus dem Weg zu räumen.
Tribes 2 is niet makkelijk om onder de knie te krijgen en je moet een beest van een configuratie bezitten, maar als er één online game de moeite (en het geld) waard is, dan is dit het wel !
80 (UK) (Apr 26, 2001)
At the end of the day, Tribes 2 has won me over and no mistake, with just so much to offer. I haven't even touched on some of the more refined points the game picks up on and I'm practically 50% over my word limit. Things like the impressive control system (with presets for every sort of player) and the useful server filter option. Skiing, too, which has stopped being an annoying gameplay-destroying detraction and become damnably useful. You'll just have to take my word for it. In short, then, you should buy this game, and if you play anything online this year, make it Tribes 2. However, you might want to buy it from a store with a good returns policy, in case the game's mammoth system requirements or currently buggy disposition puts you off. I doubt they will, but unless you're a Tribes nut, you'll appreciate a get-out clause. Anyway, off to the shops with you. Shazbot!
GameGenie (2001)
While Tribes 2 is a great game, for owners of the original Starsiege Tribes, it really isn't enough of an upgrade to necessitate purchasing the newer version. But you will anyway. For those of us that didn't experience the meaty goodness of Tribes 1, Tribes 2 is a great game to delve into the online first person shooter community. The combination of the gameplay elements make for an unique experience which honestly is not paralleled in any other game. Tribes 2 continues the tradition of excellence in the series, and is a game which should not be missed.
I really wish I could tell you to rent this game, but that’s impossible. However, you probably have a friend who will own this title soon. Go over to his or her house, and check it out!
Gamekult (Apr 03, 2001)
Dans l'univers des Doom-like, Tribes et maintenant Tribes 2 ont une place à part, assez éloignée des Quake et autres Unreal. Tribes 2 offre une nouvelle manière de concevoir le frag en équipe, ou plus exactement la guerre virtuelle (des parties jusqu'à 64 combattants, de vastes cartes et des véhicules). Rien que par son côté épique, servi par un moteur 3D graphique impressionnant, le titre de Dynamix vaut largement le détour pour tous les amateurs de batailles rangées à grande échelle. Seules conditions toutefois, posséder une machine relativement puissante et surtout prévoir une prise en main légèrement plus longue que d'ordinaire pour ce type de jeu. Pour le reste, des heures et des heures d'affrontements sur terre, sur mer et dans les airs (et surtout sur Internet) n'attendent plus que vous !
80 (Apr 09, 2001)
Véritablement novateur dans le domaine du jeu d'action par équipe, Tribes 2 brille par son gameplay original et la qualité de sa réalisation. Le quota impressionnant de joueurs autorisé online apporte une dimension particulière à ce titre, qui devrait satisfaire tout amateur de FPS prêt à repenser sa manière de jouer pour profiter d'un jeu plus riche et plus profond que ce qui se fait habituellement dans ce domaine.
80 PC Gaming (Jul 09, 2002)
It came out awhile ago, but I still enjoy this game very much. Tribe 2 is a really fun action packed multiplayer game by Sierra. Up to 100+ players in a boundary less battleground, this game serve’s you complete options for team play, clanning, lone wolfing, and even terrorizing (if your one of those annoying friendless players).
Svenska PC Gamer (May, 2001)
På det hela taget är Tribes 2 ett välgjort och ganska imponerande projekt som med ytterligare förändringar kan bli mer tillgängligt, överblickbart och kanske till och med riktigt roligt. Än så länge får det ge vika för de andra onlinebjässarna i samma genre.
GameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2001)
Es gibt hier manchmal diese speziellen Augenblicke, in denen selbst abgebrühte Online-Junkies die Luft anhalten. Dann, wenn sich drei Dutzend Kämpfer halbwegs organisiert beharken, Bomber über den Himmel ziehen und ein Panzer den Berg hinunterrollt. Schade, dass diese Momente sehr selten sind. Die meiste Zeit im Spiel ärgere ich mich. Vor allem über die Karten: Die sehen letztlich alle gleich steril aus, heimisch fühle ich mich da nicht. Auch die gewaltigen Entfernungen werden schnell nervig. Da trifft mich eine Granate im Rücken, und schon darf ich den weiten Weg zur feindlichen Flagge wieder antreten. Spätestens beim dritten Mal beiße ich frustriert in die Tastatur – ich bin PC-Spieler, kein Marathonläufer! Auch mit den Waffen bin ich nicht so recht warm geworden, abgesehen vom Raketenwerfer sind sie alle zu langweilig. Trotz der guten Ansätze wird Tribes 2 auf meiner Festplatte nicht allzu lange überleben.
Die Spiele-Evolution ist auch an Tribes nicht vorbeigegangen, ohne grafische Verbesserungen und Modellpflege zu spendieren. Doch das am Vorgänger interessante Argument der riesigen Areale verursacht hier eigentlich nur noch kilometerweises Rennen zur nächsten Fahne und macht die Transportmittel fast unumgänglich — wenn die nur immer einsatzbereit wären. Aber nur wenige Karten bieten überhaupt Vehikel, stattdessen quält man sich durch triste Landschaften. Darüber hinaus macht es immer noch Spaß, mit einem gut organisierten Team samt fähigem Commander in den Einsatz zu gehen. Das findet man aber so gut wie nie, wobei das »Fandom« da sicherlich bald Abhilfe schafft.
Tribes 2 more than stumbled out of the gate. After countless delays another delay might not have been such a bad idea. Most of the pieces are in place but they are rough around the edges -- even after seven patches. If, however, you are able to overcome the technical difficulties, a great game can be found.
Gameplanet (Apr 23, 2001)
Tribes 2 is a great multiplayer experience, and breathes some new life into the multiplayer scene. Worth buying by all means, especially if you're looking to get into online gaming not-withstanding its high system requirements. However, if you didn't like Tribes 1 then this isn't for you.
Tribes 2 är ett proffsigt och väl fungerande nätverksspel för de som gillar mycket lagarbete och planering, men de som vill ha snabb, kompromisslös action bör leta någon annanstans.
To call TRIBES 2 anything less than a major disappointment would be dishonest. Consider the raucous prerelease buzz generated by everything from the huge cult following its predecessor enjoyed to the almost daily release of amazing screenshots in the months leading up to the final gold burning. How could we expect anything less than perfection? Well, even slightly less would have been okay. But TRIBES 2 is far, far from perfect. It shipped in a buggy, unstable state and it remained in a buggy, unstable state at the time of this writing, approximately one month and five patches later. Like a public statue, TRIBES 2’s massively multiplayer team-based gameplay is built upon a solid foundation, but it’s too covered in pigeon poop for anyone to recognize or enjoy it.