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Written by  :  Archagon (113)
Written on  :  Apr 12, 2001
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars

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Buy this now, or you will regret it!

The Good

Oh my god! The graphics are splendid, the action is cool, the weapons are supreme, the variety of items is unmatched, the turret control option is cool, the waypoint selector is cool, the predefined inventory screen is easy to use, and it is accesible by anybody! Also, the veichles are, well, (insert best adjective you can think of here)! Also, you can see yourself if you look down.

The Bad

Well...the veichles seem more heavy than in Tribes, the environments are shady. Also, the action is too furious. Some graphics difficulties, also. Too many controls. Too many options. Too hard for newbies.

The Bottom Line

All the difficulties aside, this game is supreme! If you don't buy it, you will be a very sad person, indeed.