Trilby's Notes Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Part of the Intro
There are a lot of cinematics early on to help flesh out the story.
An in-game shot. Note the improved graphics.
An in-game shot with the text parser. Note that it looks like Trilby entering into a diary or a report.
To give you an idea of how violent this game is, I should point out that this is the very second screen.
The setting of the meat of the game
The new interface allows for easier interaction with the environment...
...though it's not quite able to do tricks like that.
Actually, you do a lot of "dimension jumping" in this game. One minute, you're in a nice hotel.
The next, you're on the set of the film "Hostel".
As mentioned previously, the brutality level has gone up a notch.
The increase in slasher content is also reflected in the text, as well.
There's even out-of-body experiences to, er, experience.
The Tall Man has even a poster of himself in the alternate bar
The outside is reminding me a level of Doom
The normal bar is much appealing than its counterpart
The Tall Man in action in one of the flashbacks
Trilby must confront the Tall Man...
... And if he fails, it's game over
The ending credits begin by the tale of the Tall Man with artwork background