TRON: Evolution Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu.
Intro, starring the movie protagonist.
You start the game as usual Monitor program.
Chasing the suspicious female while learning basic controls.
Is it pretending to be Assassin's Creed?
Death? Nah, you'll get recompiled in no time and start from last checkpoint.
Every program in city has it's own purpose.
There are variety of moves available.
Cool moment!
Save stations allows to upgrade software, change weapon layouts and access multiplayer.
Upgrading the Monitor's software.
The city got infected by virus!
You receive experience for enemy kills, which should be spent on upgrades.
Fighting with several enemies.
Finishing battle with style.
I have to repair those ETC in order to go trough.
Activating the power node, essential for cure.
Only some XP and pixels left.
Spectacular arrival.
Something on the hand? I guess programs are concerned with their looks.
Each enemy has weak points, try to use suitable weapon against them.
New version reached, time to upgrade.
Restoring the energy by sliding glowing surfaces.
Take this!
Yes, I'm going to jump. From balcony.
Ahh, the old П pal.
Grappling with special disk.
Some jumping sequences might be really tough.
Shield guy are weak against power disk.