Tunguska: Legend of Faith Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The hero
They came to take me
On the electric chair the magic journey begins
Entering another dimension
You start here
Going upstairs to the tower
If this little circle in the top right corner turns yellow, there is a possibility of an interaction with the object
Puzzle-interface (controlled with a mouse)
Opening a door
Action (oh, there's a lot of this!)
The enemy defeated
This device looks rather dangerous...
This red grate means that you still have enemies in this section to defeat and can't go further
This is even more tricky
Oh-oh, this one looks pretty tough
If you enter this red glow, your energy will be fully regenerated
Fighting the boss of the first level
Up in the tower
What is this?
Now this strange thingy is in your inventory
Oh, no! Defeated enemies turn to skeletons, and they are VERY dangerous!
The tower turned!