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UFO: Extraterrestrials Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

From the intro - Stormbringers on patrol
From the intro - "Alert! Unidentified craft in sector C3!"
From the intro - Main Title
Main menu
One of the many loading screens
Esperanza in its full glory
Two Fighters (Raptor) and my Troopcarrier (Raider) are in the base.
My main base. Note that in the bottom hangar a new ship is being built.
The inventory screen of your troops in the base. Malcolm was wounded in the last fight but he'll be up and about again in one day.
The inventory screen of one of my Raptor-fighters
The research lab. Here's where they make some sense of those strange things you find on your missions.
The production room. Here you build the cool stuff (ships, weapons, and so on) that your researchers have discovered.
Even the world's savior is on a tight budget so sometimes you need to sell some of those cool alien artefacts.
The Ufopedia-entry for the Vipon-Alien
The monthly report = finally you get paid again.
My Raptor shot down an alien scout. Now my Raider with my troops is underway to salvage it.
Landing is successful. Careful now.
The UFO crashed near somekind of lab or production facility.
Enemy contact but my tank comes to the rescue...
...and misses white (see the bullet in the middle of the screen).
Luckily Mike with his rocket launcher was nearby and hit the alien with a stun rocket.
Another alien. Better kneel down because Brian isn't a really good shooter.
Time to reload the rocket launcher in the inventory. Mike is a outstanding good shooter with much field experience.
The alien makes his move but misses Brian.
Meanwhile my tank tours the 2nd floor of that facility but no aliens there.
Sarah, my sharp shooter, killed another one.
Brian also got his kill. Note that the alien destroyed the wall in the facility in the back with his missed shots.
There it is. We found the alien scoutship.
Mission successful and no-one wounded.
Another mission loading screen
The Cyclops bears an uncanny resemblance to Robocop's ED-209: "Drop your weapons, alien! You have 15 seconds to comply!"