Written by  :  ZombieDepot (48)
Written on  :  Mar 23, 2001

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A wonderful multiplayer RPG with many possibilities, but has a terrible community

The Good

It has everything you could want in a multiplayer roleplaying game, except for roleplaying. There are many professions to choose from, be a tailor, barkeeper, warrior, or wizard. There are animals to tame and mercanaries to hire, also many quests. It's also very easy to configure so you can play for free on a player-ran server, where the community is usually a little better. The combat system consists of a war mode, or a peace mode, it's real time (although it often seems like an "I hit you, you hit me" turn based sort of thing). The game itself is awesome, the people however need some work.

The Bad

- Horrible people on the pay servers, a lot of stupid character names, and immature people.

- $10 a month to put up with 11 year olds and constant player killing

- On pay servers all the good places for a house are taken, you'll most likely have to go on eBay to buy one.

- If you are into roleplaying, I'd suggest playing on a player-ran server rather than paying $10 monthly to be harassed for "talking funny"

The Bottom Line

Ultima Online is a unique multiplayer experience, with almost unlimitied possibilities. However, many people stray from the pay servers to play on the masses of free player-ran servers where the player base is lower, and the lag isn't all that bad. Despite the few problems it does have, Origin did do a good job with the game. (I covered a lot of the community issues, because you could just read the box to know its sell-points.)