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    A V A T A R
    Trilogy of Virtue

    Experience fantasy role-playing's most distinctive and award-winning series in this special three-game collection. Ultima The Second Trilogy follows the spellbinding tale of the Avatar in the software industry's most richly detailed and challenging story. The setting is medieval Britannia, but the stories are timeless and involve universal issues that explore the essence of virtue.

    First, there is the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment in ULTIMA IV, where your personal ethics are tested in a treacherous struggle to demonstrate the eight virtues of Avatarhood. Then, in ULTIMA V, you rely on your new-found strengths and skills to oppose a tyrannical leader who warps the virtues you uphold through his twisted legislation of morality. Finally, in the epic concluding chapter of ULTIMA VI, you, the Avatar, must resolve the cultural conflict between a race of hostile creatures and your own. It all adds up to a relentless test of character in a world where things are not always as they appear, and evil is not easily defined.

    "Richard 'Lord British' Garriott reaffirms his role-playing brilliance." - OMNI Magazine

    "With each new sequel, the Ultima Series just keeps getting bigger and better!" - Computer Game Review

  • Three games, totalling more than 5.5 megabytes, provide unbeatable, long-term play value.
    You may never see it all!

  • Visit thousands of colorful places and characters, search towns, castles and villages, converse with merchants and mages, all as you walk, ride and sail across Britannia.

  • Explore magic, combat and deception - weave hundreds of magical spells, watch axes and arrows fly in combat, discover clues and solve mysteries.

  • The character you create is transferrable through all three parts of the Avatar's story.

  • No previous Ultima experience is required to play or enjoy this Second Trilogy.

    IBM screens shown in VGA/MCGA 256-color and EGA/Tandy 16-color graphics modes. Actual screens may vary somewhat on your monitor.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Oct 02, 2002.