[email protected] Race Pro Credits


ProducerNicolas Gaume
3D / Graphics ProgrammingOlivier Bailly-Maître, Patrick Chatenet, Emmanuel Correia, Emmanuel Nouaille, Michel Roger, Fabrice Têté
Additional Graphics / ArtworkVincent Beaufrére, Julien Duband
Additional ProgrammingDavid Gallardo, Jean-François Lopez, Thierry Perrault
Marketing / PREmmanuelle Louhafi, William Malabry, James Morris
Quality AssuranceFrederic Buchwald, Pascal Saingré
MusicFrédéric Motte
SoundFrédéric Motte
DocumentationJames Anderson, Patrick Chatenet, Garry Iglesias
ProgrammingLaurent Alvaro, Olivier Goguel, Garry Iglesias, Daniel Mike Polydore, Sébastien Wloch
Coordination and ManagementSébastien Wloch, Thierry Robin
Program SupportDaniel Mike Polydore
WebsiteDavid Etcheverria, Philippe Latremolière, Stéphane Stéphanos
FacilitiesAndre Bertrand, Olivier Goguel
Music Intro composed and performed byNicholas Sanchez
Lead GuitarStéphane Alaux
Bass and Rhythm GuitarFrédéric Motte

MicroProse Team

ProducerStephen Blankenship
Product Marketing ManagerApril Souza (US), Lisa Humphries (UK)
QA LeadMichael P. Gonos
QAYobo Shen, Anthony Constantino, Kenneth Schmidt, Stewart Stanyard, Vansouk Lianemany, Christopher Evans, Brian M. King
AccountingRichard Bell, Phil Kenoyer
Manual written and edited byAlkis Alkiviades
Manual Illustrations and LayoutJessica Crawley

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Frédéric Motte, 41 other games
Christopher Evans, 28 other games
Lisa Humphries, 27 other games
Vansouk Lianemany, 25 other games
David Gallardo, 25 other games
Kenneth Schmidt, 23 other games
James Anderson, 20 other games
Sébastien Wloch, 19 other games
Yobo Shen, 19 other games
Michael P. Gonos, 18 other games
Daniel Mike Polydore, 18 other games
Nicolas Gaume, 16 other games
Anthony Constantino, 15 other games
James Morris, 14 other games
Olivier Bailly-Maître, 14 other games
Olivier Goguel, 13 other games
Stephen Blankenship, 12 other games
Emmanuel Nouaille, 11 other games
Fabrice Têté, 11 other games
Pascal Saingré, 11 other games
Jean-François Lopez, 11 other games
Julien Duband, 10 other games
Thierry Robin, 8 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159409) and Rantanplan (1826)