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PC Gamer (Sep, 2002)
I can give no higher praise than this: If the campaign I witnessed had been a real World War II event, historians would still be writing books about it. In my 12 years of reviewing wargames, I’ve never enjoyed a deeper, richer, more historically plausible simulation. It’s a WWII buff’s desktop dream come true.
GameZone (Jun 18, 2002)
I really enjoyed this game (once I semi-mastered the interface), while it isn't flashy, it is addictive, trying to make sure every detail is covered before your turn ends can be quite a chore, but the results are well worth the effort it takes to learn the game. It is very enjoyable and should provide countless hours of play (as each and every campaign will be different depending on your individual decisions). Much thought went into this game and it shows. Ovaldog gives it a big thumbs up!
IGN (Dec 02, 2002)
While Uncommon Valor isn't for the inattentive gamer, it's got more potential for popular appeal than most wargames. The broad-reach of the game doesn't come at the expense of detail or flexibility though, so it shouldn't put off the hardcore crowd either. If it sounds like the best of both worlds, it truly is -- a operational game with an individual slant that offers enough detail to keep the OOB enthusiasts interested yet still be simple enough to let newer players get their feet wet. Beyond this big picture approach, I also found lots of joy in the tiny details that the game seems to throw at you from time to time.
GameSpot (Jun 11, 2002)
Guess what? None of it really matters. There is simply so much to do and so much to enjoy that you will overlook these quirks and slowly but surely set your sights on crushing the imperialist intentions of Japan (or, since you can play as the Japanese, end the capitalist, imperialist onslaught of the ABCD coalition--America, Britain, China, and Denmark). Uncommon Valor takes much time to fathom, but after that time is over, you'll end up enjoying it greatly.
Game Watcher (Aug 12, 2003)
Unfortunately, scoring a game like this has problems due to the factors involved in creating the scores nowadays (primarily graphics and sound), so I will not be able to score it as highly as I want (ok, I’m a touch biased), so please take the score with a pinch of salt. Tactical freaks buy it now, RTS people try it, you may well be surprised.
GameSpy (Jun 27, 2002)
Spreadsheet or not, Uncommon Valor is a game worth getting into. No, it's not flashy, easy, or interface-friendly, but those who take the time to appreciate its ambiance, study its nuances, and master its interface will be rewarded with hundreds of hours of play.
PC Gamer UK (Oct, 2003)
You could scour the Normandy countryside from now until Doomsday and never find that rusting Panzer nestling in the nettles; that wingless Mustang lodged in the canopy of an ancient oak. In Europe, what WWII hardware wasn't interred on impact or buried by the earthen splash of shells and bombs has long since been collected and confined to museums.
Taking strategic airbases to extend your bombing reach and air cover is what drives your strategy, rather than micromanaging search planes. This system lacks some of the tension of a tactical game, but it bodes well for the follow-up scheduled for this winter.
Withingames (Feb 14, 2004)
Im Grunde hätte man für die Hardcore-Taktiker auch komplett auf die Grafik verzichten und nur die Tabellenübersichten verwenden können, denn sehr viel mehr macht Uncommon Valour gar nicht aus. Mir fehlt einfach die gute Präsentation der Geschehnisse und ich komme mir beim Zocken wie ein in Würde ergrauter General vor, der alles von seinem Hinterzimmer in irgend einem Bunker lenkt und der sonst nicht viel von der Welt sieht. Mir wäre ehrlich gesagt vom Gefühl her ein "Mittendrin statt nur dabei" lieber gewesen. Sicher hat Uncommon Valour ob seiner Komplexität und dem ausgeprägten taktischen Tiefgang eine Sonderstellung bei Genreliebhabern und ist wohl (für ein leider meiner Meinung nach viel zu kleines) für das Zielpublikum ein wahrer Spiele-Diamant, den man sich nicht entgehen lassen darf.
PC Games (Germany) (Dec, 2003)
Das altertümliche Hexfeld-Strategiespiel stellt den Krieg im Südpazifik zwischen Japanern und Alliierten zwar in bislang ungekannter Detailfülle nach - Versorgungsrouten, Bomber und Jagdflugzeuge inklusive individueller Besetzungen -‚ verbirgt den durchaus vorhandenen Spielspaß aber unter einem so unkomfortablen Interface, dass es nahezu unspielbar ist.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2003)
Die USA und Japan liefern sich im Zweiten Weltkrieg heftige Seegefechte. Als Admiral einer der beiden Mächte planen Sie in Uncommon Valour rundenweise Angriffe auf einer hässlichen Seekarte. Und verschieben krümelige Einheiten-Sprites, die nur mit Mühe als Flugzeugträger und U-Boote erkennbar sind.