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UnEpic Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Your UnEpic journey begins....
He makes a good point...
Where's Indiana Jones when you need him?
watch out for it hot in here?
Intro. Just a bunch of nerds playing a traditional pen-and-paper role-playing game.
That's a lot of gold.
Unlit light sources may be manually lit to permanently provide illumination. Also expect our nerd here to make constant comments from the various RPG universes.
Well, this is the first obvious landmark in the dungeon.
Maces and axes do a better job of bashing barrels than edged weapons.
A goblin cook selling recipes. Mixing potions may only be conducted near a cauldron.
Zeratul, the evil spirit possessing you, always likes to lighten up the mood (yes, nicknamed Zeratul from StarCraft).
Interesting promotional items sold here at Zoran's Goblin shop.
Important achievements and updates will be notified by two eerie laughing skulls.
Several ways to travel in the dungeon, here trying to glide down a rope. Oddly enough, jumping down from a high distance does not cause death.
Here is an attempted challenge, which requires the player to dodge falling boulders at an allotted amount of time. Expect to be squashed frequently.
Bows (and magic spells) have the unique ability of targeting far off enemies within a line of sight.
An interesting quest dialog.
Mentioned quest apparently consists of copulating with three happy goblins. Oh, my.
Found another shop deep down in the mines.
The force is strong with this one.
The first boss has a striking resemblance to the sandworms in Dune. Aiming for the head it going to be tricky.
Finishing a quest awarding access to fire-based magic.