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Back of Keep Case - Windows (Germany):

    Gestern noch ein Ausgestoßener...Heute ein Held!

    Sie sind John Dalton, ein ehemaliges Mitglied der Marines und heute Marshal der Terranischen Kolonialbehörde. Als Sie am Rande der von Menschen kontrollierten Zone durchs All patrouillieren, wird die Monotonie Ihres Daseins plötzlich von einem Notrufsignal unterbrochen - der Beginn eines unglaublichen Abenteuers!
    Sie werden in einen Konflikt zwischen verschiedenen Weltraumvölkern verwickelt, der über das Schicksal der Galaxie entscheidet. Sie sind die einzige Hoffnung der Menschheit!
    Nur Sie können das Awakening verhindern.

    Unreal-Grafik und Sound - Tauchen Sie mithilfe der sensationellen Grafik ein in außerirdische Welten voller atemberaubender Landschaften und geballter Action. Der 3D-Sound sorgt dafür, dass Sie Kugelhagel, Explosionen und die unheimlichen Laute der außerirdischen Lebensformen wie aus nächster Nähe miterleben.

    Ein Spiel ganz nach Maß - Erstellen Sie mithilfe des enthaltenen Programms Unreal Editor Ihre eigenen Levels. Entwerfen Sie eigene Mods und fordern Sie andere dazu heraus, Ihr persönliches Unreal-Universum zu betreten.

    Außergewöhnliche Missionen - Befehligen Sie ein Marines-Kommando, um eine verwüstete Basis zu verteidigen. Dringen Sie in eine gegnerische Festung ein. Retten Sie den Überlebenden eines Alien-Überfalls. Viele anspruchsvolle Aufgaben warten auf Sie - doch Ihr Hauptziel ist es, zu überleben. Machen Sie sich auf alles gefasst.

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    As a representative of the law on the edge of human space, you must prevent interstellar war and discover the meaning of the mysterious artifacts. Supported by your crew, you will encounter beautiful alien worlds and vicious enemies. It's up to you to achieve peace through superior firepower.

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Press Release - Windows:


    Date: January 30, 2003

    Highly Anticipated Follow-Up to Epic's 1998 Smash "Unreal'' Redefines FPS Genre Pre-Orders Underway Nationwide

    LOS ANGELES--Jan. 30, 2003-- The wait is over! "Unreal® II: The Awakening" for personal computer, the most anticipated shooter sequel of the last four years, is complete and will be available to gamers in North America on Feb. 4. Developed by Legend Entertainment (an Infogrames studio) in conjunction with Epic Games and published by Atari, the game incorporates the same absorbing story-driven gameplay, cunningly ferocious enemies and nail-biting tension that made the original title a landmark event and the top choice in action for millions of fans in PC gaming.

    "'Unreal II: The Awakening' is the game that first person shooter fans have been hungering for over the last four years," said Jean-Philippe Agati, senior vice president and general manager of Infogrames' Los Angeles studio. "Legend and Epic have combined their amazing talents to create the perfect follow-up to what has become an institution in PC gaming -- 'Unreal.' Like it's older brother, 'Unreal II: The Awakening' will push the FPS genre to new heights, by bringing together all of the elements that made the original great and incorporating new gameplay innovations, weapons and technology."

    In the game, players jump into the scarred combat boots of a grizzled lawman of the future to battle a torrent of bizarre alien creatures and hard-hitting enemy soldiers. The mission: win a brutal galactic race to collect powerful artifacts and stop a malevolent plot to awaken an ancient power. Dispatched to unique worlds with exotic new settings that range from stunningly realistic outdoor terrain to spine-chilling alien cities, archaeological dig sites and more, the player will face off with "Unreal's" legendary nemesis -- the fearsome Skaarj -- along with a host of all-new enemies, each hell-bent on eradicating the player and his compadres.

    Designed to challenge both the hardcore 'fragger' and welcome the first time FPSer, "Unreal II: The Awakening" can be played fast and furious by the adrenaline junky or slowly and strategically to ease newer players into the fray. Between sorties, the player returns to an orbiting ship to interact with crew members, research items acquired during missions and refresh the arsenal.

    "Unreal II: The Awakening" uses next-generation Unreal technology created by Epic Games to deliver intense life-or-death action in the most breathtaking scenery and environments ever displayed in a computer game. The game boasts a hundred-fold increase in level geometry and a ten-fold increase in character polygons over the original "Unreal." The advanced particle system creates the illusion of blazing fire, drifting smoke and weather effects. Legend's groundbreaking dialogue system allows players to start and leave conversations, issue commands and respond to events.

    "Unreal II: The Awakening" combines intense, pulse-pounding action with the magic of exploration and discovery as well as in-depth character interaction. Focusing on innovative gameplay, the game poses unique tactical challenges in each mission, including rescuing hostages, assaulting enemy fortresses, escorting civilians, stealth infiltration, defending outposts and more traditional search-and-destroy sorties.

    Continuing in the footsteps of the groundbreaking original, "Unreal II: The Awakening" features a devastating and unique arsenal of 15 flesh-chewing instruments of destruction. Familiar alien-bashing favorites return, including the Rocket Launcher and Combat Assault Rifle, along with all new exotic alien variants, modified by your cantankerous ship's engineer, that complement the player's attacks with discharge effects that have to be seen to be believed.

    Amateur level designers and mod makers will receive the most powerful game creation toolsets ever released to the public -- the same tools the masters used to make the game. The Unreal Editor, including the Unreal Editor's "Matinee" tool for making non-interactive cinematics, is included out of the box.

    "Unreal II: The Awakening" for personal computer will be available at retail stores nationwide with an estimated retail price of $49.95 and an ESRB rating of "M" for Mature. Additional information about the game can be found online at, which features downloadable and streaming game play movies, screenshots and other game information and background.

    About Infogrames

    New York-based Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq:IFGM) develops interactive games for all platforms and is one of the largest third-party publishers of interactive entertainment software in the U.S. The Company's 1,000+ titles are distributed under two brand lines: ATARI, hard-core, genre-defining games such as "Driver(TM)," "Enter the Matrix(TM)," "Neverwinter Nights(TM)," "Stuntman(TM)," "Test Drive®," "Unreal® Tournament 2003," and "Unreal® Championship"; and INFOGRAMES, mass-market and children's games such as "Backyard Sports(TM)," "Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues(TM)" and "Dora the Explorer(TM)," "Civilization®," "Dragon Ball Z®" and "RollerCoaster Tycoon®." Infogrames, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of France-based Infogrames Entertainment SA (Euronext 5257), the largest interactive games publisher in Europe. For more information, visit

    Unreal and the Unreal logos are trademarks of Epic Games Inc.

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Atari Australia Press Quotes - Windows:
    "Unreal II promises to raise the bar for PC graphics and will include a wide range of impressive alien environments to explore." - Gamespot

    With next-generation Unreal engine graphics, a solid storyline, advanced AI, high polygon character and weapons and more, Unreal 2 was the best looking and sounding first person shooter game at E3 by far." - Voodoo Extreme website Best Graphic Award of E3 2001

    Everything in the game world is rendered in true 3D: from each blade of grass in the expansive outdoor levels, to the little bumps on the ceilings and walls in the Aliens-like indoor labyrinths." - Firing Squad Website

    "All in all, with the skelatal animation, facial expressions, Interactive dialog's and hard core feel, this game will be the best that comes out first quarter of '02..." - Media Games Online Network

    " of the years finest games." "As you might expect, the 3D visuals of Unreal II are stunning! If anything, they are more impressive than those of Unreal Tournament 2003." "The characters are incredibly detailed and move with fluidity and grace." "The 3D visuals are grandiose..." "...most players should start to feel captivated and freaked out shortly after starting the first mission. I sure as hell did!" - PC User Magazine Australia

    " It's the future of single player gaming. The Awakening takes a pure style of game, goes to town on the details and make them look unreal too" - PC Powerplay

    " Visually amazing. AI in the single player game is going to be awesome" - Hyper Magazine

    " A new yeardstick in the FPS genre" - Entertainment insider

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Atari Australia website - Windows:
    Unreal II pushes back the barriers of technology and game design. However, it retains the true spirit of the Unreal dynasty to provide fans with everything they expect and much, much more.

    Unreal 2 is an intense gaming experience that immerses players in an epic story-driven adventure featuring superb graphics. As a Terran Colonial Authority Marshall, you’re patrolling a sector of the frontier with three crew members when an interstellar war erupts about you! Rumors of powerful and ancient alien artifacts have driven rival factions to war in an attempt to find and control the objects. You must locate these artifacts, determine their purpose and restore order to the sector - before it’s too late

  • Enjoy incredibly lifelike graphics powered by the latest Unreal Engine technology from Epic, with extremely high polygon counts, skeletal animation, particle system modeling (for fire, smoke, cloth, breaking glass, hair, etc.) and more.
  • A deep and compelling story coupled with high intensity action
  • Amazing next-generation game engine
  • Most ANTICIPATED sequel to the award winning original.
  • Combining the BEST elements of UNREAL and UNREAL TOURNAMENT with cutting edge technology.
  • Single player game will unfold through MISSIONS linked by narrative IN-GAME SEQUENCES.
  • Up to 30 CHARACTERS ON SCREEN at the same time.
  • Seamless blend of outdoor and indoor combat and SOPHISTICATED particle systems.
  • Standard multiplayer game types and a new expanded multiplayer mode that mixes action and strategy.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on May 21, 2004.

Atari Australia website (for Xbox):

    One of 2003's biggest shooters hits the Xbox’ video game system.

    In early 2003, the Unreal® adventure continued with the highly anticipated release of the action shooter Unreal II - The Awakening. Now, that PC hit is recharged and reloaded as a gripping Xbox’ Live release, packed with brand new explosive excitement for solo, team and multiplayer combat.

    All of the suspense, adrenaline-pumping destruction and awesome visuals from the original are there, along with a full lineup of unique multiplayer options that serious shooter fans won't want to miss. Player-controlled vehicles add to the carnage, acting as both transport and heavy weaponry – launch into battle and mow down the opposition!

    Along the outer edge of space, players are plunged into a desperate mission to kill all comers - alien and otherwise - and prevent the awakening of an evil force. With a mind-boggling array of firepower, hardened warriors must protect the last gasp of humanity through scorching heat, over icy terrain and within eerie alien cities

  • Full Xbox Live support, with multiplayer modes that include head-to-head action and class-based team play
  • A crushing arsenal of weapons - and the introduction of blazing fast armored vehicles
  • A variety of mission objectives (assault, infiltration, defense), providing for a diverse gameplay experience
  • Famed Unreal Engine technology, resulting in enormously detailed graphics, ranging from fire and smoke, and hair and clothing, to enormous alien worlds with breath-taking vistas and claustrophobic underground tunnels
  • Relentless enemies: Soldiers, aliens and the return of the feared Skaarj, from the original Unreal
  • A wide range of battlegrounds, from lush jungles to arid deserts
  • A riveting, foreboding plotline taking players from mission to mission

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on May 06, 2004.

Inside Flaps (Canada):
    From icy surfaces to scorching hot landscapes - Battle the enemy within an astounding variety of futuristic environments; the lush jungles of a tropical planet, the barren ice of a frozen moon, the active, living tunnels of an underground world... just a few of the settings in which you'll fight -- or die.

    A mind-boggling array of firepower - An arsenal of devastating force and astonishing variety is at your disposal. From armor-piercing handguns to weapons that rip the very fabric of space, you're armed to do your duty against relentless attacks.

    A crew for critical missions - Command the starship Atlanta, where the beautiful and mysterious Aida breaks down each dangerous directive, the cantankerous Isaak reveals custom modifications to mind-blowing weapons, and oddball alien pilot Ne'Ban stands ready to take you to the action.

    No room for negotiation - When total domination is at stake, no one can be trusted -- you'll need to shoot first and ask questions later. Packs of Izarian Warriors, genetically engineered human mercenaries and the mighty Skaarj are just some of the bloodthirsty adversaries hell-bent on destroying you.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Feb 15, 2003.

Back of Box (Canada):
    Today, an outcast...
    Tomorrow, a hero.

    You are John Dalton, an ex-Marine assigned to patrol the edge of human space as a Marshal for the Terran Colonial Authority. Unexpectedly, your monotonous life is ahttered by a chilling distress signal, plunging you into an adventure beyond belief.

    Violent turmoil among the races has erupted on your watch. Thrust into a conflict that will determine the fate of the galaxy, you are humanity's only hope for salvation. Only you can prevent the Awakening.

    Unreal graphics and sound - Awe-inspiring graphics immerse you in a swarm of alien worlds full of breathtaking scenery and brutal action. 3D sound envelops you in hailstorms of bullets, mind-jarring explosions and the eerie chatter of alien tongues.

    From your mind to the game - Use the included Unreal Editor software to create your own levels of Unreal play. Design your own game mods and challenge others to enter your personalized Unreal universe.

    Not your average mission - Command a team of marines defending a ravaged base. Infiltrate an enemy stronghold. Rescue the trapped survivor of an alien raid. With a demanding array of objectives, you have one overriding goal - survival. Be ready for anything.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Feb 15, 2003.