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    Unreal was only the beginning!

    Your escape pod has been tractor beamed into the hold of the UMS Bodega Bay, a military starship with an extremely important mission on the planet from which you just escaped. It seems another starship, the Prometheus, has crashed on Na Pali and the UMS Bodega Bay is there to salvage the valuable weaponry research logs left behind by the disaster.

    Not surprisingly, the ship's commander discovers that you're an escaped prisoner who knows the topography of the planet like no one else. He offers you a proposition: using your knowledge of the planet, find the Prometheus (they only know its general location), get the research logs for the weapons and call for a pick up. In exchange, you get a full pardon. Sound too good to be true? It is.

    All too soon, you discover that Na Pali's indigenous species (like the Skaarj, Predator, and Spinner) aren't the only threats to your existence. As you traverse Return to Na Pali's 12 single player levels, you'll find that your ultimate goal - far from centering on the retrieval of work logs - is simply to escape the planet of Na Pali alive... again.

    3 Brand New Weapons. 3 Brand New Baddies. 17 + Brand New Levels. Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali. Your senses expanded... Further.

    GT Interactive

    Contributed by Riley Beckham (317) on Mar 18, 2001.