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Unreal Tournament 2003 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Just so you don't die right away, the game won't throw you into battle without you pressing fire.
Scarab, one of the single player bots, is following me.
You can create separate profiles; this is mine.
That's me, with blood running down my face. I'll be dead soon, as I'm using the default weapon.
What this is, I do not know. It looks cool, though.
Waiting for the health pack to respawn.
This happens a lot when playing on the Godlike difficulty.
Trying to defeat him from the relatively safe confines of my ledge. Where'd that sniper rifle go?
Jumping from building to building, courtesy of the low gravity.
I narrowly missed a Shock Rifle beam.
Rylisa's wading through the water, which moves with you and is reflective.
Fighting in a tree-top city.
Flyby of a cool looking level.
To win in Double Domination, you need to hold control points A (seen here) and B for ten seconds.
Yes, bodies can catch fire. Hmm, tastes like chicken.
When your weapon glows, you've run over a Damage Amplifier and can kick serious ass.
Those blood marks are from somebody's head that went bouncing.
This level, aside from looking amazing, is also spooky.
In Capture The Flag (my favorite game mode ever), the flags are plastered with the logo of the team.
At my base, in a dark cavern.
Must've been a rocket; how else could it blow away my body parts?
Facing Worlds 3, an Egyptian variation of the ever popular sniping map, Facing Worlds, from the first game.
Using this specialized gun, available only in Bombing Run, you can pass the ball to teammates, or shoot it at the goal.
There's the goal, and with 115 health, I'll surely make it.
A snowy wasteland... perfect place to spill some blood.
You can tell who's base is who's by the logo.
A sprawling metropolis in the middle of a low-gravity zone. It spells F-U-N.
Main menu (Demo version). This is the earliest playable demo of the game (Beta 906, circa 2001).
Unreal Tournament 2003 featured big maps.
Ready to fight some fierce opponents.