Unreal Tournament 2004 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
This is a power node; if it's red, it belongs to the red team, and blue belongs to the blue team.
This is the scorpion, the fastest land vehicle. It has blades and a ribbon gun.
A tank blew up this turret, and me with it.
This is a turret, and you can control them to help defend key points.
The Manta is fast, and hovers. It can ram into enemies, resulting in a "Road Rage" bonus.
This is an enemy power node. The blue X means red hasn't linked to it yet, and it can't be damaged.
The Lightning Gun is devastating if you snipe people in the head.
You recharge your ammo at these weapon lockers, which are constant; no waiting for them to spawn.
Red's power core is almost destroyed. Once in overtime, both power cores have their energy slowly drained, relatively to the number of powernodes owned by each team. A power core can never be healed.
Damn, we lost that match, because our power core lost health and gave out.
Smile for the camera, I just won! :)
This hovering Shield Generator-thingie prevents players from leaving the map.
You can edit the "ut2004.ini" file (found in the game's directory) to get a widescreen resolution (1366 * 768).
Great lighting and shadow effects (Widescreen resolution 1366 * 768).
Green blood fountain
next to kill
I'm mutant
Everybody jump!
team buddies
Massacre by vehicles
Metallic map
I as mutant can hunt... :D
Classic headshot.
Total mess with flag - i like it.
Born to be wild!
Creepy place
Flash of dead
Fight in cave
Dead from above
minigun should help
Double damage... stunning