Written by  :  Dave Billing (28)
Written on  :  Feb 26, 2011
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars

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Over-detailed, but otherwise good looking; an unhealthy obsession with vehicles really does the damage though

The Good

The graphics, even though I felt there was way too much fine detail than necessary. The architecture seems to get lost in the way of meticulously detailed texturing. With the expansion pack you also get the Greed game mode, which makes the now boring CTF mode much more fun. Some pretty cool power ups have been thrown in as well, and a couple of DM maps are simply gorgeous and innovative. An achievement system similar to that of the Orange Box series of games (Half-Life 2, its episode expansions, Portal, etc.) is also a bonus.

The Bad

The excessive texture detail, and the fact that there are less maps and less game modes that UT2004 really boils my blood as well. Plus, the game is now far less customizable. And the obsession with vehicles is something I loathe - they can be difficult to control, and only serve to digress from the fun only a pure FPS can provide. Bot AI is sub-par at times, and not only are they dumb, but they can also be insolent.

The Bottom Line

If you hate vehicles in FPS games like I do, you are going to suffer. Likewise, if you were expecting another jam-packed, fully customizable game like UT2004 was, prepare to be very disappointed. Otherwise, if there is a copy of the game hanging about in the bargain bin, it is still very much worth getting.