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atari aquventure
Written by  :  Unrealist (197)
Written on  :  Jul 19, 2000
Platform  :  Windows

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"Yup, it's Unreal..."

The Good

The graphics on this game are amazing. The textures are great, the colors are vibrant, the environments vivid. The Unreal engine creates VERY immersive settings: drool inducing. But as many of you know, graphics don't mean a thing if the gameplay is horrid. And thankfully it's not. This game can be very cinematic at times. Getting trapped in a dark hallway, only to hear a growl come from behind. Moments like that make this game one of my favorite shooters ever (hence my nickname). Also, the weapons are cooooooool and some are very different than your standard FPS weapons. On top of that, the game has very good bots and some neat DM modes (Dark Match!).

The Bad

Sometimes it seems a little too old-school. There real isn't much there besides find the key and shoot. Also, when the game first shipped, the net code was broken disabling the possibility of playing online. Obviously, that sucked.

The Bottom Line

Unreal...while not being the "thinking man's shooter" that Half-Life is it's still a great game, and will influence and enhance many games for years to come.

atari kombinera