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80 (Aug 11, 2014)
Unrest je velmi inovativní, originální, opravdu povedené RPG. Jde ale také o lacinou, nezávislou produkci se všemi klady a zápory z toho plynoucími. Jenže tou hlavní výhodou je fakt, že si může dovolit dělat to, co chce – klást důraz na dialogy a nutnost významné volby. Obětovává přitom spousty prvků, kterými „velká“ RPG disponují, ale chci věřit tomu, že třeba inspiruje některé tvůrce, aby se pokusili tento unikátní počin napodobit. Věřím v to a nebo alespoň doufám, protože Unrest je vážně skvělý zážitek, který nabízí neopakovatelnou možnost zkusit si zahrát jednu krizi z různých úhlů pohledu a dává vám šanci to vše zkusit zreformovat... a nebo také ne.
Softpedia (Jul 20, 2014)
Unrest offers a gripping story about hope, failure, action and inaction, fear and security, which feels more like an interactive visual novel than an actual game. And a well-written one, at that. Sort of like A Game of Thrones without endlessly waiting for the dragons to come, the game delivers its quick shot of gripping narrative, challenges you to make a couple of life and death decisions, then leaves you boiling in the karmic print of your choices. It proposes ethical dilemmas that don't have obvious solutions and calls for a lot of internal struggle, because its feet are firmly planted in social quandaries that we still have not been able to fully solve, and are still nibbling at the backs of our minds.
Darkstation (Aug 06, 2014)
Seeing as how I was one of those few that loved dialogue scenes in other games, I really enjoyed this title. My only real gripe was how most of them end rather abruptly (one time, I moved on before I was ready and missed out on doing some side events) and one character didn’t get revisited like the others. It was someone I was really curious to see how my decisions affected too, and it was only mentioned in slight passing. And the ending (of that particular playthrough) left a kind of “well, maybe” vibe that didn’t tell me if I did good or bad. Granted, that might have simply been a result of how I played other chapters, so I am not sure. At any rate I am looking forward to replaying and seeing what different things do. Unrest is fairly short, but that lends the game more replayability.
Mouse n Joypad (Jul 21, 2014)
Unrest is a rich and subtly built game that will make you think about what you’re doing. It does away with the genre’s standard tropes and focuses on character interaction and intelligent problem solving. A really fresh experience that does things quite differently than the rest of what we’ve been getting nowadays. If you want to play something with rich back story, diverse character cast and unexpected but realistic plot twists, Unrest has to be your first choice. A definitive recommendation.
Kill Screen (Aug 08, 2014)
Unrest's faults, then, are not mechanical but narrative. The regicide that kickstarts the story is abrupt, happening in a paragraph of text between a character transition. Its gravity is mostly lost. The prologue, too, feels like the weakest chapter in the game. It's too short and fails to set up the main conflicts. Some of the characters stay too one-note. The villains, like xenophobic religious leader Ranveer, get moments to be sympathetic, but are very clearly “the bad guys,” losing the nuance needed to make some of the choices involving them interesting. But its rough start and drab, plain art are worth getting past. Unrest is a short, smart work. Most roleplaying games are about those in power, but Unrest is also about those who aren't.
IGN India (Jul 23, 2014)
Unrest lives up to its tagline of being an unconventional RPG. Its heavy focus on the story does wonders thanks to some great writing, and almost every character you meet or play will have understandable backstories, motivations and traits. Its graphical style and music, however, are its weakest points. That said, if graphics don’t bother you one bit, Unrest is definitely a great game, and it’s accessible enough for almost anyone to start playing.
72 (Aug 14, 2014)
Unrest is far from perfect, but it manages to tell an intriguing tale about discontent in ancient Bhirma from the perspective of multiple characters. It spins its yarn quite well featuring characters not often represented in video games, which is no small feat. The story succeeds thanks to a smart dialogue driven gameplay system that invests players heavily into the action and events unfolding in Unrest. Despite some rough edges, Unrest is worth checking out for its solid story and imaginative take on ancient India.
70 (Aug 08, 2014)
Se non amate i giochi in cui bisogna leggere (tanto) e il cui ritmo assomiglia più a un adagio di musica classica che a un concerto rock, questo non è assolutamente il titolo che fa per voi. Se al contrario adorate immergervi in un'avventura non solo con le punte dei polpastrelli, la manciata di euro necessaria per accaparrarsi Unrest potrebbe essere un buon investimento.
Unrest is a choice-driven RPG with little combat to speak of that touches on relevant social issues. It’s not unlike Always Sometimes Monsters, though it ironically takes cues from western-style RPGs where that game took them from eastern ones. Unrest feels a little more focussed than most games of its ilk, and it has a thankfully short run time to facilitate multiple playthroughs. You get a real feeling of agency as you guide the game’s story, and it’s refreshing to play something from a different cultural perspective.
Expecting the game to have a myriad of branching story-lines and radically different endings was perhaps a touch unfair on my part. The Unrest team has put their small stash of funding (as compared with other RPGs) to good use, crafting a murky tale of political intrigue, power and interconnected socio-economic problems … plus a few talking snake people. An emphasis on morality is not all that unusual for the genre, but what is unusual, and welcome, is the game’s commitment to pure dialogue and characters from outside the norm.
RPGamer (Jul 29, 2014)
Unrest aims high and doesn't quite live up to its hype. The number of non-choices could say something depressing about fate for critics interested in following that interpretation, but more than that it feels like the game could have benefited from more development time. The basics are sound and the story-telling is top-notch, but it's all over too soon to flesh out the story it wants to tell. Be that as it may, aiming for the stars has its benefits. Unrest's setting invites players to a world unexplored by most RPGs, and the writing showcases thoughtful consideration of characters and social issues. It isn't a game that will appeal to everyone, but those who like it will like it a lot.
Games Arena (Aug 18, 2014)
Aș recomanda Unrest dacă vă plac poveștile neliniare, cu tipuri de personaje mai rar explorate, la care vei vedea consecințele acțiunilor tale atât de îndată, cât și pe parcurs, iar pe parcurs, ajungi să înțelegi câteva lucruri. Poate nu la preț întreg, dar dacă pică la reducere, ar fi ideal. Nu că ar fi excesiv de scump acum.
Unrest isn't your average role-playing game. It's not filled with swashbuckling heroes, enchanting rogues, and a series of black-and-white moral choices. Instead, it dives into some very hard social, diplomatic, and personal questions that force players to put themselves in their characters' shoes and contemplate the outcomes of their decisions, which can result in the deaths of not only NPCs but also the protagonists. Players may just learn something about themselves in the process. But the game also is plagued by design and technical problems. Going from one lengthy text conversation to another repeatedly can be mentally draining. It would be nice to have a little more variety in activities. Plus, navigating the world by pointing and clicking is often a chore, since characters frequently get stuck on objects and simply stop moving. There's plenty to admire about this daring, story-driven RPG experience, but it's not quite as accessible or polished as one might have hoped.
Paste Magazine (Jul 23, 2014)
Unrest gets many essential elements right. It builds a unique world based on elements of ancient India, portraying a single conflict from different perspectives and putting players in shoes of the socially underprivileged. That makes the game’s failure to complement these successful features with effective role-playing systems come across as particularly disappointing. For a game that sets out with intent to include elements rarely embraced in games, Unrest comes across as an underwhelming mixture of a smartly constructed core without any layers to complement it.
PC Gamer UK (Aug 01, 2014)
Unrest tells a deep, text-heavy tale in a genuinely unique setting, but it's a shame the quality of the game itself can't match that of the writing - and that the ending is so abrupt and unsatisfying. If you can stomach the low production values you'll find a diverse adventure that rewards experimentation, but one that takes itself a little too seriously, and that will only take a handful of hours to finish.
God is a Geek (Jul 31, 2014)
If you want to escape for a couple of hours, an RPG like Unrest will definitely get the job done, depending on how much you are willing to invest in it. It’s not very long, but for the few hours you spend flitting amongst this vast array of characters, Unrest is an unorthodox and generally pleasurable game to play. It is not without its flaws though. In certain chapters and as certain characters, I found myself not caring as much as I had in others, and not seriously thinking about what I was going to say when communicating and how it would affect me and others – and when a game is so set around dialogue and the choices you make, something has gone wrong somewhere if you start to lose interest.
GameSpot (Jul 22, 2014)
Despite the glaring issues, I was swept up by Unrest's unique cast, and I cared about their troubles, enough to even feel responsible if the path I led them down ended up in disaster. Though flawed, Unrest's system of cause and effect is a refreshing change from traditional conversation mechanics and deserves appreciation. In a sea of clearly defined morality systems, Unrest proves that sometimes the best waters consist of infinite shades of gray.
Financial Post (Sep 01, 2014)
It’s understandable that the designers wanted to keep things focused on the game’s story, which, while dark, in undeniably smart and compelling. But the occasional slightly more vigorous activity – say, perhaps, searching for a hiding spot while eluding a pursuer when playing as a street urchin character – would have served as a nice change of pace from the reams of text that drive the rest of the experience. Unrest is a bold, powerful, and interesting game. I’m just not sure how much fun it is.
Cheat Happens (Aug 17, 2014)
Unrest has the guts to put you in the middle of some pretty dark situations and refuses to give you an easy way out. It's an often sobering look at the world and the fact that sometimes even the best of intentions don't turn out so well. Unfortunately, for all it does right, Unrest often feels like a chore to play. Lacking many modern features like quick travel and voice acting, the game is stuck somewhere between the adventure games of the eighties and a choose your own adventure book that never seems to get to the end. There's an audience for Unrest, but it's a slim one.
Riot Pixels (Sep 02, 2014)
Включите телевизор, посмотрите новостной репортаж или кусочек фильма. Громко выскажите вслух своё мнение. Поздравляю, вы сыграли в демо-версию Unrest.